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Dare To Love – Episode 12

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Dare to love


Gerald pov


I smiled to myself knowing fully well that I just manipulated her into taking the car . I feel like she needs one


Especially when she is going back home in the night after work


Atleast she won’t get attacked by demons or something Else while looking for a taxi later in the night again


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I got into my car still thinking about that human


It really strange cause I feel like she is the only thing on my mind this days


I felt something roll down my nose and I touched it and looked at it






From my nose this time


Like what the heck is going on


This never happens to me


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What exactly is going on


I have to find out why this is happening to me


Why am I bleeding


Or is it the PARANOIA side of me acting up again


But it never does something like this to me






I got down from my new car and saw Amaya staring at me with her eyes wide opened


‘are you kidding me right now… You got the new Js42….O.M.G I love this car,

wish I had one but they are damn expensive.. How did you get this?’ Amaya asked


‘why don’t you guess’


‘you robbed a bank?’


‘hell no…. Guess again’ I said


‘am really not good at guessing… Just tell me’ amaya said with so much curiosity


‘okay fine… Gerald bought this for me’ I said and Amaya’s expression was priceless She looked absolutely shocked

‘what!…. Gerald bought you this…. Are you for kidding me right now?’ she asked


‘am for reals Amaya… Gerald bought it and forced it on me’


‘holy shit… So like for reals… The king really likes you Kira and he knows you human… Something is just wrong somewhere…. Something is really wrong… I mean… This is so confusing’ Amaya said


‘why you look surprised… He probablybuys cars for different girls’



‘you do not get it… Gerald isn’t the type that shows off girls… We have never see him with any woman… But he loves being around you… Buying you car, even sat down in the commoners cafeteria not caring what the people think just for you…


Gerard wouldn’t do that for his mother not to talk of a human girl… This is so strange ‘


Does she know Gerald has lot of whores


But she is right


He is never around any of his whores in public


It like everything ends in the bedroom


And why is the thought of him having a whore annoying me right now


I feel like ripping out their hair


Am I jealous


No way


I can never be


‘you know what Amaya…. Am really not in the mood to think about that… I have a


test on Monday and today is Friday so I got to get ready for the test… So i will be in my room… Bye’ I said as I walked past her and went to my room




Three hours of trying to read later


I couldn’t study properly cause that Gerald keeps popping in my mind constantly


It beginning to get annoying


My phone beeped and I picked it up to see what it was


A message


From who




Come outside








You have 20 secs


I sighed and ran my hand through my hair


God knows what that psychopath will do if I do not go outside And to be honest


I kinda wanna see him


I put on my jacket, jeans and boots


I went outside and saw Gerald talking to Amaya


‘Oh she is here already…I will go inside now ‘ Amaya said as she bowed and walked past me winking


‘Why did you call me ?’ I asked


‘Well I was a bit bored and I needed someone to hang out with ‘ he said ‘ so I was your first choice ‘ I said


‘Not exactly…since you always have nothing to do I just figured you will agree to hang out ‘


‘Okay that was rude and beside I was busy studying before you called me ‘



‘Whatever ..come on let go’


‘To where ‘


‘Must you ask questions all the time …just let us go ‘ he said There is not point arguing with him He is just gonna use magic


‘Okay fine let go’




‘here hav


e coffee’ Gerald said as he gave me a cup of coffee he collected from his driver We were both standing on a bridge looking at the sea below us It was like everyone couldn’t take their eyes off us


This must be the first time they are seeing their king in a public place No one


Absolutely no one could look him in the eyes


They all seem to look down whenever he is passing by ‘can I ask you a question Gerald’


He rested his back on the railings and took a sip of his coffee ‘sure go ahead’


I looked at the people passing by as they looked down and passed us walking very fast


‘why are your people so scared of you?’ I asked


He was about to take another sip of his coffee but he stopped halfway, lowered his cup and looks at me


‘am sorry… Maybe I shouldn’t have asked….’


‘they are not afraid of me…. They are afraid of my Position’ he said


‘so why are they scared of your position?’


‘it the former kings fault… They w created fear in the people’s mind and ever since then it doesn’t matter how nice you are as a king… The people will always be afraid of you’


‘so you do not relate with your people?’


‘no… I never relate with anyone…’he took a sip of his coffee and sighed’ even when I was a kid I wasn’t allowed to relate with other kids… I was the crown prince from birth ‘ he said


‘ from birth… How… You not the first son ‘


‘ agreed… But I was born with the mark ‘


what mark’ ‘this tatoos’


‘so you were born with this tatoos?’ ‘yes’


“waw… That incredible ‘


I know right…. So I have the tatoo… I was automatically the Crown prince and since I wasn’t allowed to relate with other kids I kinda turn out to be a sadist ‘


well you not a sadist…. Atleast you relate with me… Am your friend right ‘


He looked at me and smirked


what was that for? ‘I asked


you my slave not my friend’


‘you a jerk… No wonder your people are scared of you’ I said He grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me close to him


‘Atleast you not afraid of me’ he said as he moves his face close to mine


‘wait a second’




‘you not gonna kiss me here… In public are you?’ ‘yea am gonna’


‘but people are watching’


He looked around and saw the passerby and then looked back at me ‘that doesn’t matter’


He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer God


I feel like am gonna die


Being in the arms of tbis beauty god


My heart was beating very fast think he was about to kiss me ‘arghhhhh’ he screamed in pain as he fell on his knees holding his chest ‘Gerald are you okay?’ I asked as I also fell on my knees. He seem to be in deep pain



‘Gerald talk to me what wrong… Are you fine’ I asked again Blood


I could see blood on the floor


Blood was flowing from his mouth like a river That was when I started panicking


‘HELP!!!!!!!!!!!…. SOMEBODY HELP’ i shouted as tears rolls down my eyes


It was only a matter of time before people gathered trying to help


His driver squeezed himself through the crowds and helped him up as we both got into the car


He was unconscious as the blood won’t stop coming out of his mouth




The doctor finally walked out of Gerald’s bedroom


He has been in there for four hours now


‘doctor how is he?’ I asked immediately he walked out


Me and the other maids were standing outside and I have been so restless for four hours


Praying and crying.


And i ask myself


Since when do I care so much about Gerald


Few months ago it makes no difference to me whether he dies or live ‘which one of you is kira?’ he asked ‘me’



‘well the King wants to see you’ he said and I did not even wait to here any other thing before I barged into the room


I saw Gerald searching for something in his closet and looking so healthy like he wasn’t the guy puking blood just few hours ago


I walked closer to him and hugged him from the back and he stopped whatever he was doing immediately


All I could do was cry


Am I seriously liking Gerald




Am just a friend


I just care about him as a friend that all


He turned aroun


d and looked at me


‘why are you crying?’


‘we… You… You we…. Bleeding’


He used his thumb to wipe my tears


‘anyone ever told you how ugly you look while crying?’ Now he is back


‘you jerk’ I said as I pushed him and punched him ‘you never have anything good to say to me’ He smiled and pulled me close


Such a cute smile


‘Now I can get my kiss right?’


‘uhn… What do you Mean?’


He slowly tucked my hair behind my ear


‘let me show you what I mean’ he said in such a seductive way My heart was beating really fast I was becoming so nervous again


This guy will be the end of me


My feet trembled when I felt his lips on mine But this time around we didnt French kiss


It was just a simple peck on the lips and it has so much feeling attached to it


He looked at me after planting that kiss on my lip


It was even better than the first


‘come to think of it… I didn’t know you care so much about me’ he said


`care about you… Me… What a joke… I do not care about you ‘I said and he smirked and shrugged


‘you know what goodnight.. Am going home’ I said as I walked out of his room smiling


I walked out of his room blushing and smiling and my smile immediately disappeared when I saw the not so nice look on Charlotte’s face


‘how is he?’ she asked


‘he is fine you can check on him’ I answered



‘no everyone has the privileges you have Kira’ she said as she walked away What that suppose to mean


Does she think there’s something between us?


What to do?








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