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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 41

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Chapter 41
“Well I received many emails, many people asked different questions, I could only pick one.”
“Today’s topic is about two friends who have fallen for the same guy.”
I felt my heart sank.
Hmph! What a coincidence.

“So I will read the letter and she wants us to help her, be nice friends. Here it reads: Dear
DJ Xandra, my name is Tamara I need your help.
My friend and I have come a long way from pre-school to college.
But now everything is about to shatter, we have fallen in love with the same guy.
I really love my best friend and that guy too.
I don’t want to lose either of them. The guy confessed his love for me and my friend want me to reject him for her sake. Because she saw him first.
What should I do please Help!.”

This situation is not much different from mine.
“Well friends you all heard what she said, let’s help and this is a sensitive matter, call now on 85**** but first I will read the emails.”
“Hi, this is DJ Xandra from SHOW ME, LOVE.”
—hi DJ Xandra this is Kim, I think she should just explain to her friend, maker she understands that love can’t be forced.
—DJ Xandra I’m Alfred, I would advise her to tell the guy about this situation and he will decide what to do.
—Hello, Tamara, talk to your friend and explain to her and if she’s stubborn just be careful with her in the future.
—DJ, I think both of them should come to a conclusion and give up the guy. Because this will draw a wedge between the two friends, the are many guys outside.
—Tamara this friend of yours is not good, she should understand and not force things.
“Thank you guys for your advice, I’m so sorry that I didn’t read all emails, once more thank you.
Well, friends, we heard all your advice, this kind of thing happens a lot and it drives a big wedge between friends. Now I will make the calls.”
–Hey DJ Xandra, I’m killer, I think the girl should just leave her friends she’s not a true friend.
“But killer you can’t leave a friend like that, a 16 or 18 years relationship you can’t throw it away.”
–her friend should understand, and once more DJ Xandra I love you and your beautiful voice.
I laughed, crazy friends.
“Thank you, Killer.”
–Hello my beautiful DJ, I have been dying to her your enchanting voice, well I think that she should give up both and start afresh.
“That’s harsh.”
–To protect herself, from fighting.
“Okay, thank you.”
–She should tell the boy about this problem and the choice is up to him.
“Thank you too, well the calls end now. Thank you once again for advice”
“My advice, she should tell the guy and he will decide what he wants, girls are stubborn, if he choose her you will have to accept the truth same goes to her.
, This was for today.”
I hope Tamara you found help, Goodbye friends, let me share you this soul food with you before I leave. We found love by Rihanna.
Yellow diamonds in the light
Now we’re standing side by side
As your shadow crosses mine
What it takes to come alive
It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny But I’ve gotta let it go
We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place
“Wow! Nice job Dj Xandra.” Dj Samson grinned.
I said politely
“It’s nothing, I think I’m done for the day.”
I packed my things.
“Beautiful Dj Xandra”
“Thank you Kennedy.”
“Nice voice Xandra and everything was awesome!.” Tom said.
“You guys are fluttering me.”
“It’s the thruth.” Dj Grace said.
“Right right.” Martha cheering on.
“Thank you everyone.”
They are really nice people.
“Are you busy this evening.” Tom asked.
“No, why?.”
“Can I take the little one out for dinner with you.” He said.
“Oh! Okay.”
“Around 7?.”
“Okay, fine see you then.” I smiled at him.
“SHOW ME LOVE airs Once a week every Mondays.” Kennedy said.
“Yeah, see you on Monday again.”
“Mommy are we leaving?.” Sierra beamed.
“Yes darling.”
We walked out from the studio.
And walked down to the local restaurant. To grab some snacks.

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