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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 14

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Episode fourteen
Alexa’s pov
“I’m sorry for what happened earlier mom” i apologized to mom even though i didn’t regret what i did but i was sorry for involving her in my personal matter when i hadn’t stayed up to a month in their house.
“dont bother apologizing” mom said,it serves them right they like they own the universe just because they own the school” mom said again.
“what!! they own the school then why didn’t they drive me out of their school” i asked shocked.
“thats because mr jimmy isn’t bias, he handles all issues fairly and doesn’t spare his daughter either, there was a time he gave her a month suspension after discovering she was involved in bullying of students” mom explained.
“Hmm i wonder how such a good marry could give birth to an animal, well like mother like daughter” i said and mom laughed.
“Just stay away from min ah and her mother, they’re desperate people mom said
and i nodded.
“Well, well, well its revenge time, i havent forgotten what kyung seok did to me earlier even though his friends were involved.
I found out from mom that he was scared of spider. I went to his room and poured liquid soap in front of his bathroom cos i heard water splash and guessed he was in there.
After i was done with pouring the soap kyung seok came out of the bathroom and was shocked to see me in his room sitting comfortably on his bed.
“what are you doing here” kyung seok asked suspiciously.
“Well i came to play with you” i said smiling and got up from the bed .
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“you can keep your play to yourself, as you can see i want to dress so get out” kyung seok said pointing to the door .
Tada!! i said smiling showing him the spider on my hand and i watched as he flinched.
“Take that thing away from here” kyung seok said trying to act like he was not scared.
i said i want to play with you so act nice”i said and threw the spider at him and as he tried running away he fell due to the soapy floor and i laughed gosh it was really funny.
Ouch!! i think i hurt my leg kyung seok said trying to get up, I think i broke my leg he yelled in both anger and pain.
I ran out of the room downstairs, i couldn’t help him i have to get someone instead cos i didn’t want to slip and breack my leg too .
“Mom i think kyung seok broke his leg” i said scared.
“What happened” mom asked panicking.
“I dont know i just found him on the ground groaning in pain” i replied, i couldn’t tell her the truth.
mom rush past me and got some guards to carry it out of the room and we took him to the hospital.

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