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Ecstasy – Episode 46 A

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A week later.


ICE where ready for the journey, they trained hard throughout that week. They just hope for luck.


“You girls are about to go on a long journey. The other dimension is just like this world but its eighteen years late. Make sure history repeat itself, make sure maren attack and destroy the granduwellas ,make sure Gwen, Reena and kelvin disappear. Don’t change history by helping them. There you will see almost all the granduwellas. Maren will try attacking tomorrow, which is also tomorrow in the other world. I know and trust you girls, you won’t disappoint us.” Eliza said.


“And make sure you are able to locate the mansion in no time cause we don’t know where the portal will lead you three too that was why Elma needed a map training and Imogene a spell training. Always focus, always remember that.” Nana said.



“And sweethearts, take good care of yourself you will have to eat there too, don’t think because you are in another dimension you won’t do it. Take care of yourself too.” Freda said.


“Yes, Freda is right, take care of yourselves too.”


Eliza said.


She sighed and created a portal.


“Now is the time.”


Carlisa breathed in and out. “We can do this.” She said.


She looked at Elma who was nervous, she then looked at imogene who was showing no emotions. “Ready?”.


“Born ready.” Imogene said, she don’t look scared at all.


“I think so.” Elma said.


The three girls jumped into the portal together.








(Before ICE left.)


Maren sat close to Ameera with a glass of wine in her hand.


“So what do you plan on doing?”


“Something drastic. Once the portal. Is opened, I will go in to with them. This is the only opportunity I can get to stop them from been born. No one can go into the portal except those girls and that is why am going with them.”


“Since they want to bring back those three granduwellas, history will have to repeat itself.”


“Yes, and I will rewrite that history in my way.” Maren said.








The Ice came out of the portal in a creepy place which was filled with tell trees, big thorns. Dark, and giant branches.


“Is this the world? Cause I don’t see anything humanity here.”


“Yes. We are still in the portal, all we need to do is to find the exit.” Carlisa replied.


She closed her eyes and focused on the unknown place. She located the exit portal. “The exit door is somewhere near here. Elma try finding it.”


Elma brought out a piece of paper and sat on the floor with a pen in her hand. She closed as eyes as the road to the portal appeared in her head. She began to draw it. In no time she was done drawing it.


“Am done, let’s go.” Elma said, they all left together.








Maren watched as Imogene, Elma, and Carlisa left for the exit portal.


Earlier on, when Ice where about to enter the portal, Maren was there but in a tiny fly form. Immediately they went in, she went in with them.


Now that they are still finding the exit portal, she will have to make them suffer.


She smiled at her idea.








Imogene, Elma and carlisa was walking towards where the entrance following Elma’s direction cause she is the only one with the map.


“Imogene, Imogene.” A voice called. Imogene was about to turn to see who it was but Carlisa stopped her.


“Don’t do it, its an illusion and you will die if you look at it or even answer it.”


Imogene nodded and continue going.


Maren smiled, it was really an illusion not caused by her but she have to make it interesting.


She casted a spell on Imogene. Which made Imogene stop walking. She felt this urge to look back, something was pushing her to look back.


“No Imogene don’t do it, it will kill you. Focus.” Carlisa said.


“I can’t, something is pushing me.”


“Imogene remember our mission, remember what we promised, who uou are, remember you can overcome it.” Carlisa said.


Imogene closed her eyes and with all her strength, she resisted the voice call which was painful. Cause it was as if she was shot in the heart. The voices finally left making the pain go away.


“Let’s go.” She said.


Maren saw how Imogene resisted it and was shocked. This is really not going to be easy, she told herself.


More temptations came their way including Maren causing them pain through the illusion but they all overcame it.


“There is the portal.” Elma said.


The girls where happy cause it wasn’t far from them. They hugged each other.


“Happy much?” Maren asked behind them.


Their moment of joy turned into anger.


“Don’t worry am not an illusion but real, I followed you guys here in the form of a fly so you couldn’t see me.”


“What do you want?” Carlisa asked.


“I want to destroy you. Let me give you a hint, I will stop you three from been born, those surviving granduwellas, I will kill them so they will die in the real world. And I won’t kill the rest so they don’t appear back to the real world. So wish me luck cause you won’t be there.” Maren said and pointed her staff at them causing a wind to push them into the portal, then she casted a spell on the portal. When ice where gone, she casted another spell on the portal to make it normal again. She walked into it and disappeared. .






A portal appeared in a place and ice came out. It looks like a different place entirely.


“Where are we?”


Elma closed her eyes figuring out where they where.


“What the heck is this place?” Imogene asked.


“We are in Africa.”




“Yes. Nigeria.” Elma said.


“We are no where close to LA, this is a disaster.” Carlisa said.


“Shit, what are we going to do?” Imogene asked.


“Let’s find our way out, cause we got no time on our side. ” Elma said.


“Yes Elma is right, we just have 36 hours to when maren will attack.” Carlisa said.


“And also, the real. Maren is here, she might stop us from been born.” Elma said.


“Not might but will if we don’t leave.” Imogene said.



“Let’s go.” Carlisa said.


They stopped a taxi.


“Hey where una they go? (Where are you going to?) ” The driver asked.


“What did you say?”


“E be like say una just come naija, oyibo people.” The driver said.


The girls where looking at him confused.


“Airport?” Carlisa asked.


“Una won go? So quick?”


“Please we don’t understand, just take us there.” Elma said.


“Make una enter.” He said opening the door.


The girls entered inside the car and he drive off.


When they got to the airport, Carlisa asked a security man in the airport. “Please when is the next departure to Calirfonia?”


“Tomorrow by twelve in the morning, the last one departed just a while ago.” Carlisa couldn’t believe it, they just left. And tomorrow by twelve? When will they be able to stop maren before she does what she want to?


She came back to Imogene and Elma and gave them the news. They where frustrated too.


“My money?” The taxi driver asked.


“His money? Oh gosh we don’t have a dine with us.” Carlisa said.


“And we can’t talk to him in his language.”


“Una no go give me?”


“What the are you saying, we don’t understand.” Imogene said.


“Make una no speak English for me, my money na two thousand naira.”


“What is naira?” Elma asked.


“I don’t know.” Carlisa replied.


“Make una no they waste my time ohh.”


“Oga make you stop to they embarrass them, e don do. How much?” A girl asked.


“Na two thousand.”


The girl came close to Imogene, Elma and carlisa to interpret it for them but was left dumbstruck.


“ICE?” She asked shocked. The girls looked at her shocked too, how the do


she know them?


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