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My First True Love – Episode 11

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My first true love


Chapter 11


Being in math class has always bored me; maybe because I wasn’t good in math. I sat right next to Jack the entire period, thinking on what had happened between me and Alexander. I looked down at my hands and realized that I was still wearing the bracelet that Alexander had giving me.


I played with the heart that entire time I was in class, debating whether to take it out or not.


“This bracelet creates a bond between us if you really concentrate you can go into my mind”


I remember Alexander’s face lighten up as soon as he saw the bracelet. I took a deep breath; not realizing that the bell had already rang, I packed my things and stood up.


“Jane?” I turned around and saw Jack with a concerned look on his face. “What’s wrong?” I asked heading out, but I felt a hand grab my arm. Jack


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“Jane, is everything ok?


“Yeah, everything is fine” he let go of my hand and nodded. I smiled and headed out the room not once looking back.


“Jane!” I heard someone screamed my name. I turned and saw Marisa running towards me.


“What’s up?” she looked confused for a minute, then she grabbed my hand and took me to the art room.


“Jane you have to tell me everything, don’t leave any details out” she said all of the sudden.


“What are you talking about?” she sat on the desk that was right in front of me and gave me a disappointing look.



“You know Jane…about Alexander?” I took a step back and look down. I didn’t really felt like talking about him, but I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I had to tell Marisa about Alexander.


I took a deep breath and took hold of the chair right next to me. I was going to need all the strength to tell her about his big secret.

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“Ok, Marisa you have to promise me that you are not going to tell anyone about this ok?” she nodded still looking confuse. “I promise”


“Good. Now I really don’t know how to tell you this, but Alexander is a…”


“Is a what Jane?”


“He is a…vampire” I whispered not meeting her eyes. I glanced at her feeling guilty for not telling her the truth about Alexander, but I just couldn’t do it before. “Jane…he is a what?”


“He is a vampire?”


“A vampire?” I nodded. One thing that surprise me the most is that she didn’t look startled or anything in that matter. She looked confused and normal. (Join Group) Weird


“Wow…that’s new. Jane are you sure about that? I mean a vampire? They don’t exists”


I sighed. “Yeah, he told me about him after he told me that he was in love with me”


“Jane…what if he is lying?”


“No…there is something that tells me that he is telling the truth”


“Then WOW, what are you going to do?”


“He was also the one that “kidnapped me” for a few hours, remember when I called you?”


“Yeah, so he was the one that took you away?”


“Yeah, he said that he wanted me to go with him because there are people looking


for me”




“There are a people looking for me, they want to hurt me, because they know that Alexander loves me”


“Oh no, we have a problem now”


“I know! And worst of all, I’m still in love with him”


“Honey, what are you going to do with Jack?”


“I don’t know, but I’m not leaving him”


“And be with him without any love at all?”


“I can learn to love him and stop thinking about Alexander”



She shocks her head in disappointment. “Do what ever you want Jane, but Alexander is going to come back whether you like it or not”


I nodded as we both exit the room. It was completely empty. Everyone must be in class right now.


Now I was in deep trouble.






At lunch, we decided to have pizza; my favorite.


I was in the middle of having my first bite when I heard Joe talking about a new student.


“I’m telling you Marisa, he is hot” Of course Joe would say that, he is gay. And one of the cutest and sweetest guys I know.


I laughed. “Joe, c’mon we don’t even know how he looks like yet” Bryce said. “Ok people! Stop talking about the new guy…let’s about something more exciting…camp!” Marisa said excitedly. “Camp?” I asked.


“Jane, don’t tell me that you forgot about our camping trip” Mark said with a smirk on his face.


“Jane…remember what we planned last year ? California?” Chloe said.


Oh, that’s right California. We planned to go there this year, since this is going to be our junior year of high school.


“Right…when are we going to go?” I asked.


“Well…we want to go next week, since we are going to have Thanksgiving break” Marisa said.


“Great, I’m going to start packing now, you know how long it takes me to pack” Joe said.


I started eating my apple when I heard Jack’s sweet voice call my name. “Jane” I turned to face him and smiled. “Hi Jack”


As soon as I said hi to Jack, everyone started whispering. Marisa hushed them and everyone giggled.


“So, I see you guys are an item now” Joe said eyeing us.


Jack looked at me and smiled. I smiled at him and knew that he was my choice.


“Yeah” I said.


“So, are you coming to California with us Jack?” Bryce asked.


“I…I…don’t know, I’m not really invited”


“You’re invited” I blurted out. Everyone laughed.


“Then yes” Jack said sitting down next to me. Everyone started talking and eating.


This was going to be a very short week, knowing that today was Saturday….








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