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Ice – Episode 29

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“Ivy I think we should tell carlisa about their birthday.”


Mi so said chopping some vegetables.


“Carlisa is still angry at us so telling her might make it worst.”


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“Their birthday is in three days time, we we going to keep waiting for her, we diffinately need to do something.”


“Yes you are right, but won’t she be more angry.”


“I know carlisa, she will be but she will change her mind later.”




“Yes, we just need someone to talk to her.”


“You give it a try.”


“She is angry with me at the moment. She might not listen to me.”


“She is angry with everyone at the moment.” Ivy said.


“Except Elma”


“Yes you are right, but I don’t know where that girl went to this early.”


Ivy said.








Elma sat on Bryan scooting licking a sweet, she was laughing at Bryan sillu jokes.


She wore a simple floral gown.


“So you mean Jay do beat you up?”


“Yes cause I always want him to play with me, how foolish of me.”




“So tell me about this prophecy of a thing.”


“Well before I was born, there was a prophecy about the ice. That is carlisa, Elma and what ever is her name, it says that we will stop all evil. I met with the sword twice but I don’t know her name.”


“You don’t know she was the one?”


“Yes, that was my first reason, the second is that we met in a bad note. She almost slapped me.”


“Really? Wow.”




Her phone rang. She looked at the contact ID.


“My mom.” She said.


She picked the call.


“Hello mom.”


“Where are you?” Ivy asked


“Out with a friend.”


“You should get back soon, we need you to talk to Carlisa about your birthday.”


“Ok mom, I will be home soon.” Elma said.


“Need to go home right?”




“Let me drop you off.”








Bryan took Elma home.


Elma met her mother immediately she came back.


“Mother is Carlisa ok now? Is she ready to hear the truth?”


“Not really dear but we need to tell her cause its three days to the birthday.”


“I just hope she listens to me.” Elma said and went to her room to change into something more comfortable.


When she was through, she went to carlisa’s room.


Carlisa was reading a novel.


“Carlisa.” Elma called.


Carlisa looked at her, “what are you doing here?”


“Someone is going back to her normal self.” Elma said and sat down close to carlisa. “I really want you to continue shouting at me cause you been quiet doesn’t suit you, I love your stubborn side.”


Carlisa looked at her, “am stubborn? Really?.”


“Yes you are.”


“If you came to insult me then that is the door.” Carlisa said pointing at the door.


“It hasnt gotten to that.”


“So tell me, what do you want?”


“I came to talk to you.”


“About what?”


“Our eighteenth birthday.”




“Yes we where born the same day.”


“Are there more secret I don’t know and just knowing now?”


“A lot.”


“Fuck. So what about it.”


“That is the day we will receive our powers.”


“What fu.cking powers? You know I hate that so much.”


“It will make us more powerful, you will be able to do a lot of things. Why do you hate supernaturals like this?”


“Supernaturals, am tired of listening to that or hearing it. Please leave me be.” Carlisa said and stood up.


She walked to her wardrobe and pulled out her cloth.


“Where are you going to?”


“For a walk, at least I won’t listen to you talking gibberish.” Carlisa said and wore a new cloth. She looked at Elma and left. .






Carlisa left the house in anger.


“Why will she tell me that? I don’t want to have anything to do with supernaturals.” She keeps saying to herself.


She stopped walking when she saw imogene again.


“This time, am not losing you.” She said and began to follow her.


Imogene noticed someone following her so she looked at the rear mirror of a car.


She raised her eyebrow.


“The chosen one. She followed me. Today will be her end.” She said and followed a different route leading to the forest.


Carlisa was confused cause of the route she followed but still was adament on beating her up.


Imogene went deep into forest with Carlisa following her. She stopped when she notice she was far enough from the city.


Carlisa also stopped.


“You.” She said.


Imogene looked at her and smiled. “You came to your death.”


“I don’t have time for some chit chat, let’s get this over with.” Crlisa said and charged towards Imogene but imogene created a ball of fire and threw it at her. Carlisa fell with a loud thud.

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She raised her head up groaning in pains. She was really shocked.


“You chosen one, I promise my dad to bring your head and I will do just that.” Imogene said and formed a knife with fire on her hand.


She rose it up to stab carlisa, but Carlisa pushed her hand making the knife to fall on Imogene leg.


“Urggghh.” Imogene screamed.


Carlisa stood up and left the forest. She knew she can’t beat imogene cause she has magic, she can only beat her up when she has more power.



Imogene sat up, “she pushed my hands, she is really powerful, I need more power


to destroy her.








Alex haven’t found a clue yet about the granduwellas and that made him frustrated.


“I need to finish this job and go back to Paris, this isn’t going well.”


He called his secretary.


“Hello boss.”


“Sandra, get me in contact with a private detective, I have no choice but to get one.”


“Why sir.”


“I will love it if you don’t ask me anymore question.”


“Ok sir, I will do as you say.”


Alex disconnected the call. One of his headaches is Sandra.











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