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The School Girl – Episode 23

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Chapter 23














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Jeff looked at Ella in the eyes that says are you thinking what am thinking?


He slowly dip his hands in his pocket to bring out his phone but before he could do that Ella gasps for breath covering her mouth with her hands seeing the unexpected



message “It is over between us Ella, you betrayed my love for you. Have a peaceful with Jeff ” says the message.


Jeff brought out his own phone to behold a message too from Eric “I trusted you as a brother and a real partner but went ahead in taking what is mine I hope you enjoyed it. You are a betrayal Jeff.


Before Jeffery could say Jack Ella picked her bag and hurried out.

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“Ella wait”! He shouted but Ella gave him dead ears. Though she always wanted to be in Jeff’s arm, she loves him but they should not end up Eric this way, with heavy heart she took a cab directly to Eric’s house but it was so unfortunate Eric didn’t want to listen to her. She kept begging that nothing happened but Eric was not sure of it.


“When you are done, you can go back to where you came from “Eric said and wakes back inside his room leaving Ella that was kneeling down.




“Boss what’s the problem you are not looking bright today ” Larry said to Mr Lanz who looked so worried as if the world is about ending and he’s not prepared for it.


“I’m fine Larry ” he replied


“No you are not, tell me what the matter Is “Larry said as Mr Lanz sigh


“Okay fine, since you are insisting. It’s about my daughter ” he said and stop


“What is it “? Larry asked again


” My daughter can’t make a good sentence at her age and it really disturbed me ” Mr Lanz said sadly


“Then why not find her a good home teacher ?” Larry asked


“I was planning to do that but I don’t know how to start it ”


“Don’t worry I will help you “Larry added


Mirabel woke up to the sound of the alarm and yawn like an hungry lion who has not tasted food for a long time. Her breast stood up right like an early morning prostitute who is returning from work.


She took off the duvet, only on her red panties that showed her curves, first hairs that lined from her chest to the private part was seen


She walked to the bathroom, enter the bath tub and then felt the cold morning shower on her, it made her feel okay. Remembering the event of the previous day and how Richard was mean drifted he4 thoughts back to Jeff, but there’s nothing she will do. She has to let him go and face her own life since he’s already occupied maybe she will give Richard a chance.





Richard arrived the school compound very early in the morning to make sure everything is in place, not only that, he wants to see Mirabel, he had missed her.


Mirabel arrived tge school just immediately after the head boy, seeing him her heart skipped but she had to control herself.


Students began trooping in from the gate. Ella sighted Eric from a distance, she tried to walk up to him but Eric pointed his finger in a way that says “don’t dare try it” she withdrew backward feeling bad.


Josephine noticed it from a far and she knew that something was wrong but she pretended as if she’s saw nothing, Ella’s heart was broken that Eric ignored her and he don’t even care to ask for explanation he just broke up like that.


Time was far ahead of them as they began their sporting activities again so lucky that Mirabel and Ella were in the same house while Jeff and Eric were in their different houses too.


They joined others In the sports activities, but all this while Eric didn’t say a word to Jeff talkless of looking at him in the eyes, he tried his best to ignore him.



All looked at the direction Ella fell down due to the fact that she’s always weak when it comes to sports activities, one boy who saw her almost fainted with laughter “Look at the grammar girl on the floor ” he said laughing as others then saw her laughing too due to how dirty her clothes was.


Eric felt bad for her but since he’s no more interested in her nothing to be sorry about, Jeff and Mirabel dragged her up.


Mr Pius watched everything from the window, he wanted to see if they have adhere to his command which he finds out that have obeyed him.


“Girl you are too weak you need to be strong ” Mirabel said to her


“am not stronging and I won’t be strongin ” She said as people around her looked at her in surprise and laugh


“At your age you are still speaking rubbish English “Ann said and walked pass her while the rest laughed and die.


Everyone returned to their different classes while Richard kept glancing if he would see Mirabel again but she was not in sight, Mirabel too on the other hand tried her best to forget about Jeff but it wasn’t that easy.


Ella told her everything that happened and how Eric broke up with her because of Jeff and she was like dying.


“But do you like Jeff “?Mirabel asked and she nodded in a yes gesture giving Mirabel more heart failure. Not to think so much she decided to think about Richard word if he really meant it(Sorry I forgot to tell you guys that Mirabel broke up with her boyfriend John long time because of a little misunderstanding).


The clouds changed and it was about raining, all thanks to God the school had closed already as Mirabel waited for her driver but he wasn’t in sight. It was only her left in the school in her block while Richard was at a far distance In their block too.



Soon it startee raining so heavily as the rain was accompanied Witt a mighty and strong wind, it was so cold out there. Mirabel started shaking though she was inside but the cold was just too much for her to bear.


Richard seeing how the breeze blew not minding the rain knew that she will be cold, so he rushed into the rain running, Mirabel who saw him running wondered who it could be.


On getting to where Mirabel was, she was shocked that he’s the one.


She was sitting in one the comfortable table in the school as the cold kept catching her, she was vibrating.


Richard without saying a word unzip his bag and brough out a heavy jacket and stretched it to her, she looked at his hands hanging on the air and then back to his face.


“You are catching cold, just take it ” he said


“What about you “? She asked shivering


“I will be fine don’t worry ” he said as he covered her with the jacket while Mirabel watched him making sure he does not do otherwise.


“Thank you “She murmured


“Can I join you “? Richard asked as she gave him the go ahead, Richard saw down next to her feeling her warm breath and her scent. He smiled to himself




“I hate people that don’t trust me, since he’s taking it that way I need to get hold of Ella before anyone else “Jeff said to himself going through his books reading them so as to be sure of what to write when it comes to exam.


His ringing phone brought his senses back as he pierced at the screen to see a number and the name he saved as “SIR “he picked the call.



“See me in my office tomorrow immediately after school” the voice sounded on phone


“Okay sir he replied




Mr Pius could be seen sitting Witt Mr Kenz Jeffery’s father as they both exchanged pleasantries.


“Of what do I owe this great visit “? Mr Kenz asked as Mr Pius smiled


He brought out a wine, pop it and emptied it into two glasses as Mr Pius took one and he took the other taking a sip from from it.


“Thanks for the meal sir” Mr Pius said as they laughed


“I just came to inform you something “Mr Pius began


“I’m all ears ” Jeffery’s father replied


“Your son Jeffrey is not taking his studies serous again ” Mr Pius said as the man adjusted from his seat, that’s the first time Jeffery’s report has been brought to him that means he needs to be whirp.




Ella sat on the sitting room crossing her legs on the glass table that was before her reading her books, it’s obvious she’s preparing for exams too.


Just then the door cracked open and Mr Lanz the father walked in looking so tired and exhausted, Ella stood up rushing him, she embrace him.


“Dad welcome “,she said as the father smiled seeing the books on the table reminding him of the deal he had with Larry.


“You’re reading “? He asked as she nod her head in a yes gesture smiling



“Ella, he called as she stopped looking at him. “you need a home teacher that will be drilling you on tour studies, I’ve made plans for that already, get ready very soon you will see the person ” He said as Ella frowned and later smiled knowing that she does not need that but she needs to play along.




Jeff was seen dressing up, it’s obvious he wanted to see the man that called him to his office. After talking with him they rescheduled it to that same day. He was dressed in a simple dress walking like a gentle.


He passed through the gate entering the magnificent house that looked just like this own,soon the man came out joining him in the sitting room after which they had ushered him in and they discussed the issues that brought them together (What do


you want to hear them discussing?? )




Mr Kenz arrived tge house seeing the house empty without Jeff reminded of what Mr Pius said that Jeff his son is into women stuff and he’s not taking his studies serious anymore.


Just then Jeff emerged from the door seeing his father in such an angry mode made him to wonder what the problem was, he met his father’s angry eyes that got him scared.


“Welcome dad” he greeted


“Yes welcome man of the house ” he replied


“where have you been Jeff 😕 He asked


“I went to see a friend dad ” he replied


“From today no more friends again, you will be on your own. Face your books nor girls Jeff, your complain is much Jeff. From today no more going ojt after school ”



he said angrily and walked back to his room and Jeff wondered who spoil his father’s mind.




Mr Lanz received a call from Larry telling him that he will be there soon to show him the best home teacher he has gotten for Ella.


Mr Lanz was more than grateful for that.


“Get dressed tour home teacher will be here soon “he instructed




“Shhhh not but, he’s not starting the job today ” Mr Lanz added after reading Ella’s heart, she stood up and walked to her room.




A knock sounded on the door, Mr Lanz knew that it must be Larry he walked to the door and input the security password as tge door opened by itself and Larry walked in with a gentleman.More interesting stories available at Topster Stories


“Have a sit please ” Mr Lanz said showing them where to sit as Larry and the guy sat down.


“Ella come out here tour attention is needed ” Mr Lanz shouted after entertaining the guest.


Ella walked down from her room with a long flowing gown that looks like that of a bride, her heart skipped immediately she saw the person. Oh gosh no, not again the person will worsen everything, her heart beat increased, she stopped on her track looking at the man again and been heart began racing. Why him? Why nor someone else? It will worsen the whole case, she won’t even accept it.


“What’s holding you Ella “? The father shouted.








To be continued


Who is Ella’s home teacher??


Why did Ella stopped on her tracks??


Will she survive it to compete??


What about her dull brain will the teacher tolerate her??







(The unexpected)

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