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The Halo Effect: A Two Faced Lover – Episode 2

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(episode 2)



You know there’s fire on the mountain when a man you just met and barely knows kisses you on the first date without your consent or prior notice. Looks can be deceptive quite alright but actions speaks high volume of someone’s character and intentions. It was quite unfortunate that Rose was already love struck and couldn’t read between the lines that everything was just happening faster than normal and was quite suspicious. In as much as the kiss was unexpected and too soon, she actually enjoyed it and secretly wished for more.


The atmosphere was a bit awkward after the kiss and it made Rose slightly tensed and nervous, while Saint was perfectly fine and unmoved. The level of confidence at which he portrayed made her fall even more in love with him. It made him look more outright and charming; the kind of man that loves to go head-on for what he wants.


Well, if only Rose knew the true intentions of Saint’s action, then she might have retraced her steps and held back herself from falling deeper in love with him. Too bad things had already escalated and at that point, there was little or nothing she could do other than get excited at the thought of going into a relationship with the man of her dreams.


“I’m so sorry if I took you unaware” Saint said after the tension had died down a bit, “To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the kiss but it’s all good” Rose said in a shy tone. Before they could talk further, the waiter brought their meals and they dived right into it.


As they ate, Saint stole glances at Rose and she blushed all through. While they were still eating, an unknown person who happened to be a follower of Saint, walked towards them and happily introduced herself to him. Due to the over excitement of meeting her role model, the lady shook him with two hands before walking away.


After that little show of attention, Rose smiled at Saint and couldn’t hold back the glitters in her eyes as she stared at him in admiration. “What’s it?” he asked with a wide smile on his face, “Uhmm, Nothing” she replied smiling more. The excitement on Rose face made Saint’s heart glad. At that moment, he wished to strip her clothes off and just do what was on his mind because her body movements and gestures were killing him slowly. Rose was aware that Saint was into her, and it gave her the courage to behave even more babyish.

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The funny thing about the whole situation was that Saint had no idea that Rose knew whom he was. He didn’t have a clue that she was aware of his respectable image in the media and eyes of the public. The main reason Rose didn’t want to disclose to Saint that she already knew him was because she felt pride might set in and he might begin to see her as just one of his multiple Fans; of which she didn’t want to be categorised as.


Due to the fact that Rose hid that little secret form Saint, it made him more relaxed because he felt he wasn’t putting his image at risk. Since his career as a Life Coach only covered a little niche, it’s fair to say that not everyone knew or have heard about him. He probably thought to himself that Rose was just part of that big population that didn’t know him. Too bad for him because that wasn’t the case.


Few hours later, the date came to an end and Saint cleared the bill. It was getting quite late so they had to head back to their various houses. Rose came with her own car so there was no need for him to give her a ride.


When they finally got to the parking lot, Saint opened Rose’s door for her to get into the car; just to show off some gentleman skills. She smiled and entered the car but before she shut the door, she pecked him on the cheek. That little action from Rose increased Saint’s hunger to devour her and make her beg for Mercy, but he had to comport himself just so he doesn’t look too desperate. “Call me when you get home” he said and bid her Goodbye, as she drove off.


With Rose gone, Saint sat inside his car for a while to cool off the burning fire within before zooming off. After about 30 minutes, he figured that


he hadn’t succeeded in calming his nerves down so he had to dial the line of one of his ‘Call Girls’ so he could have a companion that night; since he didn’t succeed in luring Rose to his bed. With someone already on the way to his house, he finally headed home.


That night, while Saint was Brutally dealing with someone’s daughter in his house, Rose was busy fantasising about him. She didn’t want to call him when she reached her destination just so she doesn’t overdo things. Everything still felt like a beautiful dream to her and the thought of having a relationship with Saint drove her crazy.


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“Wow, how did I get so lucky? Everything still feels too good to be true. Did he just ask me out? This isn’t true!” Rose wondered all night with butterflies dancing in her stomach as she laid on the bed. On the other hand, Saint wasn’t even concerned about petty thoughts like that and was busy exhausting his strength on the lady that came visiting that night. At that moment, the only thing in his mind was to empty himself of every burning craving for pleasure that Rose had triggered.


What a complicated situation that involved two people that wanted entirely different things from each other. Rose wanted a relationship between them and felt that Saint wanted same too; since he was the one that instigated their first kiss and also made the first move by telling her that he wanted to fill in the space in her heart. Sadly, that wasn’t Saint’s desire because what he wanted was to taste Rose’s apple and eventually make her one of his ‘Call Girls’. At this junction, it’s safe to say that a big disaster was forth coming.


The next day, Rose waited for Saint to call first of which he actually did. She was highly excited when his call came in and couldn’t hold back the smile on her face. “Hi dear” she greeted, “Hello sunshine, trust you slept well? I waited for your call last night but it wasn’t forth coming” he lied.


Rose was low-key smitten to hear that Saint actually waited for her call last night; it made her feel wanted. “I’m sorry for not calling, I actually felt you would be tired so I decided not to disturb you” she said, “Point of correction, nothing from you is a disturbance so don’t ever feel that way again” he revealed.


It was so clear that Saint was trying too hard to win Rose over, hence the extreme he had to go just to make her feel comfortable around him. Beneath all that camouflage sweet talks was a guy that just needed to get into the pants of his newest catch. Too bad Saint even had to go to the extreme of lying to Rose by making her believe he wanted a relationship with her. it’s also quite unfortunate that she had already fallen too deep for him.


“About what we talked about yesterday, I was serious though” Saint said as they conversed, “What was that dear?” Rose inquired, “I’m talking about how long you want to keep me standing outside your heart while there’s a vacant space inside” he



replied and Rose blushed, “Everything is just happening too fast and don’t get me wrong, I like you too but just feel like you might be playing me” she innocently said.


At that moment, Saint knew he had to step up his game because it already felt like Rose had began to sense that he was lying and wasn’t genuine. “Can I see you again tonight so we can talk about anything that might be making you doubt my feelings for you” he gently said, “Uhmm, I don’t really know because I have some things to do today. Where should we met if I eventually change my mind?” she asked, “Well, I was thinking my house but that decision is entirely up to you. Where do you suggest?” he asked. By that time, his plans had already succeeded because he had indirectly planted a seed in her mind.


Dominants know the game and can easily manipulate a lady to think that they want something, without knowing that their thoughts and desires have been stirred to go in a certain direction. The fact that Saint brought up his house as their meeting point was very deliberate, because he knew that even if he made his choice look optional, Rose will still consider it be


cause she wouldn’t be able to come up with a better option in such short notice. They talked further and ended the call with hopes to see each other later in the day if things go rightly.


When the phone hung up, Saint smiled and walked back to his bedroom where the lady that spent the night was lying down in. He gently moved towards her and they continued from where they stopped the night before. Later in the day, he discharged the lady and a cleaner came to arrange his house and clean it; as he prepared to receive Rose anytime soon.


At around passed 5pm, Rose called Saint and told him she was ready to come over to his place. He sent his location to her and she drove down to his nice apartment in a classy neighbourhood of flats. Saint came downstairs to welcome her and took her to the top floor where his apartment was.


After they exchanged greetings, Rose settled down and sat quietly on one of the couch in the living room. “What can I offer you?” Saint politely asked but she turned down the offer and told him she was OK. He sat on the same couch with her and



they started talking about random things. Rose tried her possible best to avoid eye contacts but not for too long.


As they conversed, Saint redirected the conversation back to the main reason he invited her over. “Enough with the chatting, now can we talk about my heart?” he said out of nowhere and Rose blushed. “What’s wrong with your heart?” she playfully inquired and Saint laughed; “It wants you” he bluntly answered.


That reply melted Rose’s heart and made her palms sweaty. She didn’t know what to say or do at that moment and kept praying within that Saint doesn’t make physical advances towards her because she was bound to fall. After being speechless for a little while, she managed to talk further.


“You just knew me not too long ago, how can you be sure this is for real and that your feelings isn’t playing with you?” Rose inquired as she looked into Saint’s eyes. His emotions began to heat up as the atmosphere gradually changed. He moved closer to her and gently placed his palm on her cheeks. She blinked her eyes and gently rubbed her cheek against his palm and out of nowhere, Saint asked; “What do you want?”.


That question threw Rose off balance and ignited a slight sensation within her. “I want you but I’m just not sure if this is real” she gently said and before she knew it, Saint leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on her lips. This time around, she tried to stop him but it was already too late because the mood had already set in. “I can’t do this” Rose said but Saint hushed her; “Don’t fight this” he said and planted another kiss on her lips. This time around, she reciprocated and kissed back.


They kissed passionately and gently made their way to Saint’s room. He pushed her on the bed and immediately rushed her neck and kissed it. “I’ll be right neck” he said and went inside his bathroom to freshen up.


While Saint was gone, Rose laid back on the bed and started looking around his beautifully decorated room. Her eyes made a marathon race and finally stopped when she caught sight of something that looked like a lady’s bra. “Isn’t that a Bra my eyes are seeing?” she thought to herself as she got up to clarify her doubts. She walked towards the stack of clothes on top of a chair opposite his wardrobe; Lol & Behold, It was a wine coloured bra.



Shocked and confused as to how a woman’s bra got into Saint’s room and was even mixed up with his clothes, Rose stood there with the bra in her hands. Before she could figure out what to do, the bathroom door opened and Saint walked in to see her standing beside his wardrobe. “What’s the problem?” he curiously asked and before he knew it, a Bra dangled in front of his eyes. “Who owns this? Am I in another woman’s territory?” Rose sadly inquired.


Unable to think of a more convincing lie, Saint said; “Oh it’s nothings to worry about, it belongs to my sister!”.



End of episode 2

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