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The Bad Boys’ Girl – Season 2 Episode 5

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Episode 5



Violet’s POV


{The Next Day }



I groaned tiredly as I grudgingly opened my eyes, using my hands to shield my eyes from the sun rays which were peeping in from an opening in between the curtains.



I sat up and looked around me trying to recall where I was until it suddenly came back. I was in Miami with my friends and so was Aaron and Stephanie and I’d broken up with Dylan yesterday.



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I sighed as memories of our argument flashed in my head. I know Dylan wasn’t to blame for what Aaron did to me but the fact that he suggested that I could possibly still be in love with Aaron just angered me in ways that I didn’t understand. Maybe because it was kinda true…



No of course it’s not. Dylan toiled with my emotions and damaged me in ways that no one could ever know… So of course I didn’t love him.

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I hated him with all of my heart and I pray he rots for he did to me.



With that in mind, I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom to prepare the tub for me to have a nice relaxing bath.






During breakfast, Dylan barely said a word to me and I was content not saying anything to him as well. Nobody knew we’d broken up yet and I wasn’t sure I wanted them to know yet.

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After we were done with breakfast, everyone started talking about what to do for the rest of the day to have fun. Dylan however announced that he would rather stay in the hotel.



“But why? We were planning to go sight seeing in the city. Violet, convince your boyfriend.” Anna whined, turning to me.



“Uh I think it’s up to Dylan to know what he wants to do.” I answered nervously, not meeting Dylan’s gaze.



“Yeah okay?” Anna answered, a bit surprised.



“I’ll see you guys later then.” Dylan said, walking away.



“Hey V, can I talk to you..alone?”



That was Anna.



“Yeah sure.”



She pulled to a corner of the lobby and asked “What’s going on between you and Dylan?”



“It’s nothing Anna.”



“That didn’t seem like nothing. You guys have been avoiding each other since yesterday…so come on, spill the deets.”



“Dylan and I had an argument yesterday and I kinda ended things between us.”



“Was the argument that bad? What was it about?”



“Uhh let’s just say it was about our exes and he made a comment about mine that just angered me.”



“That’s not enough reason for you guys to fight though.”



“Yeah I know… It’s just..I don’t wanna apologize.”



“Well you don’t have to. Just do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong. If you really love him, just do it.”



“Okay thanks Anna… You guys go ahead. We’ll catch up.”



“Sure.” She smiled and hugged me before leaving.



I smiled and headed towards Dylan’s room.



I was about heading in when I heard something behind the door like a conversation was going on between two people.



I listened closely and surprisingly the voices sounded like those of Dylan and Stephanie. He was apologizing to her for what he did and for dating me. He called me a childish brat and that us breaking up was the best thing that had ever happened to him.



I ended up not listening to the rest. That line alone stung more than anything else. It hurt me that Dylan could do something like that despite everything. I know I overreacted yesterday but still, how could he?




I found the exit and went through it only to find myself at an abandoned stream. I walked towards the stream and sat beside it, dipping my legs in the water. The action made me remember when Kyle taught me to swim.



I sighed as I closed my eyes and reflected on everything that had happened


in the past few months. Maybe I would have been better off with Kyle….



What am I saying? The real question is why is my life so messed up? Why can’t I just be happy? My parents were never there for me. My heart has been broken by two guys who I thought loved me….



Can’t my life be simple for once? Can’t I just be happy?



“What are you thinking about?” A familiar voice said behind me.



“What do you want Aaron?” I asked as he sat beside me.



“You.” He replied staring at me.



“Haha! So sweet Aaron.”



“I’m serious V. I regret everything I did and I’m willing to make it right if you’ll give me a chance.”



“Well I’m not interested Aaron. In fact, I want you to stay the heck away from me!” I yelled, abruptly standing up and heading back to the hotel.



“Violet wait!” Aaron called, grabbing my hand and pulling me back to me.


Before I could react, his lips were on mine……….






Who else feels sorry for Violet?




One word for Dylan…or what do you guys think? Did Dylan really bail out on the group to get back with Stephanie? .



What could have really happened between Violet and Aaron and what other secrets could Violet be hiding? .


Could Violet still be harboring feelings for Kyle or should we conclude that


she’s a confused human being?




Remember to drop your thoughts and I’ll try to update more earlier.









The Bad Boy’s Girl 2


[ You Belong To Me ]



Written By Tyna

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