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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 7

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Episode seven
Alexa’s pov
Mom i’ll be going to kyung seok’s house today i said munching on my french toast. So i’ll be left all alone mom said with a sigh. Where’s mia i asked. I thought she was sleeping i said again. Nope she’s working on a project with a friend mom replied while i rolled my eyes
She went to see her boyfriend she lied about some stupid project i thought inwardly. I’ll leave now mom i said to mom getting up.
On my way to kyung seok’s house i bought some grilled meat (popularly known as suya in nigeria)
Kyung seok’s pov
I was in the living room watching a movie when i heard the door bell ring. It couldn’t be mom cos she left few minutes ago and we dont have any friends since we’re new and everyone mind their business here. So who could it be i asked no one in particular.
I opened the door to see alexa who pushed past me and walked inside. Mom!! she yelled behaving like i was a ghost or something. Mom?? i muttered to myself raising my eyebrows. Mom!! she said again. If you’re talking bout my mom she left not long ago and will be back soon i replied
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i’ll just wait for her she said and sat on the couch. After some minutes of silence i thought of doing something fun. Alexa!! i called, there’s a cockroach behind you i said and watched as she screamed and jumped on me obviously scared while i laughed. She looked at me with a puzzled face and got off me,she walked to the couch and didn’t find anything then she realized i played a prank on her.
Alexa’s pov
You idiot,scumbag how dare you play such prank i yelled and then ran to him, got ontop of him and started smacking his head angrily. I’ll smack your head till you get your senses back i said still on top of him.
The door flew open and kyung seok’s mom walked in clearing her throat, seems like you guys are having some fun she said while i jerked away from kyung seok arranging my dress.
Yes mom, we were enjoying ourselves why did you have to spoil it. And alexa we’re not done yet why are you arranging your dress kyung seok said with a wink. No he’s crazy i was just waiting for you i replied quickly while he laughed.

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