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Ecstasy – Episode 42

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Carlisa thought about what alex said when she eavesdropped on him. She couldn’t stop thinking about it. Who was that nurse? Who is that lady that knows the granduwellas?


Carlisa was really restless. And alex? Is he a spy? Do he want to kill the granduwellas? What does he know about the granduwellas been supernatural?


“I need to go find out for myself.” She stood up, got dressed and wore her cloth.






Alex stood shocked seeing her at his door. “Carlisa? What are you doing here thus late?”


“Well……. Well……. Can I come in? I want to talk to you.”


“Sure.” Alex said giving her way.


Carlisa smiled at him and walk into his apartment.


“So what can I offer you? Coffee?”


“Yes please.” Carlisa said.


Alex left to the kitchen to bring it.


Carlisa sighted his laptop on his table. “Why haven’t I done a spell lesson? I would have know what was inside, I totally forgot am a witch.” She thought.


Alex brought back the coffee. “Here.”


Carlisa collected it, “thank you.” She said.


She took a sip and looked at him. “Are you a doctor?”




“Are you a scientist?”




“Are you a journalist or reporter?”




“Are you a spy?”


Alex chuckled. “No. Where are all those questions coming from?”


“Well…… Well….. Have never seen you going to work or leaving your apartment


like a regular young man.”


Alex sighed, “am a researcher.”




“Yes, you will be the first to know about this here.”


“Pheww, that is relaxing.” She said and took a sip out of her coffee.


“But why the sudden question? I know its not really about me been indoor.”


“Well, I got an important question about animals but you are not a vetenary or scientist, so you won’t know the answer.” She said and stood up. “Thanks for the coffee, I will leave now.”


“Ok, see ya.” Alex said.


Carlisa looked at his laptop before she made for the door but stopped.








She stopped, she felt weird within her.


Her eyes turned red, then she suddenly became pale. Her fangs came out making her to scream.


Alex was scared and confused on what was happening.


Carlisa nails became long.


“Carlisa are you okay?” He asked not seeing her transformed self.


She turned and looked at him.


“Arhhhgggggggg.” Alex shouted falling down in in fear.


Carlisa transformed back. She looked at alex shocked and confused.


“What are you?” Alex asked scared.


Carlisa couldn’t talk cause she was shocked. She just transformed in the presence of Alex. She ran out of the room.


Alex wasn’t able to get over what happened so he remained on the fall scared.








Carlisa ran to her room scared and confused, she had mix feelings. She don’t know if she should be happy that she transformed or sad that alex found out about it.


She laid on her bed. “What am I going to do? What did I do? Am so foolish. What if he tells everyone.”


Imogene and Elma both came into the room.


“Why did you run inside like you where been pursued?” Imogene asked.


“Cause have made the biggest mistake of my life.”


“Biggest mistake? What is that?” Elma asked.



“You guys know Alex right?”


“Yes, our neighbor.” Imogene said.


“Well he knows now.”


“Knows what?” Imogene asked.


“He knows.”


“You are making me anxious.” Elma said.


“He knows am a vampire.”


“What?” Imogene and Elma asked at the same time.


“How did it happen?” Elma asked.


“You guys remembered when I told you someone is suspecting us to be supernatural right?”


“Yes, you told us not to go to the mansion because of that.” Imogene said.


“Well he is the one who suspected us to be supernaturals. I overheard him say it to someone on the phone, he mentioned suspecting the granduwellas and looking for them. He also mentioned a nurse knowing about us. I was curious to know what he knows but was scared so I went over to his apartment, he told me he was a researcher. I was relieved a bit cause he will try researching but will not find out soon so I stood up to leave, on my way out, I suddenly transformed into a vampire.”


“This does not sound good.”


“What if he tells everyone about this? Gosh am really dead.” Carlisa said.


“There is no other solution than to kill him.” Imogene said.



“No Imogene, we are destined to save not to kill.” Elma said.


“So what do you suggest?”


“Well let’s talk to him.”


“Does not sound like a good idea.”


“But we can give it a try. Let’s talk to him then if his not ready to listen, we make he a psycho.” Elma said.


“Don’t do anything drastic, talk to him first.” Carlisa said.


“Don’t worry, we won’t do anything stupid. We got your back.” Elma said.








Maren sat opposite Ameera who was preparing a portion.


“And what is that?” She asked.


“Its beauty portion.”


“Let me guess, you want to look beautiful cause you met someone you like.”


“You know me well Maren.” She said and sat down close to Maren, “what do you have in mind concerning ice?”


“A lot Ameera, I will make them all suffer. I want to make allies with the moon maidens.”


“You know they are dangerous.”


“Yes and that is why I need you to make a portion which will help me to control them.”


“There is a portion for control. But moon maidens? Are they match for the ice?”


“No they are not, they will just assist me. But there is someone who is the perfect match for them.”




Maren smiled, “Rebecca.”


“Isn’t that the chosen one mother?”




“And you think she will help? Besides she is dead.”


“Yes I know. I’m going to bring her back but this time, I will make her work for







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