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Room Mate With The CEO – Episode 14

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Chapter 14



An unexpected Guests



Claire’s POV


I see Killian.,… and a woman in his arms.


The woman who’s all pressed up against Killian’s body is undoubtedly intoxicated as he practically drags her across the floor. My gaze shift to his arm wrap tightly around her slender waist, then her hand wrap around his neck….then his shocked expression when his eyes meet mine.


Who is she?


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“Claire I can explain” he said.


“You’ve got another girl in your house? Why didn’t you tell me that before you begged me to come home with you? You naughty boy” the woman said.


He begged her?


I clutch my chest, hoping to take the pain and tighteness away. That’s right. I’m just another girl to Killian Knight. A housekeeper no less. What was I even thinking?.


“It’s not what you think, Claire” he tries to explain.



I turned on my heels and walk away. I head straight to my room without looking back, then, I heard a loud slam.


I’m back in my room…


I make a beeline for my bed and fling myself onto it, burying my head in the pillow. A muffled sob echo throughout the room.

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Stupid Killian…


There’s a knock on my door..


‘Claire, please. It’s not what you think. Open the door and let me explain’ I heard Killian’s voice from the other side of the door.


“I don’t want to hear anything!”


‘please Claire, open the door’


I don’t want to hear anything, just leave!” I told him. ‘ Claire…’


LEAVE!!” I yelled at him.


I hear his footsteps shuffling away, I wrap myself up in my blanket and cried myself to sleep.


The next morning, I head to the kitchen to get a glass of water.


“Morning Claire, right?” The woman from last night greeted me.


I nearly drop the glass from my hand. Why is she still here?


“I had the best night of my life” she said.


This woman!


“It’s been a while since I saw my brother”


“Your what?” I asked.


“My brother” she answered. “So drop that accusing glare, Claire. My brother did not bring a random woman home to He brought his drunk sister home”


His sister? Oh no, I wronged Killian.


” You’re his sister? But I’ve never seen you anywhere…..”


“Estranged. I hate being associated with the knights” she said.


” I…I have to go apologise to Killian…”


It’s too late. It’s Saturday, but my workaholic brother has already left for his office. Something about preparing for his new game launch”


I was mistaken about him, how can I be so foolish.


“So… about you and my brother….I heard you are his housekeeper. We’re running


low on toilet paper. Do, be a dear and go get some more”


Excuse me? Who’s she to order me around? She’s your bosses sister, a voice in my head said.


“Okay, I will” I said.


“Aw, you are too nice. I like you already. I was just pulling your legs by the way. There’s still loads of toilet paper in there. I can see why my brother likes you, though” she said.


He told you he likes me?” I asked.


You were literally the first thing he talked about when he picked me up last night”



What did he say? ” I asked quickly, maybe a little too quick. “I’ll tell you all about it… And more… Only if you buy me breakfast” she bargain.


I would really like to know what Killian told her, but I don’t have time to buy her breakfast now.


“Sorry, I can’t buy you breakfast, I have tons of work to do” I told her.


Guess I’ll have to grab it myself then, but don’t worry, you’ll be seeing me around for a while. By the way, my name’s Keira” then she left.


After Keira left, I decided to kick back for a while…. With some video games of




* A few hours later*


“I’m home” Killian announced.


“Killian?” I opened my mouth to apologise but he beat me to it.


“Before you say anything, I want you to know Keira is my sister. Now you’re free to slam the door on me again, but I just wanted you to know” he said.


I’m sorry”


No, don’t be. But don’t ever do that again”


Do what?” I asked.


Look at me with that broken expression. That scared the out of me”


I’m really sorry I refused to hear you out last night, but I’m not ready to talk” I closed the door on him.


I’m back in my bedroom later that night. Keira and Killian invited me to dinner with them, but I respectfully decline. The events of last night are still fresh in my head and I feel just a tad awkward hanging out with the Knight siblings.



It’s been a while since they saw each other, I’m sure they’d appreciate the time alone too.


I’m about to go to sleep when I heard a loud thud outside the room.


What was that?


I opened my door and peek out into the darkness.


‘ T-there’s nothing out here’ I said to myself.


I heard the loud thud again. Oh no, did someone break in?


I quickly remember the bat I saw in Killian’s storage room when I was cleaning it. I creep silently to the storeroom and reach out for the bat. I grip the bat tightly in my hand.


“W-w-who is there?” I asked.


Suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder.


“Ahhhhh” I screamed.


I whirl around and fling the bat wildly at the shadow behind me.


“Ow! Claire!” I heard Killian winces.


“Killian? What the hell!”


“Will you please put that bat away” he said.


” Why are you sneaking around in the dark? ” I asked.


I reach for the light switch and turn on the lights on. That’s when I noticed the blankets and pillows on the couch.


“Is that your blanket on the couch?”


“I gave my room to Keira. That brat insists on sleeping on the master’s bedroom”


” But what about the other guest bedrooms? ” I asked.


Killian’s penthouse has three luxuriously spacious bedrooms, after all.


“That brat dumped all her shopping from today in that room. I’m going to have a talk with her tomorrow morning about boundaries….. But I just don’t have the energy to deal with her nonsense right now”.


He says that but it’s obvious he must really dots on his sister.


“I’m sorry I scared you, but it’s just me”


He shuffles back to the couch and fluffs his pillow.


He’s been working hard on the launch of our new game, he really shouldn’t be


sleeping on the couch like that. But I guess we don’t have a choice….


I dash into my room and bring out all the pillows I can find.


“Huh?, What’s with all the pillows?” Killian asked.


” It’s for you.. ”


I arranged the pillows neatly on the couch in attempt to come up with the most comfortable arrangement as possible.




“It’s the least I can do, as your housekeeper”.




Good night, Killian”



Good night, Claire” To be Continued






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