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Lonely (Season 2) – Episode 11

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Episode 11




Lunch was amazing. Different varieties of food; from rice and drilled fish to sauce and fried eggs. There was also a chicken soup, some baked cakes and fruits to wash down the meal. I didn’t have time to acknowledge the meal because it was like a rule in the Kalu’s residence, never to talk while eating. The only thing you’ll keep hearing is,”please pass the salt” or “is there any serviette at that side?”.




But once we had all left the table, every one started confessing about the meal including Hillary and Rose.




We all sat down at the sitting room to discuss. The look on mum’s face showed that she was happy and anyone seeing us sitting together would think that we’re gathered for a family meeting.

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Mum: I’m not going to take much of your time as its compulsory that I take my siesta, I don’t play with it especially on Sundays as it is the only day I get to relax properly. I just need to chip in one or two sentences.




She paused and looked at our faces.




Mum: You’re all grown ups. The youngest amongst you all is Amanda and she’s no longer a kid. I want unity between all of you here. See each other as brothers and sisters. Quarrels and feuds should be far gone from you all. I know why I’m saying it and most of you know that as well. You all are old enough to know



what’s right and wrong. You also have rights to call yourselves to order when you see that one of you is doing something contrary to your expectations. Finally,I wouldn’t want you all to disappoint me. Keep clean records and never,I mean never do anything to jeopardize your relationships.


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She looked at all of us as if the words would sink in properly with her looks.




Mum: Having said that,I beg to leave you all now. Have fun and call me once dinner is served.




We thanked her and watched as she walked up the stairs gracefully.




Gospel was the first to break the silence.




Gospel: So, Hillary, tell us, what do you do with your free time?




Hillary cleared his throat..




Hillary: I go to my father’s hospital to help in the lab.




Ken: Wow! Your dad is a medical doctor?




Hillary: Yes.




Ken: Interesting. What are you studying in school?





Hillary: Microbiology.




Ken: What year.




Hillary: I’m in my finals.




Ken: Congratulations dude.




Gospel: So, what time do you spare then for Amanda?




Hillary: Oh! I always make sure we see at least three times in a week.




Gospel: Just that?




Hillary: Yes. That way, it won’t make the relationship boring. I don’t want her to get tired of seeing my face. Though I know I’ll love to see hers everyday and I plan to make it so.




We all laughed except Gospel. I could see the defeat in his eyes.




Gospel: So how old are you?




Hillary: Wow! Is it necessary?




Gospel: Of course it is. I….Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




Hillary: I’m 24.




Gospel: Ken is already a lawyer at 24.




I frowned immediately. A quick tension passed through the sitting room but Hillary remained with a smile.




Hillary: That’s very good. Very encouraging I must say. So when did you leave school?




Gospel: I schooled abroad. Got my degree at 23, now, I’m managing my father’s multinational company.




I knew what he was trying to do but I refused to say a word because I wouldn’t want our beautiful day to end up in fights.




Gospel: I’m the youngest CEO around the globe with a certificate from Oxford and Harvard.




Hillary scoffed and didn’t say a word, instead he sipped from his glass and focused more on the fool who wanted to show him he was lesser.




Kamsi stepped out with Rose to God knows where but I refused to leave.




Hillary: You’ve made a name for yourself I must say. Congratulations.




Gospel: Thank you. I deserve it.



Ken: So tell us, where are you from?




Hillary: My parents are from local government.




Ken: Your parents? What about you? Ain’t you from there as well?




Hillary: I’m from California. I was born and raised here and only came back to be with my parents for a while.




I saw the smile on Gospel’s face disappear and change to a look of surprise. He wasn’t getting the victory anymore and I had Ken to thank for throwing in that question at that time.







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