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Ice – Episode 21

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Eliza came to meet elma who was in the kitchen preparing a meal.

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“Elma can I ask you a question?”


“Yes aunt go ahead.”


“When you met carlisa was there a heavy breeze?”


Elma looked up at the ceiling trying to remember. “Yes aunt, there was but for a minute or two.”


“Apart from carlisa, have it ever happen to you again when you met someone else.”


“I don’t remember.”


“Try to remember.”


“Aunt I really don’t remember.”


“Ok, when you do, let me know.” Eliza said and left.


“Its seems like that wind blew when I was with someone, but who?” She asked confused.


Ivy came to the kitchen.


“What are you thinking about?”


“Nothing mom.”






“Yes mom.”


“Ok, so what are you preparing for dinner?”


“Well am just roasting some fish.”


“Ok, let me know when you are done.” Ivy said turned to leave.


“Wait mom.”


“What?” She asked turning to her.


“Ask me if something is wrong again.”




“Just ask me.”


“Okay. Elma are you alright?”


“No mom am not alright, I got a lot on my head.”


“Tell me more about it.”


“Finding the chosen one was easy, I am just worried finding the sword will be hard.”


“It won’t be dear. Is there anyway you think is easy to track her?”


“No. I wish I was a witch, it would have been better.”


“Dear follow your instinct, let you heart lead.”


“My instinct? Will my instinct tell me the truth?”


“Maybe. You just have to follow it to see whether it says the truth or not.”


“Ok mom. Thank you.”


Ivy smiled at her and left.



“Instinct, my mom said I should follow you so where are you. Get into my head, get into my head.” She did hitting her head hard with her hand.


“Ouch that hurt.” She said when she hit it to hard.








Jay came to visit her again the next day.


Imogene was angry to see him there.


“What are you doing here? ”


She asked.


“I came to see how you are surviving this place.”


“Am surviving. I believe you have eyes to see me.”


“Mad at me?”


“That don’t suppose to be a question cause am mad at you. Firstly you placed this bracelet on my wrist making me powerless and you ask if am mad at you?”


“Am sorry. Actually, I came here to tell you that am coming to remove your powers soon, am just coming from my friends house so I did not carry my weapons.”


He smiled. “So enjoy it while it lasts, so bye.”


He said and left.


“That fool.” Imogene said.








Elma closed her eyes tight trying to remember who the person was.


She opened her eyes.


“I did not meet a lot of people. I only met carlisa and…. ” she then remembered,


“that girl, that pretty devil who wanted to slap me. And a wind blew when I met her for the first time and the strongest was when she met carlisa and me.” Elma said remembering it.


She stood up and ran to Eliza room.


“Have remembered.” She said happily.


“Tell me who?”


“A girl who almost slapped me cause I bumped into her. When I first met her, the wind blew and when we she came to me and Carlisa, the strongest wind blew.” Eliza smiled.


“Wait Eliza, does this mean she is the sword?”


Eliza did not reply her instead she was smiling.


“Oh my world she is the sword, have found the both of them.”


“Yes dear, you did such a great job.”


Elma smiled, “now I will just have to go back and talk to them.”


“Yes, but it won’t be easy.”


“Yes you are right, but I will give it a try.”








Nana watched as imogene was brought to her.


“Nana” Imogene called and hugged her.


“How are you dear.”


“Nana, take me out of here, its so awful.”


“I will and we have no other choice but to go back to the dark realm.”



“No way, not there.”


“Its just for the main time, you are not ready yet. I will take you back there and you will return when you think you are ready.”


“But nana I promised to bring the head of the chosen one back to my parent, but now they will still see me the mother of all failures”


“But dear that is the only way. You just have to go back, that beast hunter will surely remove your powers. ”


Imogene sat down sadly.


“You are right. Let’s just go back. ” she said unhappy.


Nana casted a spell on everyone making them to sleep and when they wake up, they won’t remember imogene cause she will only be their dream. When everyone has fallen asleep, she created a portal and went back to dark realm. .






Carlisa was really angry cause of what imogene did.


Imogene made her go to the hospital and for that she will surely pay.


Carlisa hates been humiliated but imogene humiliated her.


She vowed to deal with her anyday she sees her again.


She would have done that but she don’t know where she stays.


Her hatred for imogene increased.


She laid in her bed.

















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