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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 24

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Episode twenty four
Alexa’s pov
“Seriously!!lets date then thats what you’re telling me now, that not even how to woo a lady” i said facing kyung seok.
“How am i even sure you like me,i bet you dont even want to let the world know a black girls is your girlfriend” i said again.
“So are you saying you’re not dating me” kyung seok asked.
“yea i’m not dating you” i replied and walked into me room.
I jumped on my bed hugging my pillow excitedly as soon as i closed my door.
I was happy kyung seok asked me out but i rejected him because he didn’t even tell me he liked me or something.
“Let’s date then” i mimicked and huffed. celebrities and their proudness.
Kyung seoks pov
I’ve never been so humiliated,i’ve never asked a girl out then get rejected.
I kinda liked alexa though,she was the first girl who ever stood up to me and even played pranks on me too, she even took my mom as hers and my mom likes her too and i’ll do anything to make her like me.
Alexa’s pov
We were having a free period today and i was so happy, we being science students we hardly got a free period and when ever we had one,we valued it.
“Hey” eun woo greeted
“Hi” i replied.
“What are you doing” i asked concerned.
“I’m writing a project work for min ah” eun woo replied.
“Seriously you’re writing a project for that spoit brat” i half yelled glancing at min ah who was busy polishing her nail and i flunged the book to min ah’s direction.
“Hey lil sis you’re getting on my nerves” min ah said standing in front of me. (Join Group) More stories @ www.generalloaded.com
“I wasn’t wrong all along, seems you got your brain from your mom” i replied trying to make her angry.
“You shouldn’t talk to my mom that way” min ah barked obviously angry.
“Bla bla bla, chill you should be proud of your mom’s brains except your mom is dull” i replied staring at her face.
“I’ll have pulled you hair and slap your mouth off your face if you were not my sister” min ah said again.
“You’re so funny, you know i’ll beat crap outta you if you lay those filthy hands of yours on me, even your mummy cant stop me” i replied.
“Watch your back i’ll make your life miserable i assure you that” min ah said glaring at eun woo before walking away.
“Is she your sister” eun woo asked as soon as she left.
“Of course not just dont let her bully you and i’m here if you need any help” i replied with a smile.
“Alexa jimmy i love you so much and i want you to be my girlfriend” i heard and turned to find kyung seok at the front of the class.
The girls were screaming and i felt shy all of a sudden, i turned and saw eun woo wearing a sad look.
please i want you to be my girlfriend, i want the world to know i love you even if you’re black kyung seok said again and i stood up staring at him blankly.
I didn’t even know what to say, i felt kinda confused.

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