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7 Days With My Crush – Episode 14

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episode 14




by Authoress Simrah




Kay’s POV


I rushed to where Mia was lying unconscious, what happened just now? I quickly put a call to my doctor and in no time he was here..




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thank God you came soon doctor, my wife pa*ssed out few minutes ago” I explained.




don’t worry Mr kayden , I need to examine her first ” he said while I nodded.






Doctor how’s she? was wrong with her? is she gonna be fine?” I questioned , to be honest I was scared I don’t want anything to happen to my mia. The doctor smiled warmly at me and said …




congratulation Mr Kayden, your wife is 8weeks pregnant” I stood there dumbfounded, what ! I’m going to be a father? tears welled up my eyes .


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thank you doctor” I said as he walked out. This is the best news I’ve heard in a year now. I can’t wait for her to wake up…




Mia’s POV.


I woke up feeling weak and tired , Kay was sitting on the other side of the bed.




” Kay ” I called faintly. Why I’m I this weak God!


he quickly stood up beaming with a smile and hugged me tightly. okay that’s weird! why is he happy?


We disengaged from the hug and I gave him a questioning look..




why are you this excited, have you gotten our tickets for Bahamas? ” I asked




no cute dimples, we are pregnant” he replied smiling brightly …


What! I’m pregnant? I looked down at my stomach and rubbed it. I’m happy, I began shedding tears.


I’m I ready to be a mother?




what if I won’t be a good mother?” I was scared , scared that I haven’t given birth before and I don’t know how it feels to be a mother…( More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App)




stop being pessimistic baby, I know you are going to be a perfect mother for our baby, don’t panic okay I’m with you” he said and hugged me…


isn’t God great to have given me such a husband? ..




” thank you baby” I said and hugged him back..








Kay’s POV.


it’s been weeks we discovered that Mia was pregnant and her craving is increasing every day,


imagine she woke me up in the middle of the night to get her •riped but not riped plantain•


Like I don’t get it.. what is riped but not riped plantain? and when I refused going out that late, she started crying . God ! if not that she’s my wife I wouldn’t have answered her..


she said I should get her ice cream which I did without complaining but she threw it away saying she doesn’t want it again that I have to go back and get her chocolates. Jeez! what do I do? I had no option…. .


Even yesterday, she said she wants to eat pancake precisely from Bahamas I was like is she serious? Bahamas is another country entirely , how did she expect me to get it for her .


and this morning , she wants a new book to inhale, imagine ..






” what’s wrong cute dimples why are you crying” I asked as I entered into the room and met her crying.. I wish she could give birth already .




my popcorn got finish” she pouted pointing to the bowl in front of her crying really hard…




is that why you are crying? okay I will go get you another one just stop crying okay?” I said and wiped her tears with my thumb as she beamed a smile… God! end this already….




Lewis POV


I’m sorry I can not longer be used as your toy any longer! I’m tired of this game now I lost everything and you don’t want me to stay with you? suit yourself, I’m going beg Kayden to forgive me. good luck Lewiston” Kylie said and left … I know she was gonna quit on the long run but she’s not what’s bothering me right now! I got another plan..


My boys informed me this morning that Kayden’s wife was pregnant as the doctor told them..


and it was by threat …..


Now I need to act fast , this is time to execute my plans… I will have the wealth sooner … I


thought and laughed.. Kayden cousin I’m sorry to say this but I hate you………






Mia’s POV.


I want to go on my own Kay , I can drive to the hospital myself stop making me feel like a child” I winced ..




but I need to…”




no buts I am going myself please” I said giving him my best puppy eyes…


fine” he said raising up his hands …




I love you Kay , I’m off” I said and rushed to the car opened it and zoomed off to the hospital…yaaay.. It’s been a while I drive …


I parked my car in the parking lot and made my way to the doctor’s office…




Mrs Kayden, you are here ” the doctor said .




yes doc I came for check up” I replied with a smile..




okay then you can have a sit and give me a second, I be right back” he said and walked out.. I was taking quick look at his office when the lights went off and everywhere became dark and if you don’t know I’m afraid of darkness.


I tried shouting for help but my nose was covered with something and immediately I inhaled it, I


pa*ssed out…….






7days with my crush

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