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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 21

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Celine’s Pov


You know that feeling when everything seems wrong but feels good, that was exactly the feeling I was having, my lips was on Adrian’s while he explored my mouth with his tongue and his hands holding my waist.



I could feel Adrian’s boner through his jeans and aroused me in ways have never felt before, the kiss demanded more and it was obvious both of us felt the same way.


“Celine” Adrian groaned out and broke the kiss.


I look at him face flushed and slightly embarrassed.


He looked down at me and chuckled.


“You’re wet” He whispers and holds my waist tighter.

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“I didn’t….” He interrupts me with his lips and the next thing I heard was someone


clearing her throat.


“Mary!!” I exclaimed and got off Adrian.


“I didn’t see anything okay,my eyes were closed” She says and walks past us.


“Soooo….” Adrian pulls me closer and I sit on his legs.


“….Where were we”


I hit his chest and stand up.


What the hell just happened.

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I walk inside my room and Mary was there putting some clothes in a bag.


“Adrian and Celine Kissing on a sofa K.I.S.S.I.N.G”


“Please stop it” I say throwing a comb at her, she catches at winks at me.


“So you finally accept the fact that you and Adrian are a thing” She says raising her eyebrow.


“Stop it” I yanked at her blushing,I jumped on the bed and press the pillow closer burying my face into it.


“Look at you. You are totally in love with Adrian Vandermir, I mean you would have been so mad at me for teasing you about Adrian but here you are blushing and thinking about Adrian” She smiles and sits closer to me.



“It’s a good thing to fall in love Celine, but you know what’s perfect when the person you are in love with reciprocates the feeling and it’s obvious Adrian is in love with you so do not miss this opportunity Celine”


“I.. I just don’t know how to go about it, this is my first time of having this type of feelings”


“Love has no rules Celine, like they always say all is fair in love and war”


I look at her and smile, she was the elder sister I needed, I wonder where she was when Julia was born.


Julia’s Pov


Deandro and I looked really upset, first of all that brat had the guts to slap me and tells me she’s in love with my man.


I’ll deal with her, have been easy on her because we have the same parents but now no longer Mrs nice, Celine is in big shit this time around.


“I need to kill someone” I said all of a sudden.


“Woah am not letting you kill Celine”


“Not Celine, my fiance. We are getting married in the four days time. Am going to fake a pregnancy so he’s going to have to will his property to me. Once he’s done that I’ll kill him”


“And….??” Deandro cuts me.


“You know what money can do. A lot of things” I say and smile wickedly at Deandro.


Celine’s Pov


Mary had left already leaving me alone, for no reason I felt lonely.


A message was sent to my phone, it was from Adrian.




I roll my eyes and sigh, I wonder when this guy is going to change.


I mean he can’t use please, there’s no way am coming downstairs.




I smile and jump on the bed happily.


“Calm yourself Celine. What to wear??”


It’s not like am going out for a date or anything, am just going down to meet Adrian. God am so nervous.


I pull off my dress, this is the third dress am wearing today.


I was left in my underwear when the door opened.


“You” I exclaimed using my hands to cover my bra.


“What what are you you doing here” I asked stammering, he moved closer and I went back with each step he took until my back hit the wall.


“How did I end up falling in love with the one woman I despised the most” He says staring deeply into my eyes.


“I don’t want to lose you Celine and am really serious about this, I want you and I need you”


“Adrian I….” He places his finger on my lips.


“Do you trust me??” He asks. I nod and he smiles.


He brings out a blind fold and I become confused trying to figure out what the blind fold was for.


“Adrian what’s this for??” I asked.


“Trust me” He says and puts the blind fold on my eyes, I was a little bit scared. I feel his hands on my legs and next thing he’s carrying me, he starts walking. I knew when he climbed the stairs but once he stopped I didn’t know where he

was again until the fresh air hit me and I figured out we were outside.




I felt my body and Adrian’s lowered and next thing I knew I was in the water.



“Adrian!!” I screamed out removing the blindfold from my eye.


We were in the pool.


“What are you doing, I can’t swim” I said and he chuckles. He carries my body in the water and makes me float so it feels like I can swim.


I smiled happily, have never been in the water like this before, the last time I tried it I almost drowned.




Mom, Dad and Julia looked so excited coming back from the beach. I also wanted to swim but mother already told me I can’t since the gods of the beach would be angry at me.


But I wanted to swim, the videos I watched about swimming looked so thrilling and swimming seemed so easy.


I knew of a pool at the park, it would soon close. I can quickly sneak out of the house since nobody notices my presence in the house.


I sneaked out of the house and ran few miles to the pool.


The man in charge saw me and smiled.


“Hey little girl, who’s in charge of you. Do you want to swim” I nodded positively.


“What of your guider” He asked.


“I don’t have any” I replied.


“Can you swim”


I couldn’t swim but it looks easy, anybody can swim.


“Yes” I replied excitedly


“Okay we’ll soon close” He said and paved way for me.


I saw few other kids swimming and I jumped in. They all laughed seeing me drown and the rest was a long story.


All I knew was waking up to the angry eyes of my mother




“Are you happy?” Adrian asks and I nod positively playing with the water.


“It feels like I can actually swim”


“But you can’t” He says sarcastically.


I frown at him and we both burst into laughter.


Mary’s Pov


I sat on the bed in my lingerie waiting for Fred to come out and make intense love to me.


I looked at my legs proud of the waxing job I did to it.


His phone rang and I walked to pick it, the caller was saved at shawty with a love emoji.


I didn’t pick the call then she sent a message, it was a photo message and even though his phone was locked I could see it as notifications.


I dropped the phone on the bed shocked, they were pictures of a white lady. I touched my forehead and tapped my feet on the floor, I covered my body with


a lingerie and waited for Fred to come out of the bathroom.


I kept on looking at the picture which aggravated my anger more.


“Daddy is ready” Fred says and throws his towel away.


“Who’s shawty” i asked and his smile disappeared.


“What’s going on??”


“Who’s shawty and why did she send you her nu.des”


He obviously knew what I was talking about but he decided to play dumb.


“What’s your PASSCODE??”


He scratches his head muttering rubbish but I wasn’t cut out for his drama, I was ready for this.


“FRED WHAT’S YOUR PASSCODE!!” I yelled at him.


“I love white girls” He yelled back at me and it almost felt like I was standing on air.



“Spaced or not” I asked my voice breaking.


“Not spaced” He replied.


I entered the passcode and clicked on the message, shawty was the same girl who I saw at the airport earlier.


“You are disgusting” I didn’t say anything instead I got dressed and packed my stuff inside my bag.


I threw his phone at him and looked at his face, no sign of remorse.


“You don’t know what you lost” I said and walked out on him.


I entered my car and drove back to Adrian’s mansion.


Celine’s Pov


It was late and I was preparing dinner, pasta and sauce.


It was hard concentrating on the cooking since Adrian was standing at the door like a male goddess eating apple in a seducing manner.


“Can you please excuse me, am trying to cook”I said putting one hand on my waist.


“If putting onions in a pot of water without slicing or cutting it is what you call cooking then I’ll pass”


I was confused until I looked in the pot, he was right.


I got the onions out of the water immediately and frowned at Adrian.


“Why are you looking at me like that, it’s not my fault you can’t cook” He teases.


“Well you distracted me, you think it’s going to be that easy” I yelled at him.


“There’s nothing like distraction, you can’t cook means you can’t cook. Do not sugarcoat it”


“Oh really, I dare you to cook without being distracted” I said.


He sighs and moves closer to me, he moves me away from the gas cooker and picks an onion.


He throws it up and starts chopping it.


I smile and stand at the door, I pull off my dress and loose the ribbon off my hair.


I rub my hand on my neck and bit my tongue seductively.


“Erm Adrian you are meant to put the chopped onions in the pot not in the bin” I said and Adrian realized what he did and dropped the knife down angrily.


“You cheated”


“Oh did I” I said smiling victoriously.


He pulls me closer and I jump on him, he takes my face and our lips lock.


My hand plays in his head while his hands gropes my ass.


He drops me down on the counter but we don’t break the kiss. I stop and pull off his shirt and let my hands feel his na.ked back.


The kiss was demanding and I knew what I wanted, I wasn’t a kid.


I felt his hands on my bra and I became nervous.


“I can stop if you want me to” Adrian says but I nod negatively urging him to continue.


“Have you been close to a man before” Adrian asks.


“Yes” I lie but Adrian was able to tell I was lieing.


“Be honest Celine” He asked again but I didn’t want to tell him I was a virgin, have heard men have huge turn off for virgins.


“Am honest have had sex countless times, it’s not a big deal”


“Celine…” He calls my name and puts his palm on my face.


“Be honest”


I nod my head negatively.


“Nope” I said and he picks his shirt up and puts it on me.


“Adrian what’s…”



“Not now Celine, not now” He says and buttons my shirt.


Exactly what I thought.


“But I want it now, I want you now” I insisted and pulled him closer. He gives me a short kiss and smiles at me.


“Our first time, your first time should be special” He says and walks out of the kitchen.


I got off the kitchen counter and walked out of the kitchen.


“Oh shit” Adrian says all of a sudden


“What’s today date??” He asked


“March 4” I replied.


“Fuck” He says and pulls me up the stairs.


Romeo’s Pov


It is Jessica and I wedding anniversary but Adrian wasn’t here. I know he’s going to forget and Jessica won’t forgive him for that.


Few of our classmates in high school were present at the party.


“When is your friend going to come?” Jessica asked, I was going to call him but she seized my phone so I won’t be able to.


“If Adrian doesn’t come to my anniversary, I’ll beat his ass up..”


“… Oh really” Adrian asks and we both turn back to see Adrian hand in hand with Celine.


“And what do we have here” I said, not really surprised since I expected it.


“You are lucky you made it if not..” Jessica says and walks towards Celine.


“You must be Celine” She says and hugs Celine.


“Am Jessica, tell me how did you do it??” She asks and Celine blushes.


“So where’s the food” Adrian asks.


Jessica smirks and walks back to me and whispers in my ear.


“She’s even more prettier than Julia” I couldn’t help but laugh.


Celine’s Pov


Adrian and I walked in the garden together, he refused to let go of me making the ladies jealous.


It was Jessica and Adrian’s anniversary but everyone kept on looking at me, was it because of the gown I wore.


Adrian bought it earlier at a boutique at a very ridiculous price which I think is not necessary.


The eyes the females gave me was deadly but I wasn’t scared of them.


We got to a long round table where dinner was served and honestly I was starving.


We sat down and other guests did the same.


Jessica’s mother stood up and starts talking about her daughter and Romeo.


I felt someone’s hand on my thighs and I cough out, letting everyone shift their attention to me.


I look down and see Adrian’s hands but he acts like nothing is wrong.


He goes further and I moan out, everyone looks at me again.


“Sorry brain freeze” I said and looked at Adrian who was smirking obviously aware of the sweet torture he was putting me through.




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