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Haywire – Episode 14

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Episode 14.








Grandfather wanted to know everything that had happened so that he could get a clear picture of the chalade and know how to help out. “Grandpa,”


“Don’t you dare lie to me. I want the truth.”


“Okay, i will tell you everything”


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Peter explained everything to grandfather starting from the time he finished taking a bath through the screaming and the stampede to where he ran away.


“Why do I find it so hard to believe that the compromising position you were in was an accident? You could have bumped into each other but falling in that position will take a miracle for any sound person to believe it.” Grandfather said. “That’s the truth grandfather.”


“Let me not lie to you. I can’t believe this lie you have made up. Come up with something smart which will convince them there” grandfather said.


“But grandpa, that’s exactly what happened. I don’t know what to make up. Okay help me”


“I help you solve the issue and also make up the lie? Are you mad? I knew that your closeness with Tamarah will bring trouble. See now.”



Peter was quiet without saying anything as it was considered disrespectful to answer to an elder when they are talking, worse enough when they are angry. “Go and call Tamarah for me. I want her here” grandpa said. “Should I also come back or you want her alone?”


“Come together. Were you not together when you got into the mess?”


Peter left quietly going to call Tamarah without saying anything knowing that grandfather was really angry.

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“Surely being scolded like a child for something I didn’t do” he thought to himself as he went to the house.


A while later, Peter and Tamarah came out of the house heading to where grandfather was. Grandfather looked at them from head to toe. As he was wearing spectacles, he was looking at them on top of the spectacles with rage written all over his face.


“Hello grandpa” said Tamarah as she sat.


“Do you remember when I was warning you about being so close to Peter?”


“Yes grandfather but there is nothing…”


“Shut up. I don’t know what kind of taboo it is which you want to bring into our family. This thing of incest has never happened before in our family. So don’t you know that you are like a brother and sister? Huh?”


“We did not do anything. Do you know how it pains being accused of something you didn’t do?” Peter asked failing to hold himself anymore.


“Do you know how painful it is knowing your grandchildren are lavishing on each other? Huh?” grandfather asked back.


Peter was about to open his mouth to say something but grandfather cut him short.


“Don’t say anything more to me” Grandfather said.


“Grandfather, i know whatever is purported to have happened is wrong. I also know that what we are telling you is the real truth though you are finding it so hard to believe. So, just tell us what will be the way forward rather than continuing reminding us of how grave the mistake we purportedly made is.” Tamarah said calmly.


Grandfather kept quiet for sometime before saying anything as he looked at Peter then Tamarah finally at the ground seemingly thinking hard.


“Okay, just like me, they will find it hard to believe this story you have told me.


So, if they will fail to believe I will just accept the allegation on your behalf and


proceed.” Grandfather said.


“But why?” Peter asked.


“That will be the only way of solving the issue at that point.”


Peter and Tamarah just looked at each other without saying anything.


“I don’t blame the two of you. I blame your parents. They were the one who poisoned your minds. They were there calling you husband and wife not knowing what they were building in you. Shame on them” grandfather said. Just then grandmother came to join them.


“It’s unfortunate that things have come to this level now” grandmother said. “You now believe me? I was looking like I talk a lot when i told you about them” “There is no need of finger pointing here. Let’s just look for a way forward.” Grandmother said.


“No that’s where you fail to make someone learn a lesson from the bad thing he or she has done. When he is facing the consequences of his bad acts, don’t console him or her. First make the consequences worse for him then later help. He will never forget and learn. If you just console and help without rebuking him he will repeat it when he remembers the support he earlier received.” Grandfather said. (Point to note)


“You and your philosophy will end up in jail soon.” Granny said.


“Don’t involve my philosophy in this mess. I will beat you up nicely and time will remain”


“You beating me? Unless you don’t want to enjoy your retirement package.”


Tamarah and Peter watched their grandparents playing orally with each other. The


relationship between their grandparents was so good and exemplary. Despite being


married for more than 40 years, they were best friends and usually made fun of


even serious matters.




Around 17:00 hours on that day, Grandfather, his wife, Peter and Tamarah got ready to go to Peter’s home for the family meeting.


They decided to use grandfather’s vehicle. A Pajero Mitsubishi. As the four of them walked towards the vehicle, Peter came with a suggestion. “Let me drive grandpa” he said.


“I don’t trust your judgements” grandpa answered.


“What do you mean?”


“If you can sleep with your cousin, what more driving us?” Grandfather said. “Grandpa, is this going to be involved in anything we do?” “Just get in the car” said grandfather as he sat in the drivers seat.


Peter went to the other side of the vehicle about to seat in the front seat of the vehicle.


“Hey, that seat is for my wife. Seat at the back” grandfather shouted at him.



Peter went to sit at the back seat while granny and Grandpa sat in front. Grandpa started the engine and drove out of the yard. As he drove he checked in the back view mirror and saw Peter looking at Tamarah. “Peter, don’t look at Tamarah like that” grandpa said.


“Grandpa, just drive and stop looking behind here”


Grandmother started laughing so hard that tears of laughter started running down her cheeks.


“What’s funny?” Grandpa asked.


“Oh my goodness! I prayed for a husband and I got blessed me with nothing but a SpongeBob.” Granny said.


“Are you calling me a SpongeBob?”


“No. You mean they can’t look at each other?”


“Mind your business”


“Muna bvuto cabe” granny said as she went on laughing. (You have a problem) .


As the vehicle was entering the yard to Peter’s house, Peter’s heartbeat rate increased. The sight of Fostinah’s vehicle and that of her uncle made it even worse for him. Tamarah noticed the terror in her cousin. They all got out of the car. “Don’t worry, everything will be fine” Tamarah whispered to Peter.


Grandfather just gave them that Have-you-forgotten-me look which made them stop talking.


Fostinah’s aunt came out to welcome them into the house.


They got into the house. Peter was the last one to enter. As he walked to his seat, his eyes were on Fostinah. He concentrated on her that he didn’t even watch where he was stepping. He slid his feet below the carpet making him lose balance that he fell down. The two uncles to Fostinah’s almost laughed but held themselves. He quickly stood up and went to sit. Peter was in his home but it felt different. They exchanged the pleasantries.


“We are glad that you have come. Actually we are here for something that has happened here today in the morning. I will ask Fostinah to tell us why we are here. What happened?” Fostinah uncle said.


Fostinah lifted her head to face them. It was the first time Peter was seeing her face since getting there. Her eyes were sore obviously from crying. He felt pity for her. “Yesterday I went for work in the evening. I left Tamarah here with my kids and Peter. And today when I came, as I was entering into the house, i found Tamarah and Peter in the passage. Tamarah was down and Peter on top” fostinah paused as she sobbed.



“What were they doing when you found them?” Fostinah’s uncle asked. “I am sure they were about to do it.”


“Were they dressed?” The uncle asked further.


“Tamarah was in a night dress and Peter was in a bathing towel only. And when Tamarah stood up, I noticed that she had nothing inside her night dress down there as the dress was pulled up.” Fostinah said. “Is that so?”


“Am sure they lavished on each other the whole night”


“Why do you say so?” Asked the uncle.


“Tamarah had no underwear on. A woman who is married is the one who sleeps without nothing inside, so why would Tamarah sleep without nothing when there was no husband of hers here? Am sure they did it all night”


“Oh okay. My fellow parents this is what is on the ground.” The uncle said. “Peter, you have heard what your wife has said. How do you defend yourself?” Peter’s grandfather asked.


“Thank you. Actually what happened was, I was from bathing and I heard Tamarah scream. So I rushed out to check on her. As I got to the door of her room, she also dashed out and we bumped into each. We then fell down and that is when Fostinah found us” Peter explained.


“Our in-law, you mean when you bumped into each other, that’s when she fell down and you on top?” Fostinah’s other uncle asked. “Yes” Peter answered surprised with the question.


At this, the two uncle’s broke into laughter. They laughed so uncontrollably that tears came out of their eyes.


“I can imagine the falling. Boom, lady down, man on top” the uncle said in


between laughing.




Watch out for episode 15

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