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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 24

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Chapter 2 ⃣4 ⃣



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..


Continuation From the Last Episode:



Krish Pov



I quickly dial the number of the guy who would carry out the job for me. He owes me a debt. I once saved his life when he was running away from a group of bandits, luckily for him, the leader of the bandits knows me well.


He picked the call at the third ring. “Hello Sonu.” I said aloud, raising my voice high since I was the only one home, my brother hasn’t returned yet.

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“Hi Krish, it has been a while since I heard from you, hope you are doing great?” He asked.


“Yes I am.” I replied. “Sonu, I need you to do something urgently for me.” I told him.


“And what can that be Krish, I owe you my life and you know I would do anything for you, so tell me what can I do for you?” He ask me.


“I need you to eliminate someone for me tonight.” I told him.


He laughed out as if what I just told him was funny. Anybody that doesn’t know Sonu well would pick offence right away, Sonu has the habit of laughing first of a job you told him to carry out.


“Well…” I drew out and he stopped laughing.


“Who?” He asked. “Who do you want me to eliminate tonight for you Krish?”


“His name is Harsha Desai.” I answered.

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“You mean Anant Desai only son?” He asks after a brief silence.


“Yes, the very one.” I responded. “He stole something that belongs to me.” I added.


“What did he steal from you?” He demanded with curiosity lace in his voice.


“Don’t ask me exam questions, are you doing the job tonight or not Sonu?” I asked him.



“I will, my friend, be expecting to hear about his death tomorrow.” He said in confidence.


“I hope to hear good news, friend, until then, bye.” I said and ended the call and at the same time, someone knocked on my door.


I went to open the door hoping to see Zee but saw my brother instead.


I hope he wasn’t listening to my phone conversation.


“How long have you been here?” I asked him and make way for him to pass and enter inside the house and I closed the door behind me, waiting for his answers. My brother has sharp ears.


He turned to face me as soon as he was inside and made a sign with his hands.


“As long as to know you wanted to kill someone, who was it?” He asked me.


So he heard it, thankfully enough, I hope he hasn’t come when I mentioned the name of Harsha to Sonu.


“Someone you don’t wish to know. How was the trip? Did you finish the assignment Raja gave to you?” I asked changing the subject quickly, smiling at him. My brother was almost the same height as me.


“Yes, I finished it earlier than I thought and decided to come home right away brother.” He signed his response to me and signed again. “Have heard from Zee?”


“Yes, we were together all through last night but I decided to come home today and rest.”


“Why don’t you rest at where she is, Zee won’t chase you out?”


Smart question brother.


“Did I tell you she wanted me to leave her alone?” I asked and he shook his head as no. “Okay, she wanted me to leave her house that she wants to think and seeing my



handsome self will distract her.” I replied to him. “Why don’t you go and rest your tired body.”


“Okay.” He signed and left for his room.


I smile cruelly as the thought of Harsha being killed tonight flooded my mind.


He will soon be a goner.





Zoya POV



When we reached my organization, I told Harsha to stay with the old man while I go and meet my grandmother and tell her about the visitor, at least to offer food and water to him.


When I walked into her room I didn’t see her, I came out and went to meet Harsha.


“I did not see her.”


“But she was in her room when we left a few minutes ago.” Harsha said.


“Who are you looking for?” The old man asked.


“My grandmother.” I responded looking around us. Where could she be at the moment?


I went to meet one of the nurses I had employed and ask her for the whereabouts of my grandmother.


“I saw her entering her office ma’am.” The nurse I ask responded.


It has escaped my mind to check her office.


Thanking the nurse, I left her and went quickly to meet Harsha, telling the duo where my grandmother is.



We headed for her office, reaching the door, we heard noise, that noise reminded me of Harsha being strangled. It was as if someone was struggling to breath.


When I tried to open the door but it was locked from the inside.


I quickly kicked the door which immediately gave way for us to enter the office only for me to see the woman I had helped some days ago pinning my grandmother on the chair and trying to inject her with something.


Harsha was very fast in pushing the woman away from my grandmother. I on the other hand gently removed the needle already inserted in her neck.


My grandmother was breathing heavily.


I held the injection and focused on the familiar woman who was trying to hide her face in shame.


“Why?” I demanded, trying not to get angry.


“I am sorry.” The woman pleaded.


“She did not ask you to say sorry, she asked you why you want to kill her grandmother!!” Harsha yelled out, he was furious as he yelled at the woman. “Don’t make me strangle you to death because that is what I am dying to do to you right now, what has this old woman done to you!”


“I was sent to kill her.” The woman finally said in fear.


“Sent to kill my grandmother? By who?” I asked.


Who could have sent her to do this and why?


“If I didn’t kill her, my husband and my other son would be killed, please forgive me.” She begged going to her knees.


“Again I ask, who sent you?” I demanded.



“I don’t know her name but the men around there called her youngest madam, that is all I know about her.”


Her? A female sent this woman I thought I was helping to kill my grandmother?




“Can you describe her for us?” Harsha asked and the woman nodded her head and started describing the lady for us.


Harsha gasped out in surprise once the woman had finished.


“Sweetheart, do you know who she is talking about?” I asked tearing my eyes off from the woman to stare at Harsha.


“Yes, Krishna.” He replied.


“But how did she know I run an organization?” I asked, wondering. Because if she could make this woman pretend into making me believe that she was helpless, then Krishna has brains. She did it so intelligently that I wouldn’t have suspected a thing. Thank goodness for the old man which made us return.


“I don’t know Zoya.” Harsha answered, bringing me out of my thoughts. “But like I and my father had told you before, Krishna is very dangerous and will stop at nothing to achieve her aim.”


“Should I call for the police?” My grandmother asked as soon as she regained her voice.


“No, grandmother, let her be.” I said staring at my grandmother then at the surprise woman.


“She nearly killed me Zoya and you don’t want her to rot in jail?” My grandmother asked and Harsha nodded his head supporting her question.



“Grandma, I will need her for something else, so for now, we are going to lock her in an empty room with her children until the time comes when I need her.” I responded.


“Okay, locking her sounds good to me, I will do just that.” My grandmother said and left us and returned with three nurses who grabbed hold of the woman and led her out of the office. Obviously, it seems my grandmother had told them about what the woman had tried to do.


“So who is this old man with you?” My grandmother asked.


I have forgotten about the presence of the old man.


“We met him our way home and decided to bring him here. He looks hungry grandma, can you please get something for him to eat.” I said.


“Of course, I will be right back.” She said and left, leaving only I and Harsha with the old man in the office.


“Please sit down.” I said pointing at one of the visitors chairs in the office.


Harsha brought one of the chairs closer to the old man.


“Thank you Zoya.” He said and sat down.


My grandmother returned at that moment with a young woman who was carrying a plate of rice and water, she gave it to the old man and left.


The old man started eating.


“Grandma, can you please excuse us. My fiance and I need to discuss privately with him, so can you please leave us alone?”


“Alright Zoya. I am in my room just in case you need me.”


“Thank you Grandma.”


She smiled and left us.


Returning my gaze at the old man who was eating, I dragged a chair closer to the man, facing him as Harsha did the same.


“So who are you or are you also trying to make me feel pity towards you and allow you stay just like I foolishly did to that woman?”


He stopped eating and smiled. “No, I am not looking for pity Zoya. I only came here to look for Amulya’s daughter and tell her what brought me here, and you are Amulya’s daughter.” He said and continued. “I for a fact know that lady you call your grandmother isn’t your real grandmother.” He added surprising me a bit.


“How do you know that?”


“Amulya was an orphan, although she was not born as an orphan, circumstances made her so. She was one of the daughters of a high priest, in Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple. Amulya was the first daughter out of four who had decided to dedicate her purity to the Lord Shiva. She was to go to the mountain behind the temple and stay there for seven days, praying to Lord Shiva, after which, she will be fortified to become a priestess at that young age. It was at that process Ravaana Kaali, who had gone for his hunting, saw her and decided to kidnap her. When she saw him coming with his horsemen, she fled back to the temple. To cut the long story short, Ravaana Kaali killed every priest in that temple and took Amulya away.” He explained.


“But how do you know this story? Did Ravaana Kaali tell you himself?”


“No he didn’t, I was there with him and the only mistake I did was to point at Amulya when I saw the young girl dancing.”



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