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Ecstasy – Episode 47

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They all survived.

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The next day.


It was time for the past to happen again. Carlisa and Elma waited patiently for Imogene and Marvlyn to get back.


“Do you think they where able to send her back?” Elma asked.


“I don’t know but I hope so.”


“It’s almost time.” Elma said.






Marvlyn was able to copy the story to her laptop.


“Finally it worked.”


She said.


She scroll down to the part where Ice went back to the future. She edited it by writing about Maren following ICE to the past.


When she was done, she looked at Imogene. “I hope it works.” she said.


“I hope so.” Imogene said.


Marvlyn sighed and deleted the part she added.






It was almost time. Maren smiled knowing her plan is working, she stood close to the past Maren when suddenly she felt strange. She began to disappear.


“What is happening to me?” She asked.


She slowly disappeared, and immediately she did, the past Maren forgot everything she told her.






Carlisa and Elma where still worried when Imogene and Marvlyn appeared.


“Did you do it?” Carlisa asked.


“Yes, but I don’t know if it worked.” Marvlyn said.


“I think it did.” Elma said looking at the granduwellas mansion.


They all looked at the mansion and just like the last, maren, gab and soldiers where there.


They all watch as history repeated itself.


Reena, Gwen and kelvin disappeared.


ICE couldn’t hid their happiness.


“Thank you.” Carlisa said hugging Marvlyn.


“Thanks for helping.” Imogene said.


“I need to go now.” Marvlyn said.


“It was really nice with you.” Imogene said.


“So was it with you.” Marvlyn said.



“Thank you.” Elma said and hugged her.


“I wish we will see you again.” Carlisa said.


“I will miss you three.” Marvlyn said.


They all group hugged. Marvlyn slowly disappeared.


“Its time for us to go back.” Carlisa said.






Reena, Gwen and kelvin appeared in the granduwellas mansion. Vanessa was the first to see them.


“Gwen, Kelvin, Reena.” She called loudly making other family members to come out.


“Mother.” Gwen called.


“What’s going on?” Kelvin asked.


“They succeeded.” Nana said with a smile on her face.


Carlisa, Elma and Imogene appeared close to Gwen, kelvin and Reena.


“Can someone explain all this to us?” Reena asked.


Freda ran and embrace her daughter.


“Mom.” Reena called.


“Wow aunt looks so beautiful like father.” Elma said.


Gwen looked at her confused, “father? Aunt? What the is going on here?”


“We will tell you everything, but first, let’s go inside.” Eliza said.





Vanessa and Freda took their time in telling Gwen, Reena and kelvin everything that had happened. They where shocked and also happy to see their two nieces and also the sword.


Two more granduwellas to go also with Rebecca.








“The chosen one, key and sword where able to escape but the next time I see them, they will curse the day they where born. Let them celebrate all they want now cause it will be the last.” Maren said.


She underestimated them, she knew who she was facing now, they where not just some supernatural gulrs but powerful supernaturals and that is why she need to bring back Rebecca by all means. The moon maidens are by her side now, all she have to do is to call them and they will be there. .






Elma called bryan to tell him that she was back and alive. Bryan was so happy and promise to do anything she ask. Elma told him to treat her ,Carlisa and Imogene and also to invite Jay to which Bryan accepted to immediately.


They fix a time.


When the time came, the girls got dressed and went to meet bryan and Jay.


Jay couldn’t control himself when he saw Imogene, he hugged her tightly. He was damn scared that something bad might happen to her. Imogene was shocked but she felt home been in his arms.


He stirred into her eyes, “I was really worried about you.”


Imogene felt somewhat happy hearing that from him.


“Ok, so if you two are done with your love chitchat, can we go?” Bryan asked.


“Let’s go.” Imogene said.








“You want to find out the weakness of ICE right?” Gab asked.


“Yes I definitely do.” Maren said.


“Well I know their weakness.”


Maren and Ameera both looked at him.


“They have boys in their lives.”


“How is that their weakness?” Ameera asked.


“Elma is in love with a guy named Bryan. She loves him so much. Now imagine killing him, she definitely will be heart broken. And he has a cousin who is close to Imogene, a beast hunter. Hurting the two of them will make ice hurt too.” Gab said.


“Yes you are right, we will use those guys against them.” Ameera said.


“The both of them will be dead soon, ice will know am not a weak queen but a cunny and dangerous one.” Maren said. .






Elma stood up and was shocked to see herself in her old house which was away from humanity.


“Why am I here?” She asked.


“Elma.” She heard a faint voice.


She turned and saw bryan on the floor covered with blood. He was stabbed countless times on his body.


She ran to him, “what happened to you?”



“Maren did this to me. Why did you not save me. I called for you but you let me down.”


“What are you talking about?”


“Am leaving now.”


“To where?”


“Take care of yourself. Also remember I love you.” He said and gave up the ghost.


“No bryan, no don’t do this. Please come back to me.” Emma said crying. She couldn’t believe it, what happened? She gave out a loud shout. .


Elma opened her eyes and saw herself in her bedroom.

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“It was all a dream.” She said.


But it look real. Is Bryan in danger?


Elma became restless, what if something happens to him? What if the dream becomes reality? She can’t lose bryan, not now, not ev

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