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7 Days With My Crush – Episode 1

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episode 1


Mia’s POV


I took my bag and headed downstairs to meet Jenny already setting the breakfast which was paratha and sandwich, a Pakistan dish and also my favorite.




“oh my! my! I love you Jen ” I enthused hugging her from behind..




“yeah I know right, just sit your ass and eat already” she said with an eye roll while I did sit and start munching on the yummy food , it was so tasty. have I mentioned that Jenny was one of the best cook I’ve met? well, she’s really a good cook and contrary to me, I can cook but…. I’m a lazy bee.


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After breakfast, we headed to work . we work at purse for pizza as delivery girls and it’s pays to at least meet our needs. We find joy in trekking than taking a cab because we live gisting along the road…




“Mia did you remember the girl we beat up yesterday?” Jen asked laughing. that poor girl, she called us pigs just because we stepped on her toe. we had no option than to beat her blue black. How can she insult us like that? maybe she hasn’t heard about us.. If not for the cops yesterday, she wouldn’t have been able to walk home without limping. we had to run for our lives before the cops caught up with us…




“yeah , I pity the poor girl” I said sarcastically while Jen clutch her stomach from laughing..




“Jen , the mango in mamman Ashley’s compound is all riped , let’s go pluck it” I said


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“no, we will be late for work Mia ” she replied.




“we won’t take long please” I said knowing fully that if we get caught by that old woman, it will be a story for another day but we are experts and we have our ways you know. Jen reluctantly agreed while I jumped in excitement.



we started climbing the fence into the compound because we might get caught using the lousy gate.




“Mia hold my I’m gonna fall my butts” Jen said as I held her and we both jumped into the compound and made sure no one was around before we climbed the tree but instead of us to pluck the mango and go, we decided to enjoy the cool breeze on the tree.. (senseless right)!




“ow, Mia there are insects here ” she cried whilst dusting her body.




” Jen what! the old woman is here ” I alerted her.




“what are we going to do now” she asked with a scary expression.




“calm down , we would have to trick her”




“who are those on my tree?” the old woman asked coming under the tree..


I whisper our plans into Jen’s ear while she nodded in understanding.




“you two again?, come down crazy girls ” she yelled at us while we kept glancing at each other ready to execute our plan , we can’t just jump down like that, she might or will definitely get hold of any of us … God please forgive us..




“go” I said to Jenny while we jumped simultaneously on the woman who yelped and fell..




“hey this children have killed me o” the whispered while we quickly picked our bags and ran..




“come back here you two” she shouted , Jen and I exchanged looks and burst out laughing


before we took to our heels…..








at the shop….


“Mia and Jenny, you are late again , I will make sure I fire you both one of this days” Mr Choi our boss said thou, I know he won’t do that because that’s what he have been saying for the past 3months ..




“we are sorry sir” I said


“and it won’t repeat itself again” Jen added ..




better be, come you have to deliver the pizza to someone down town” he said and walked off while we trail behind him…


We did our daily jobs and it was already 5pm …


going home , we saw a crowded place , people looking at something and shouting.. why are the shouting and excited like this? ..




“Jen let’s go check what’s happening there ” I said and we began entering the crowd..


Oh my God! I’m i dreaming? it was my crush, Kayden.. I got to see him for the first time but he was surrounded by his guards protecting the crowd from coming near him while there were paparazzi everywhere…




“I wish I can hug him” a girl standing behind us said dreamingly while I rolled my eyes at her and focussed back on staring at my Kay..




“I can hug him” I told the girl and shrugged as if it was not a big deal while she burst out laughing with Jen and I glared at them..




“don’t just say, try it let me see” this girl is pushing me , she don’t really know me…



“okay then , watch me do it” I said and started entering deep into the crowd while Jen said ” Mia what are you doing? come back” I ignored her and left…


I must show the girl that I can do anything I want to.


While people were just saying rubbish of hugging him and giving him a one night stand without payment and some girls where even fainting.. what that’s crazy.. I Know I’m fangirling over him but not to the extend of fainting.. gosh! that’s stupid.


I bent down and started crawling , passing between the legs of the guard who were stopping the crowd from coming near making them not to notice me.. thank goodness…


I quietly did that and now I’m standing at the back of my long cute crush inches away from him…


I gently tapped him, immediately he turned around, I jumped on him rapping my legs around


him and holding him tight getting gasped from the crowd….




“what are you doing, get off me” he said giving me a disgusting look.. and that voice I’m tripping for..




“not until you hug me back” I said keeping a straight face.




“get off me” he half yelled.




hug me back or I will kiss you” I threatened..




“okay” he muttered and hugged me back..




oh my God, he hugged her back!




is she his girlfriend?





I wish I was the one!




awwn there look cute together!




who is she?




hey please let me just kiss your boyfriend!




oh em gee I’m gonna search for her!




I love you both!




go Kay and the mysterious mistress!




I just need a one night stand!




I don’t mind being your baby mama!




the crowd kept ranting continuously while a devilish smirk displayed on my face earning a detestful look from Kayden.


His guards tried pushing me off him jerking me away .


I shifted back to look at his face while he was still holding me .the guards pushed me making our lips to touch…



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