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ICE – Episode 16

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Nana knew a seer and fortunately for her, he lives close by.


She came out of the house when imogene was asleep and left.


She walked to his house and knocked on the door, but no one answered.


“Great seer where are you, have come to visit”.


She said and the door opened immediately.


She walked in but the room was empty.


A light shined though a mirror.


She went close to it and entered it.


Nana appeared in another room.


The seer was drinking coffee facing the window.


“Greetings to you great seer”.


She said.


“Amara, you are here. What brought you to earth? ”


“I need to show someone the right way”.


“You mean imogene”.


“Yes but how did you know her”.


“I am a seer and her destiny is popular among we seers”.


“Ok, so why are you here? Why hiding? “.


“Am hiding from someone “.


“Why? ”


“She want to get some information from me”.


“She is an investigator? ”


“No. She is the key”.


“The key? The key want to see you? ”


“Yes” he looked at Nana.


“I know why you want to see me, to ask about the sword. Sit down”.


He said.


Nana sat on his couch while he sat on the bed.


“So tell me more about the key, where is she”.


“Close by. Close than you could imagine. The key, sword and chosen one are close to each other, and by tomorrow the light will appear again”.


“Light? What light”.


“You will see”.


“But who is the chosen one and key? ”


“You will find out and when you do, pretend as if you don’t know anything about it. Fate will do it work on them. Two out of three will hate each other”. He sighed.


“And for imogene future. I see hatred, and love. The three girls will love themselves later on. And of course, I see her love life which will be so complicated. There will be a triangle.”


Nana stood up.


“Thank you”.


“I see a great war, a great war the supernaturals never had. It will be families fighting families. And am not talking about imogene only but the key and sword. Its gonna bring separation and more hatred”. The seer said.




Nana sighed and saw herself immediately in his other room.


She came out and left with all he said in her mind.


The light will appear? What light?.








Carlisa laid on her bed thinking about how elma saved her calling her, her friend.


No one has ever done that for her.



“What are you thinking about” mi so asked coming out of the bathroom sitting close to her.




“Don’t tell me that”.


Carlisa smiled.


“Ok that is a genuine smile and its the first one since we came here.(Join Group) More stories @ So tell me what about it? Is it about a boy”.


Carlisa then remembered Alex.


“Actually no, but its about a generous person”.


“First time praising someone”.


“No this is not the first time, I do praise you”.


“Ok so tell me, what did she do”.


“Well she save me and I need to pay her back”.


“Wow, what have gotten into you? ”


Carlisa smiled.


“Mom do you know where I can get a one day job, I need some money”.


“For what? ”


“To pay her back”.


“Ok, there is a job. But its a baby sitting job”.


“Baby sitting” carlisa said irritated. “But I hate babies”.


“Well that is the only job”.


“I will take”.


“Ok but you will go with elma, that girl is a good girl”.


Carlisa smiled.


“I will go with her”.


She said.








Imogene came across a spell book of Nana which talks about the ice.


Imogene woke up and sat on the bed.


Its still night.


Nana was sleeping close to her.


She stood up to go get some water.


She went to the kitchen and drank the water till her heart content.


She turned to go but saw a bag at the. Back of the fridge, like someone hid it there.


She carried it and opened it, there she saw a book that looks like a spell book.


“Am sure this is fo nana but why did she hide it”.


She asked and brought out the book.


She opened it and the first word she saw was ice. “Ice? For what? Nana want to start making ice? ” She asked confused.


She was about opening the next page when nana smaych it out from her hand. “Nana you are awake? When did you get here? ” “Just now”


“And why did you snatvh the book from me? What re you hiding? ” “Nothing”.


“But ice? Do you want to start making ice”.


“Yes something like that and I don’t want you to see my recipe till am done”.


“Ok, why will I bother to see the recipe”.


Imigene said and left.


“Pheeew, almost”.


Nana said.















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