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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 9

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Author POV.


The next day.


Eliza stood close to mi so who was still looking like a monster.


Mi so glared at her angrily.


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“Don’t worry, it will hurt for just a while”.


Eliza said.



Rebecca opened the cell and came close to Eliza.


“Hope there won’t be a problem today”.


She asked.


“Don’t know yet”.


Eliza said.


“For how long will the ritual last? “.

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“For like five days or more”.




Rebecca said.


“About your mother Rebecca”.


Eliza said looking at Rebecca.


“Huh? “.


“I will need all the little things you have of her”.


“Little things? “.


“Yes. I will do all I can to help you find her”.


Rebecca smiled.


“Thank you, thank you”.


She said happily.


Eliza carried a small round plate and kept it close to mi so leg.


She took a candles and light it, and kept it on the plate.


She brought out some incense and poured it on the candles bringing out a lot of smoke.


She light two more candles and place each of them on mi so hand.







“I will need your help”.


“My help? “.


Eliza turned and looked at her.


“You are the most powerful vampire, you and Nicole. To remove the spirit, we will need a vampire”.




“But, its gonna be painful”.


Rebecca looked at her for a while.

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“No problem, I will do anything for the sake of my friend”.


She said.


“Now come closer”.


Eliza said.


Rebecca came closer to her.


“Kneel down”.


Rebecca knelt down.


“Place your hand on that burning candle close to her feet”.


Rebecca looked at her, and looked at the burning candle.


What other choice do she have, this is for the sake of her friend.


She carried her hand and placed it on the burning candle closing her eyes tight.


Eliza began to hum a song with her eyes close.



She started slowly but began to sing the song faster.


Rebecca groan in pain cause it was as if the fire was burning her whole body.


Mi so began to scream.


The candles close to her hands began to glow.






The whole basement was covered in a way people won’t hear a single noise.


The hospital was busy like any other days.


Even Nicole was operating a woman with kidney stone.


He was still operating on her when suddenly he felt as if his body was on fire.


He touch his fore head.


“What is going on? “.


He asked.


“Sir? “.


The assistant doctor asked.




He continued but he felt his body burning again.


He was losing it.


He staggered back a little.


“Sir are you okay? “.


The head nurse asked.




He called running out of the theater.


Rebecca fell on the floor cause the pain was unbearable.


Even mi so was screaming.


Eliza kept on humming the song faster than before.


Nicole fell down but muttered strength to stand up.


“Sir are you okay”.


The nurses and doctors close by asked.


Nicole ignored them and kept on going.


“Where are you Rebecca”.


He began to bleed through his nose.


Ivy and Gwen came out of Richard office going back to their office, but they stopped when they saw their brother in an unfavorable condition.




Ivy called running to him.


Nicole lost his balance and fell down.




Ivy called kneeling close to him.




He said weakly and lose consciousness.




Gwen called.


“Call grandpa”.


Ivy said.


Gwen ran to call Lucius.


Rebecca too lose consciousness.


Even mi so lose consciousness.


Eliza stopped singing and breathed in and out.


She looked at both Rebecca and mi so.


“To save your friend you need to pass through this. It won’t be easy cause you will also be tormented Rebecca, sorry I did not tell you about it early”. She said.








Rebecca POV


I slowly opened my eyes.


Everywhere scent so nice.




Where am I?.


Everywhere is surrounded by flowers, and trees with delicious looking fruits.


Am i in the garden of eden, cause this place is so beautiful.


“Welcome emedia”.


A feminine voice said behind me.


I turned in fear but no one was there.


“Who are you? Show yourself”.


I yelled.


Someone came out from the trees.




Is that me?.


She looks exactly like me.


Or is she me?.


“Yes, I am you Emedia. I am your future”.


“Huh? “.


“You are not suppose to be here but I guess fate wanted you to come here. You are


suppose to be in mi so mind”.


She said.


Mi so what now?.


“Mi so mind”.


She said.


Is she reading my mind? .


“Yes am you, so I know everything going on in your head and mind right now”.


She said.


Wow she is really reading my mind.


This is my opportunity to ask questions.


“how will my life be like from now on”.


“Sweet and bitter”.


“What? Why bitter”.


I asked.


She looked at me.


“Cause you will make a very big mistake which will destroy the life of many”.


“Huh? What mistake? Tell me please. I will correct it and stop it from happening”.



“I can’t tell you cause if I do, it won’t happen. It is bound to happen, its your fate”.




A mistake that will claim the life of many?.


“Will I turn evil”.


I asked.


“You will find out, I can’t tell you”.


She said.


“But what about Nicole? “.


She looked at me with sadness in her eyes.


“He will be one of those many people”.




“No it can’t be true you are just lying to me”.


“I wish its a lie too”.


“But vampires can’t be killed”.


I said with a little hope.


“When you are able to talk to mi so, you will find out something important”.


She said.


No this can’t be true.


“What about mother? “.


“The truth about mother will be revealed soon and it won’t be a good news”.


“Please how can I avoid this bad news and that mistake”.



“You can’t avoid it”.


She said.


Oh no.


“Your destiny is to bring joy and destruction to the granduwellas and the whole




She said.


Am getting scared of my self.


She did some sign with her fingers and a porter appeared.


“You want to see mom badly right? Follow me”.


She said.


I slowly stood up and went after her.


We both entered the porter and came out in a very dark place.


“Follow me”.


She said.


I quietly followed her till she stopped in front of a cell.


I came close to her and moved back a little seeing the woman in my front.


She is the same woman I saw in my vision.


She can’t see us but we can see her.


She looks so pale but she is still beautiful.




I called.




My other self called.


“Its time for you to go”.


She said.


“Now? Give me a minute”.


“No…… Wake up”.


She shouted.


I jerked up from the bed.


I am back to the hospital.


Is that a dream?.


“Rebecca you are awake”.


Reena said sitting close to me.


She is the only one here.


“Where is Nicole? “.


“He haven’t woken up yet”.


She replied.


“Huh? Woken up yet? “.


“Yes, he lost his consciousness too”.


“What? Where is he? How is he? “.


“He is fine, so just relax”.


She said.


The other me word kept ringing in my brain.


I will make a mistake that will destroy many lives.


What could that be?.


What is my destiny?.


“Rebecca are you okay? You look so worried”.


Reena said.


“Am fine”.


I said forcing out a smile.


“Please where is Eliza? “.


I asked.


“She is still with mi so”.


“How is mi so”.


“Well she looks weak”.


I really need to talk to Eliza.


I got up from the bed.


“Where are you going to? “.


“I need to see Eliza”.


I said and left the room.


I went back to the basement.


“Rebecca you are awake? “.


“Eliza I saw my mother”.


I said.


I suppose to tell her what the other me said but I don’t know why I told her something else.


She looked at me.


“Where did you see her? Where is she? “.


She asked.


“In the torment world”.








Jane POV


Richard is not back from work yet.


I really miss him.


I finally understand what my feelings are, I love him but am not sure if he feels the same for me.


What if he don’t love me like the way I do?.


I need to kill my love from him and move on cause I cannot suffer from another


heartbreak again.














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