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I'm Proud To Be Black – Prologue

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Story Written By Osasere
Alexa’s pov
Mom i really want to go to korea i said to mom pleadingly.Please mom i reapeated to mom sho wasn’t even looking my way. Why do you want to go to korea mom asked finally answering me.
Its my dream country and since i’m not done with high school, i’ll continue my schooling there i said grinning cos mom was finally listening
Ok can speak korean mom asked again; partially mm but i’m learning i replied. ok tell me anything in korea mom said again.
Saranghamnida meaning i love you i said obviously tired of mom’s unending questions. Wow mom said making me smile so the only thing you know in korea is i love you mom continued the boys over there will tell you that or u’ll be the one to do so(trust nigerian moms) mom said looking for a way to say i’m not going
But mom….I tried saying but she cut me short saying you’re not going anywere
while i heard my senior sister chuckling at the corner of the living room leaving me to glare at her angrily and storm out of the living room.
sorry for not introducing myself earlier. My name is alexa jimmy,i have senior sister and a single mother who takes good care of us. My sisters name is mia jimmy and my mom’s name is lea jimmy .
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My mom and dad divorced back while we were in london and we moved to nigeria mom’s country to stay permanently.My ex dad was a white so that makes my sister and i black americans snd also i can be bitchy sometimes but i’m a good girl.. One more thing i’m a korean freak, i love korea , i mean who doesn’t love korea nd i really wish mom would let me go there.

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