Twins Battle – Episode 10

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. Lisa POV


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Lisa go get dressed is almost time for the anniversary;jayden said


I know is almost time but am just too tired; i said making a puppy face He smiled and walk to the chair am sitting on He carried me in a bridal style


Am so jealous of you; jaylen said coming down from the stairs


Jayden kissed me on my lips with a big smile on his face


I smiled a shy smile


Is okay i understand please go get a room and stop being Mr romantic;jaylen said


I looked at jayden he has a frown on his face, i chuckled


Jayden carried me to the bathroom


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He off my clothes, i closed my eyes in a shy manner


Why are you closing your eyes, is not like this is the first time am seeing you na.ked he said


I opened my eyes and looked into his eyes he smiled


I kissed him on the lips and he reciprocate, the kiss got so intense



I pulled his shirt i used my fingers to pass his hairy chest he shake slightly as a result of my touch


Am happy that my touch has a great infect on him


I unhook his belt, he held my hands


Stop lisa i don’t want to rush you; he said


You ain’t rush me jayden is what i want and beside we have been dating for two months without you having sex with me ; i said


Is not that honey, i know what you have been through in the hands of men right from when you were little


So i don’t want you to see me as one of those men that took advantage of you, i want to be the guy of your dreams


Your knight, your protector your man


Please lisa let’s take it step by step i don’t want to rush okay; he said


I nodded my head trying to blink back the tears that are about to escape from my eyes


Jayden is just so caring, he love me despite my past and i love him so very much and i don’t think am gonna survive if he leaves me


I hugged him and rest my head on his chest he kissed the middle of my head


We took our bath together, i dressed up


I was putting on a short white skirt and a crop white top i freed my hair


Honey here is your sneakers; jayden said giving me a white sneakers


I put them on, i did some light





White lady; jayden said smiling


I glared at him and walked out of the room.


Oh my God you look beautiful like a flower;jaylen said kissing the back of my hand i blushed a little


Jaylen stop holding my woman;jayden said


We are twins jayden so we are supposed to share one thing; jaylen said scornfully


Jayden took my hand from jaylen hand and we walk outside


Jaylen laughed behind us


We got outside and jayden opened the back door of the car for us


Jaylen enter the driver seat while me and jayden sit at the back seat


Jaylen drove off




I was tied to a chair in Wesley room


Susan walk into the room fully na.ked


Wesley smiled at her


She joined Wesley on the bed they started kissing


Wesley pushed his mom on the bed and spread her leg he bind his head to her pussy and started sucking it


What a shame, how can a son suck same pussy he came out from so disgusting And they’re not even ashamed of what they are doing



My own husband is having sex with his own mom in my present They were through with the sex making


Wesley untie her ; Susan said still laying down on the bed Wesely came to me and untie me


Come here you stupid girl, suck my pussy and make sure you sucked the sperm outta my pussy ; Susan said


I can’t i said


Wesley used something to hit my head and i oblige


I joined her on the bed hot tears was pouring out of my eyes


I bind my head slowly to her old pussy and started sucking it


She moan, suck harder you fool ; she said


I sucked her pussy till she told me to stop


Go and take your bath is almost time for the anniversary; she said


I stood up and went to my room


Took my bath, i put on a short white skirt and a white crop top and white sneakers


I apply little make-up on my face and walk out of the room


I meant Susan and her son in the sitting room


When they saw me they stood up and walk out


I joined them in the car and Wesley drove off



We got to the venue i stepped down from the car so did Wesley and his mom we walk to the building


We find a empty table in the big hall


And we occupied it


I looked through the hall looking for a way to escape


Don’t try anything stupid lina my men are watching you; Susan said I nodded my head, the occasion started


Please i want to make use of the restroom;i said Okay ;Wesley said


I stood up and walk to the bathroom


Wesley POV


I waited for lina for closed to 1hr but she was not coming I stood up from my chair to search for lina


I went to ladies bathroom but she was not there Searched the hall looking for her


I finally find her she was talking to the president wife I stop walking and waited for her to come


She was through talking to her and she was walking to another direction I ran to her and crab her from behind


What are you trying to do lina are you trying to escape; i said


She looked at me, Wesley she said in a surprised voice

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Why is she surprised to see me


Maybe is because i caught her trying to escape i thought


I hold her by the arm and dragged her out of the hall




Have been waiting for lisa closed to 30mins now


Where did she said she was going;jaylen said


She said she want to say hello to the president wife and is taking too long; i said worriedly


Let’s go look for her ; jaylen concluded


We stood up and searched the hall we couldn’t find her


I ran to the women restroom


I opened each and every door in the restroom until i find her crying in the toilet


Lisa why are you crying; i said


She looked at me


She was looking at me as if she has no clue of who I am


I dragged her up and hugged her







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