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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 3

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



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hє’ѕ α gαч






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“what do you mean Daxton is gay?” I asked in utter astonishment


“it’s difficult for everyone to belief. He’s just too moralistic to be a gay” Pearl sighed then added inaudible “reason why he hasn’t noticed me all these while”


I looked at the newspaper and read through the lines.


“There are enough evidence” Pearl added and turned to the other page of the news.


There were pictures of Daxton and a man together. They were doing a lot of things, hugging, cuddling, kissing, eating, and even dancing. Daxton was laughing in all the pictures. Statue Daxton who never smiled.


“I know this man” I said, suddenly recognizing the man from the photo


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“you know him?” Pearl got interested “who is he?”


“he visits Daxton at the office every morning”


Pearl gasped “have you ever seen them together?”


“Not doing anything suspicious actually but each time he visits….” I chose to stop


myself. There was no use giving her details of Daxton not wanting to see anyone whenever he was with his gay lover.


“What did you want to say?” Pearl asked


I shook my head “nothing” I replied then added “let me report to my boss” and dashed out.


I stopped at Daxton’s office door and listened. Henry was yelling and shouting and scolding Daxton like a kid and Daxton was yelling back.


“… no one is going to believe that” Henry shouted “there are pictures Daxton, everyone has seen them already.. You were kissing and cuddling a man”



“Stop it Henry! I owe you no explanation for my private life”


“Private life?” Henry scoffed “I tried stopping you but you should’ve obeyed me by keeping your man lover away from the office. The office is full with gossips”


Henry knew all along.


I thought and listened more


“Maybe your new secretary is the leak, she talks too much Henry and she has seen Colton a lot of times” Daxton snarled




I frowned and almost barged into the office but I couldn’t risk losing my job so I stopped myself.


“Chloe wouldn’t talk about that and besides she’s clueless about your crazy lifestyle”


“I still don’t see anything wrong with Colton”


“everything is wrong” Henry shouted “the whole world will make you a laughing stock. There are many women out there but you chose a man”


“Women? If there are many women, why aren’t you married Henry?” Daxton asked and leaned into his chair then he added “that’s because you don’t trust any woman”


“Daxton you’re not me”


“but I learnt from you”


“I’m not a gay”


“You don’t trust women any more and I’m not ready to trust any woman either”


“Your parents are mad at you”


“Henry I don’t care, I’m not a kid. I’m 32 old enough to make decisions for myself”


“Old enough to kill your mom too right?”


“What happened to my mom?”


“in case you didn’t know, your mom is at the hospital because she saw the news that her beloved Daxton is a gay and will never give her a grandchild”


“Mom is at the hospital?”


“and your dad is coming here to kill you” Henry put in “you can’t face Salado with such reputation. What will they think of SBH? that the president of SBH is a gay”


“stop it Henry”


“you just ruined your reputation and the reputation of the company. A reputation that your grandfather and father had worked so hard to build”


Daxton sighed and bowed his head in remorse “is there anything I can do?”


“You’ll have to find a way to fix this and I’m definitely not going to help you with this” Henry stated and stormed out


“Hey!” I waved when he walked out and saw me standing outside


“What are you doing here?”


“I was coming to see Daxton when I heard you two arguing” I replied “so it’s true”


Henry heaved a deep sigh “I’m afraid so”


“That’s really bad”


“come with me” Henry said and I followed him to his office “sit”


I nodded and took a seat.



“you’re aware of the current situation” Henry began “it’s a big scandal for Daxton and the company”


“His interest shouldn’t be anybody’s business”


Henry frowned “what do you mean?”


“he’s a gay.. But that’s his private life, it has nothing to do with the company or the public”


Henry shook his head “he’s the president, whatever is his reputation is also the reputation of the company”


I sighed, I didn’t think so.


Most people could decide to be a gay, most people decide to be bi, most are straight, and most don’t show interest at all. So a person’s interest is his private life.


“so what are you going to do?” I asked


“find the person who wrote the news and trace the leak. Someone from the company gave out the news” Henry stated, peering into my eyes


“what?” I half yelled “I had no idea Daxton is gay, I never suspected that man’s visit”


“I knew all along, I should’ve stopped him”


“Guess you take him as a son”


“his father is my very good friend”


“And he’ll be disappointed in his son”


“Greatly disappointed”


I heaved a deep sigh “we could tell everyone it’s a rumour”



“with all the pictures? That’s not possible.. We just have to find who gave the report”


“and Daxton isn’t feeling remorse at all”


“he won’t.. He loves his boyfriend”


“so irritating” I spat out “how do they kiss?”


Henry laughed “like you kiss”


“you know, being a gay is just like loving yourself– you can’t feel anything different”


“but they do have feelings for themselves”


“And they have no plans of making babies”


Henry shrugged “they don’t”


“wasted life”


Henry laughed “few minutes ago you were saying it’s nobody’s business”


“it could be wrong but it really is nobody’s business”


“What about you? What’s your interest?”






“I want to be a Reverend Sister”


Henry burst into laughter “sisters don’t talk the way you do”


“they’re not going to reject me will they?”



“they will” Henry replied and asked “do you have a boyfriend?”


“no.. I’m a sister”


“why? You’re also a gay”


“I’m definitely not”


“then why are you still single?”


“cause I don’t have a boyfriend and I wasn’t interested cause I was too busy trying to figure out a way to get away from my mom so I didn’t notice guys”


“what about now?”


“do you have a son?”




“then why the queries”


“cause I have to be sure you have no interest in women”


“I don’t” I replied honestly “what about you? Why aren’t you married?”


“I was.. Many years ago”


“then what happened?”


“then she left” Henry’s countenance changed at the remembrance




“we couldn’t have babies after six years and she insisted the fault was from me but the doctor never said so”


“and you vowed not to get married again?”


“cause she got married to another man few months after she left and she’s now a mother of 3”


“so you think you can’t make babies?”


“what other explanation is there to it”


“maybe you two weren’t meant to be”


“forget it Chloe”


I sighed. I’m done convincing people. Because the last time I advised Noor to try learning how to make French fries, she ended up burning the house.


“Alright.. Let’s talk about the current situation”


“how to get the source” Henry said “the company’s gossip blog is the secretaries department. That room is the center of all gossips so if there’s a leak then that’s definitely the source”


“the problem is how to find out”


“you’ll go to that department today and join the other secretaries there’s definitely going to be a gossip going on there”


“What if they recognize I don’t stay in the department”


“they’ll be too busy talking that they wouldn’t notice you”




“play along but don’t join their gossip. Just get necessary information”







“… Daxton’s new secretary is hot” I heard a female secretary shout from a corner when I walked into the department


“eww Cindy? Don’t tell me you’re gay?” another female spat out


“no Rita.. I just admire her. She has a good sense of fashion unlike Daxton’s past secretaries” Cindy said


“Daxton has rules and dressing code all his secretaries follow but Miss doodie foodie violates all” Zoe snarled


ᴰᴼᴼᴰᴵᴱ ᶠᴼᴼᴰᴵᴱ?


“Zoe is right” Tori agreed “Chloe thinks she can seduce Daxton but what she didn’t know is that her handsome boss is a gay”


“just like Chloe, we all found out today” that was Pearl


“not us” Miranda said “I’ve always being suspicious about that man who always visited in the morning”


“me two” Zoe said


Tori raised her hand “me three”


“and that Chloe of a girl…” Miranda began in haughty disdain “she’s a spy”


All the secretaries gasped.


“Enough of the gossips Miranda” Pearl yanked



“but I just got started” Miranda giggled and moved closer to Pearl “if you think she’s your friend then watch her seduce Daxton and take him away from you” she whispered to her


“Miranda I said enough” Pearl hurled


“you always say trash”


“but I was right when I said Daxton is a gay, didn’t you see the pictures? I couldn’t be wrong on this either”


Pearl scoffed and walked out of the department.


“finally” Tori breathed out in relief “enough room for gossips”










“all the devils in hell are stored in that department” I told Henry when I returned to his office “how could God cast down the devils from heaven into the company?”


Henry laughed “what happened?”


“The rate of gossip in there is capable of bringing down the company” I said “everyone in there is a gossip”


“so what did you find out?”


“I’m the topic of today”


“what did they say?”


“that I’m a spy and I’m here to seduce the god of stone”


Henry frowned “show some respect”


“I’m sorry”


“Go on”


“few days ago, Miranda told the secretaries that Daxton is a gay and I wonder who gave her such information”


“so she broadcasted it in the department before the newspaper”


“apparently, yes”


“what else?”


“she said Daxton has being crying all day, begging you to let him marry Colton”


Henry rolled his eyes heavenward “I hate that department”


“I just realized that I hate it too”


“I’ll get her fired”


“then she’s going to paint the company’s image black outside”


“she can’t remain here and continue with the gossips” “even if she leaves, others are going to continue” I said “Gossip can be controlled but cannot be stopped”


Henry leaned into his chair and folded his arms “what do you suggest I do?” “the best way to….” the door opened and Daxton walked in


“we need to talk Henry” he said without looking at me “excuse us” Henry signalled me and I walked out


“Why is no one working?” Daxton asked, taking a seat


“because of the news, everyone is waiting for you to address the issue. Tell them if it’s true or a mere gossip”


Daxton sighed “what do I tell them?”


“you’re the president, you should know what to say. Maybe tell them it’s your private life and it’s none of their business”


Daxton glared at him “I’m going home, I’ll address the issue tomorrow”


“Alright.. That would be better”


“tell Chloe to cancel all my appointments and make a new schedule for tomorrow, Friday is always a busy day”


“Daxton go to her office and tell her by yourself.. I’m busy”


“I’m not in shape to see anyone now Henry” Daxton said “I’m leaving” he got up and walked out then I hurried back inside.


“Daxton is hurt” Henry said when I walked in “he really loves that guy”


“it’s the first time I’m seeing him feeling remorse over something he did”


“I still insist you should let him be happy”


Henry shook his head “they can’t go on”


“Daxton is not going to be fine without that guy”


“it still doesn’t justify them Chloe. They have to let go and you’re gonna help me handle this”





“the press will be here tomorrow morning so we need to come up with something to tell them. I was able to convince Daxton’s father not to come over, it would be a disaster for Daxton bye agreed but the problem now is Daxton addressing the press and the company”


I heaved a sigh “This is not going to be easy”


“Daxton’s reputation is really important now and I know of someone who can help”














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