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Drama Queen – Season 3 – Episode 7

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[Lia’s residence]


“Hey what are you doing?” Yora asked as she entered Lia’s room.


She met Lia applying face care creams.


“Trying to look more beautiful for Leo. You know I don’t really like my eyelids, I’m thinking of doubling them. Should I go for an eyelid surgery?” Lia asked.


Yora chuckled and sat beside her.


“You look really beautiful Lia, than me you know… You don’t need a double eyelid ’cause your eyelids fit really nice. I think I should be the one to go for it.”


Lia chuckled and turned to Yora. “Yora, do you think Leo would ever love me?”


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Yora exhaled. “To be sincere Lia, I don’t think. I don’t think Leo would catch a feeling for you. Dear let’s be realistic here. Leo is a jerk who only call you when he needs to satisfy his sexual urge. That’s all he want from you Lia. You are only hurting yourself by having hopes of you and Leo together.”


“So Leo can’t love me because I’m a call girl?” Lia asked.


“Yes Lia. Not just that, Leo doesn’t love any woman. He didn’t even love Sugar and I’m sure he doesn’t love that girl, Mona Lisa. He just want to get you on his bed and make you his sex machine then dump you after few months.”


“You talk like you really know Leo Bethel more than I think,” Lia said.


“Yes I do and I’m going to tell you now. It’s something I’ve been keeping from you ever since we knew each other…” Yora said and stood up.


“What is that?” Lia asked.


Yora walked to the dressing table and faced the mirror.


“Well it’s not like I kept if from you because you know the story but you don’t


know all,” she said and inhaled.


“Remember the story of my first love?”


“Yes I do. Your first love made you fall for him and he took your virginity and broke up with you three months after and his words were ‘I’ve never liked you Yora but I liked that you were really fun. Don’t worry, you’re going to get over it.”


“Yes.. I’m curious that you never asked his name,” Yora said.


“Well… I didn’t think it was important to know a bastard’s name,” Lia said.


Yora smiled. “Well that bastard was Leo Bethel.”


Lia gasped with widened eyes. “What!?”


“He packed out the next day. He hadn’t become a TV star then and I wondered how an nineteen years old guy was able to rent an apartment and live alone. Well that was one of the reasons why I fell for him. He was independent and never talked about his parents. He was a web blogger and social media celebrity then so he earned good from there. I was just in my second year in senior high school and like you know, I was already an orphan and living with my old grandmother. We were poor and I lacked so many things. He took my dependency as an opportunity to get me and I fell for it. I fell more when he told me his dream of becoming an actor which he’s already achieving because he was actually going to be starred in a movie as a supporting character. I feel for his tricky sugarcoated words and he took my virginity and then he turned me into his bedmate but that was just for three months…”I wasn’t able to tell anyone about it.. I didn’t even think of taking a revenge caused I blamed myself for clinging around him at first. I moved on with it. My grandmother died few months after my high school graduation and I had to live life the hard way. Yes Leo became a movie star and I became a whore. I made a lot of money from that, all thanks to him.” she laughed and turned to Lia who’s eyes were red with tears.


Lia saw no tears in Yora’s eyes and she wasn’t surprised. She never do that.


But Lia had never shade tears when Yora tells her story but today she did because that guy she refers as bastard is actually Leo Bethel.



“So you see Lia..” Yora continued. “…you need to stop any feeling you have for Leo Bethel cos he’s not worth it. He will never put in a position where you belong. He will only make a mess of you and throw you off.. I kept Leo Bethel as my first love away from you because he’s your good customer and I didn’t want you loosing such a customer who pays you good money but you falling in love with him, I tried holding back but I couldn’t. Lia I want you to be only a call girl to Leo and nothing else and if both of you get tired of each other, you should go your way. Don’t catch feelings for that monster. Only those who doesn’t know his true him say good about him. Leo never do any good without asking something in return.”


Tears rolled down Lia’s eyes and she got up and rushed Yora in a hug.


“You silly girl! Why did it take you so long to tell me this. I shouldn’t have fallen this hard for him but I tell you my feelings for him are going to die…. He’s really a monster. I can’t stand him anymore!” Lia said.


“You promise?” Yora asked.


“I promise,” Lia said then withdrew the hug. “Now I really want to smoke some cigarette,” she said.


Yora chuckled. “You cried?”


“What do you think? I was loving a bastard. I deserve to cry for myself a river,” Lia said.


“Let’s smoke then!” Yora said.


Soon they were sitting on the floor, smoking and drinking.


“Can I ask you for a favour Lia?” Yora said after some time.


“What favour?” Lia asked.


“I need you to keep what I told you a secret. You mustn’t let Leo or anyone know.


He mustn’t know about me and how I’m doing right now,” Yora said.


“Shouldn’t you be thinking of revenging on him?” Lia asked.


“No… Like I said, all thanks to him I’m earning a lot of money because I’m no longer a virgin,” Yora said with a chuckle.


Lia scoffed. “You are really thanking a monster huh! So pathetic.”







[Leo’s residence]


Bryan – Leo’s manager walked in and met Leo sitting on the couch with crossed leg and scrolling on his iPad with his glasses on.


“I’m here sir,” Bryan said and went for a couch.


For two minutes, Leo said nothing and was just busy with his iPad then he finally


looked at Bryan and asked.


“What do you think I should do?”


Bryan raised his brows. “What’s that?”


“I’m talking about Mona Lisa and Michel. What do you think I should do?”


Bryan was surprised to hear him ask him that. That has never happened before.


Leo doesn’t seek an advise like that from him.


“Are you really asking me to give you an advise on what to do?” Bryan asked.


“Michel knows about Lia and about Sugar too. I’m still trying to find out how he got to know. Gu Jack has denied telling him. I can’t believe the punk is threatening me with that,” Michel said.


“I think you should drop whatever fight you want to start with him. Also forget about Mona Lisa. If he really has proves about you and Li Sugar, you can’t let him try anything stupid,” Bryan said.


“Of course he won’t and I’m making up with Xspark,” Leo said with a smile.


Bryan raised his brow, “What?”


“I think it’s time we stop being enemies. It would be better if we become friends, good friends again,” Leo said.


“Are you serious about this Boss?” Bryan asked, in disbelief.


“It’s been years of enmity. It won’t be nice if we continue that way. Let’s have a drink,” Leo said.


Bryan stood up. “Okay sir.” he said and went for it.


Leo smiled.


Bryan came back minutes later with a wine and two wine glass and poured into the wine glasses.


“Arrange a meeting with I and Xspark tomorrow,” Leo told Bryan.


“Okay Boss,” Bryan answered then sat down and looked closely at Leo.


“But I feel that there’s more to this than just trying to drop the enmity,” Bryan said.


Leo sipped from the wine and smiled. “I don’t think.. I’ve not thought about that. I just want to make peace with Xspark,” he said.


Bryan breathed out not believing that but he can’t say more than that.







[Silver House]


It’s been three hours! Three hours that Mona Lisa had been locked in Michel’s room.



She couldn’t believe the joke and lying on the bed was a sick stubborn Jerk who wouldn’t give in to getting a treatment.


Worse, he wouldn’t sleep off at least so she could be able to slid the remote from him.


He was facing away from Mona, laying stomach flat.


“Are you really going to be this way huh? My pet is hungry and there’s nothing in your fridge that is good for a cat food, I’m hungry too and I don’t want to taste anything from your fridge!” Mona said. She was sure he wasn’t sleeping.


There was no answer.


“You are really really a big time jerk.” Mona said.


“I’m going to let you leave if you promise not to change your mind,” Michel suddenly said.


“Fine! I’m not changing my mind about leaving silver house, let me have the key,” she said.


“I’m not talking about you leaving silver house. I’m talking about you being my girlfriend,” Michel said.


“Are you really trying forcing me to be your girlfriend.. Do you really want to date a poor orphan that badly?” Mona asked.


“Yes I do,” Michel said.


“Why? Why? Why?” Mona asked repeatedly.


“Because I want to. It’s not written anywhere in the bible that the rich must marry the rich,” Michel said.


Mona scoffed. “Tch! What do you know in a bible. You even preferred hanging a dream chaser than the holy cross.”



“My grandmother forced me to. I even had to send her a video to prove that I really hung the dream chaser,” Michel said.


“You really are scared of your grandmother and I don’t think you are scared of your mom. But I’m curious about your dad. Seventy percent of kids are scared of their dad’s more than their mom. I’m wondering between your mom and your dad who you are more scared of?” Mona asked teasingly and Michel surprised her by taking out the remote and unlocking the door.


Mona scoffed at him. “Better”


She carried Blue and walked out.

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Michel picked his phone and made a call to his doctor.



Hello Dr Dam Michel spoke first.



Mr Kim Michel. It’s so nice to get a call from you. How are you doing? Dr Damian asked.


Can you come over at noon? You know the new address right? Michel asked.




Yes, I will



Dr Dam said.




Bring medications with you



Michel said.




I get it but I think I should come earlier



Dr Dam said.




Just come at noon. It’s not that serious



Michel said.




Alright. I’ll be with you soon



Dr Dam said.




The call ended. Michel dropped the phone and closed his eyes back. He suddenly felt nausea. It was so strong and he was going to throw up in the next second. He sprang up from the bed, ran into the toilet and threw up in the WS.





Mona Lisa met Jeff at the corridor. He emerged from the staircase and both halted on seeing each other then Mona walked over to him with her face down.


“I..I….Actually I..”


“You don’t need to explain to me Mona..” Jeff interrupted her stutter. “..I think one has the right to make his or her own decision and the right to change that decision anytime. One also have to follow his or her heart. I can’t stop you at this point Mona but I really hope that you made the right decision.”


Mona breathed out. Relieved by his words. “Thank you Oppa.. Blue is hungry, it’s afternoon,” she said.


“That’s okay. I’m sure you haven’t eaten too. You should go. You shouldn’t worry about Manager Kim and the rest. They are gone,” Jeff said.


Mona nodded but halted after taking a step.. “Can i ask if Michel had his breakfast??” she asked.


Jeff looked at her and took his time before answering “Yes he did. He love Ms Oh’s cooking so there was no way he would miss it.”


“Alright. Thank you,” Mona said and walked away.


“You aren’t staying because of Silver House right?” Jeff asked, halting her. Their backs on each other.


When Mona said nothing, Jeff continued. “But because of Michel, isn’t it?”


Mona inhaled.


“I…I…don’t know… I can’t explain it. I..I.. think both,” she said making Jeff to turn to her.


“Is he aware that you are staying back because of him?” he asked.


“He thinks so,” Mona answered and turned to face him but Jeff was already walking into his room.


She exhaled, turned and walked away.


She was glad that the Xspark workers were all gone.


Only TedyA and J guy were at the sitting room with full interest on the TV show but TedyA noticed her presence and looked over then smiled at her.


“Should I be happy or sad now Mona Lisa? First I wanted you to leave so you don’t snatch my oppa from me but then I didn’t want you to leave because I’m going to miss you. Aighshh this is pretty annoying..” TedyA said, turned back to the TV and held tight to a throw pillow he held.


‘He was going to miss me if I leave?’ Mona felt very pleased to hear that from him.


“I was going to miss you all too if I leave. I didn’t only want to stay back because of silver house but because I want to stay with Spark5 much longer,” Mona said.


“Ahhh stop the lie. You should just say he truth. You signed the fake girlfriend contract with Michel.” J guy said.


“No I didn’t..” Mona said and headed to the kitchen.


“Wow…she didn’t? So Xspark is really going to let Michel date her..” TedyA said, amazed.


“What’s wrong with that? She’s beautiful, smart. She’s the owner of silver house too..” J guy said.


“But she isn’t a TV star. She’s neither a singer or an actress.. Aren’t we not supposed to date ordinary girls?” TedyA said.


“But ordinary girls are more fun. Mona is fun. Those TV stars only know how to apply constant make ups and put on high heels, talk about Shows and expensive wears and jewelries. They are no fun,” J guy said.


TedyA nodded.”You are hundred percent right J guy. I have proof, Li Sugar..”



J guy chuckled. “Correct! If Michel dated a classic TV star and she ended up breaking his heart, he should go for an ordinary girl,” J guy said.


“Right.. But you, who are you going to date, a poor girl or a rich TV star?” TedyA asked him.


“Who I fall in love with. If she ends up breaking my heart, I go for the opposite,” J guy said.


“Ahh I bet you would be the one breaking hearts,” TedyA said.


J guy threw him a throw pillow.”Stop talking nonsense.”


“I’m not..”


“You are..”


“It’s the truth.”


“You ask for a death wish?”


“Ha ha ha..”




“Is he really sick?” Ms Oh asked Mona after Mona had told her that she needs to make some porridge because Michel is sick.


“Yes he is and he refused to go to the hospital,” Mona said.


“No he doesn’t go to the hospital. He has his doctor who comes to give him home treatments and I’m sure he must have called him by now..” Ms Oh said.


“But…I was with him for hours and he called no one and it’s really getting severe,” Mona said.



“You don’t have to worry. He’ll be fine. I’ve known him for five years. I’m going to make the porridge so you give him. That would calm the temp a bit till his doctor comes,” Ms Oh said and took out a pot to start.


Mona breathed out. “Ms Oh..”


“Yes Miss Mona Lisa..”


“Could…you please let me…make the porridge?”


Ms Oh turned to her with a smile. “Of course… Just make it right.. You can do that right?”


“Sure I can..” Mona answered with a smile.


Ms Oh moved away and Mona took position.


“You are a lucky girl Mona..” Ms Oh said.


“How ma?” Mona asked.


“To be Michel’s girlfriend.. That’s every girl’s dream. And I know you like him a lot,”


Mona sighed and said,”I wish I didn’t, I’m sure I’d be on my way to Miami now.”


“I heard that. There was no wrong in you liking him and he likes you too. You both are perfect for each other,” Ms Oh said.


Mona chuckled, totally amused. “Ms Oh I would like if you could stop talking about him. I need to focus on this cooking,” she said.


“No problem.”



( 30mins later)


Mona Lisa was seen heading out of the kitchen with a tray of covered plate.


She was seen by TedyA and J guy who were still at the sitting room.


“Are you not eating at the dinning?” J guy asked her.


“That look like Michel’s favorite plate. She can’t eat with it..” TedyA said.


They both stared curiously at her.


“Well… I’m taking it to him.” Mona said.


“Really?” TedyA said with raised brows.


J guy chuckled. “We got a couple in this house, how interesting..”


“Actually he’s sick so Ms Oh said I have to…” Mona paused in total bewilderment of seeing them already running up the staircase in a blink of the eyes…


“take..a..porridge to him..” she mumbled the rest exhaled with a dropped shoulders “What a love they have for him..” she said then she ascended upstairs.


She got to the corridor and met J guy and TedyA knocking on Michel’s door and before she got there, they went in and the door closed but wasn’t locked so she entered too and saw TedyA and J guy all over Michel like he’s some kid.


“Hyungggg! Why are you sick! It must have been the cold of last night right?” TedyA said.


“Have you called Dr Dam?” J guy asked.


“Oh my goodness your temp is really high. What are we going to do?” Cried TedyA.


“When is Dr Dam coming? He has to come on time you know..’ J guy said.


Both of them didn’t notice Mona’s presence because they were too busy worrying about Michel but Michel saw Mona and so she walked over.


“I’m here to drop your porridge. You should take it and feel better,” she said and dropped it on the table.


J guy and TedyA stopped wailing and looked at her.


Mona turned to leave but Michel halted her.


“I can’t feed myself that.” he said.


“Don’t worry, I’m going to feed you hyung,” TedyA said.


“She will,” Michel said and Mona scoffed.


Michel sat up. “Do you want the porridge to get cold?”


Mona turned. “No of course..” she walked back and pulled a seat closer, sat and took the plate.


J guy and TedyA watched with amusement.


She took a spoon of it and directed it to his mouth.


Michel narrowed his brows at her. “I hope you didn’t add poison to it?”


J guy boosted into laughter. TedyA hit him. Mona rolled her eyes at Michel. “Why would I?”


Michel opened his mouth and took the first spoon and looked at J guy and TedyA.


“Leave us,” he told them.


Mona looked at him like-why-should-they?


J guy and TedyA stood up and left.


“Why should they leave?” Mona asked him as she directed the second spoon to his mouth.


“Just feed me,” Michel said and took the second spoon.


“When you are not a baby,” Mona scoffed.


Mona gave him the third spoon and then the fourth and when she was about giving him the fifth spoon, he jumped out of the bed and ran into the toilet.



Mona dropped the plate and went to the toilet to see Michel throwing up inside the WS.


Mona sighed, squatted down beside him and began stroking his back gently. She kept on with it until he was done throwing up.


She stood up and helped him up and walked him to the sink where he washed his face, mouth and hands.


“I will help you back to the bed and you will have to call your doctor,” Mona said, put her hand around his back and helped walk him back to his bed.


He laid down and placed his head on the pillow which she placed for him.


“Call him now,” she told him.


“I’ve called him already..” Michel said.


“When is he coming… It’s taking too long and your temp is getting severe,” Mona said.


Michel chuckled. “Are you being worried about me now?”


“It’s normal to be concerned about the sick,” Mona said with a roll of her eyes and took the plate of porridge.


“Don’t give me that again,” Michel said.


Mona was about to talk back but got interrupted but a knock came on the door then it opened since it wasn’t locked. Jeff and TedyA walked in. Jeff and Mona’s eyes caught and Mona looked down.


“Guess who’s here guys?!” TedyA said, looking impatient.


“Mona, your brother and his girlfriend is here,” Jeff said and Mona looked up with a shocked face.


She sprang up. “Tenten and Rose is here?”


“Correct!” TedyA said and Mona rushed out.




Earlier on, Jeff and TedyA where at the sitting room when the gate bell rang.


TedyA went to check the monitor and gasped on seeing the faces.



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“What’s that?” Jeff asked.


“Tenten and Rose are here!” TedyA said.


“Call Ms Oh..” Jeff said and TedyA went to the landline and did that.


Ms Oh emerged from the kitchen in a minute.


“I’m here,” she said.


“He’s Mona Lisa’s brother. Bring them in,” Jeff said and headed upstairs with TedyA.


Ms Oh opened the gate, walked to the door and waited for them.


Tenten and Rose walked into the compound.


They both held bouquets of flowers.


“Wow…. Silver House has really changed! If the outside is this beautiful, I’m


wondering how beautiful the inside would be..” Tenten said, looking around the house exterior.


“We should be more worried about the people we are about to face,” Rose said, scared.


Tenten smiled. “You don’t have to worry dear. No one would hurt the brother of Mona Lisa, Michel’s girlfriend. I’m going to get popular soon..” he said to her.


Rose sighed.


“Wow… This is really beautiful..” Tenten said.


They got to the door and it was opened by Ms Oh.


“Welcome and please come in,” she told them.


Tenten smiled and looked at Rose. “I told you. We are welcomed nicely.”


They went in and Tenten exclaimed. “Wow!! This is much more beautiful, right Rose?”


“Yes it is but Mona is here..” Rose said as her eyes caught with Mona who was walking down the staircase with Jeff and TedyA behind her.


Tenten saw her, grinned and raised the flower he held but Rose fear was visible.


She moved back and hid behind Tenten.


“Dearest sister, I’m so happy for you… Congratulations!” Tenten said, grinning.


Mona walked to him with a smile.


“Hi dear brother. You are here..” she said.


Tenten smiled. “Yes dear sister… I’m here to congratulate you on your new love with Michel. This is for you..it’s your favorite flowers,” he said.


Jeff and TedyA watched with wide eyes.


“Oh.. This is beautiful… Thank you dear brother,” Mona said with a smile and collected it but her face suddenly turned into a frown and the next thing, was a hard slap to Tenten’s face which made his eyes roll and he fell down.


Jeff and TedyA widened their eyes more.


“Honey!” Rose shouted and rushed to Tenten.


Mona threw the bouquet of flowers at him in fierce. “You idiot! You fool! What did you think you did! What did you do to silver House!!” she rushed him, pushed Rose away and began hitting him. “I’m going to tear you into tiny pieces!!”


Rose landed on the floor and held her belle.. “Oh my baby.. My little baby..” she cried.


Jeff and TedyA rushed over to pull her away from him.





“Ahhh she’s really a maniac!” Michel chuckled.


He was watching them from his laptop.







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