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Gay High School – Episode 14

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Episode 14










We all alighted from the school bus, as we walked into Gay High School. My heart kept pounding. What if someone recognise me. Fred came towards us.



“Welcome to Gayden High School” he said to us all, pronouncing the full name of the school.

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The girls blushed and blew kisses at him. I felt like smacking their asses, they dare drool at my Fred.


Oliver, you are a boy. My subconscious chided and I exhaled. I have to stop this feelings.


“Please come with me.” Fred gestured, leading us to the school hall.




My heart lurched as the participants are being called out. Five boys and Five girls. And the boys were the FAME + Jeffrey. While five girls were chosen from Queens High School.




The competition kept on. Jeffrey is a genius, Alex is super, Mason is a mathematician, Eric is the exact description of “INTELLIGENT”.


what about Fred?

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Fred hasn’t answered a question. It seems he wasn’t concentrating. I can bet my teeth, that he barely heard a question. He’s moody, seems he’s thinking of someone.






The competition wasn’t having a winner. The two schools are answering equally. I don’t know which team I belongs to!


Gay or Queen.


Queen perhaps.


The competition ended and the school schools scored equally.


“One final question, the first to answer, becomes the winner.” the Mc announced.


The competitors became alert. The Mc paused to savour the moment. Then he asked.


“How can a mixture of sugar and sulphur be separated?”



“By fractional Crystallisation and evaporation.” Jeffrey answered immediately and everyone applauded.


“WRONG!!!” The M.C announced and Jeffrey scoffed.


“By distillation.” One of the female competitor blurted.




“By dissolution in water.” Alex blurted.


“Almost right, but you’re still wrong.” the Mc said.


“By dissolution, and filtration.” Eric Chipped.

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“Almost there, but you are wrong.”


“Is time to hear from the audience. Whoever answers it, wins for his/her school.” the Mc announced.


Really?, I know it but am not sure. “Olivia, do you have an idea.” Alena asked.


“Yeah, but am not too sure.”


And I don’t want to draw attention.


“Just try, you may answer it correctly.” She assured and raised her hands up.


“Let me Try. ” Alena shouted and the micro phone was brought to her. All eyes were riveted to her,. Surprisingly, she pushed the microphone to me.


“She wants to try.” she blurted out and I nearly fainted.


“don’t feel shy,” the mc said and I stood up coyly.


“Sulphur and Sugar can be separated by Dissolution in water, Filtration and…


Evaporation.” I answered.





Everyone cheered. Am correct. How? That’s impossible.


“can you come out and introduce yourself!”


My heart raced. “Don’t feel to shy” the triplets nudged happily.


“C’mon girl, don’t feel to shy” the mc said.




I stood up slowly and walked out. Fred, Eric, Alex, Mason, and Jeffrey, flinched as they saw me.


Did they recognize me?


Oh no!.


“Hi Everyone am, Olive..Olivia W__Williams” I said and everyone applauded.


“Well, Olivia Williams, you seems to be so intelligent, The senior prefect of Gay High School once boasted that no one can defeat his team in a quiz competition, but you answered a question, none was able to answer. So They owe you a gift. What do you have to say, Fred?” The Mc asked.


Fred stood up dramatically, he took the mic, while his gaze never left me. He looked at me keenly, sending indecipherable messages with his eyes.


“Mrs Olivia, you are perfect indeed, the Mc is right!, I owe you a gift, but I don’t want anyone to see it…so You’ll have to follow me!” Fred said cryptically. My body shook.


“Come with me.” He beckoned and start heading out of the hall.


The Mc nudged me to follow.


I followed like a lost sheep. Squirming like a warm in the hook.


Damn, he’s taking me to the room. My former room.



We got to the door. “Wait here.” He ordered and walked in, closing the door behind.


After, five minutes. “Come in.”


He said, quite commanding.


I took courage and walked in. I was expecting a parcel, but rather he stood looking at me.


Surprisingly, he kissed me. A wild torrential kiss. Yeah…I missed his lips.


You can call me a gay, I don’t care, but I love Fred and your opinion won’t change it.


But he’s not kissing Oliver, but Olivia. Is he a gay or heterosexual. The kiss became intense, he seek, I gave, he demanded; I acquiesced, he captured; I capitulated. Hot need bubbled from a cauldron of carnar innocence that annihilated the past. A primitive union but pristine and pure.


Then he pulled off and breathed heavily. “Am sorry I did that.” He apologised.


To hell with your apology. I needed it.


“Anyways, here is your gift.” He handed me a wrapped parcel. “You can go” he muttered and jumped on his bed.


If only you know how much I love you.


The door opened, Eric came in. “You did great girl…special gift for you.” He smiled and gave me a small parcel.


Then he leaned and whispered to me. “I love you.”




“Can we have a quick sex before you leave.” Eric whispered again.




“Am not that cheap.” I scorned and ran out.


The students gathered in the school bus already. I joined them and met Alexa crying.


“Oliver is expelled..there’s No way to see him anymore.” She cried and I joined her sisters to console her. She’s in love with me. But am a gay. I love her cousin, Fred.


“By the way, My brother said I should give this to you…” Ariana said and handed me an envelope.


What’s inside.


Her brother is Alex, what did he want?




As I got back to Queen High School.


I opened the parcel, Fred gave me and gasped. I fainted as I saw Eric’s own.


What’s that?









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