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Hot Doctor – Episode 11

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Episode 11


#Arielle’s POV


Though I’ve not experience being a little with anyone, but I’ve always wanna be a little.


The presence of Chris in my life gingered up the motive in my thought.


I don’t want to be a little whereby I’ll be wearing diapers or sucking bottles.


I want to be a little whereby my daddy will love and protect me, treat me like a little girl.


Buy things for me even though I can buy them myself.


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After getting ready for school I pick my pink cat backpack from the bed and my phone.


I look at my reflection on the mirror and smiled.


“Beautiful” I muttered.


I rub a little lip balm on before walking out of the room.


I close my door and gently climb down the stairs.



I met mom and dad at the dinning room eating.


I walk closer to dad and kissed his cheek.


“Good morning dad.”

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I walk closer to mom and kissed her cheek too.


“Good morning Mom.”


“Good morning baby, how are you? Dad asked.


“I’m good dad.”


I sat down on my seat and glare at my two brothers.


I look at Ares and pout my mouth.


“Where is my ticket.” I whispered yelled.


“Chile sis, here it is.” He said and sneak three tickets inside my backpack.


“I love you.”I said happily.


I’ve been dying to go to one direction’s concert but I’m always late for the ticket.


I wonder how Ares got those ones.


Now I can take Tanya and Jason with me.


I bite on my steak and giggled as it stick to my lip.


She is a tough one.


After taking several bite I drank my juice and stood up from my seat .


“I’ve ghat to go now, bye! I said and hurried out of the dinning room.


I got inside my car and sigh.


I remembered my last conversation with Chris.


Even since then he haven’t called me yet.


I don’t know if he’s angry that I called him daddy.


I drove out of the compound and turn on the music.


Maybe I’ll play two music from this album before I get to school.


I hmm to the music and chuckled whenever she diss someone.


I can’t lie Nicki Minaj sure knows how to diss.


Imagine a female rapper who dissed the whole music industry on Barbie dreams and get away with it.


That shows that she’s unstoppable.


I remember when I bought a ticket for her concert in 02 arena.


When she was performing”Monster’


Oh my gosh, when the barbz were rapping along with her I couldn’t feel my ear anymore.


Truth be told, I think the barbz are the strongest fan base ever.


I drove inside the school compound and pack my car.


I got out of my car and walk closer to the building.


“Hey bitch.”


“Tanya, you scared the sh*t outta me.” I said feigning angry.


“Sorry.” She said and giggled.


“What class do you have first? She asked.


“Physical health.” I said and she nodded.


“I have Maths now.” She said and sigh.


She wasn’t a fan of maths.



The bell rung and I huffs.


“Got to go, see ya later I’ve got a big surprise for you.” I told her and she smiled.


“Come on tell me now.” Her inquisitive self said.


“Later b*tch.”


I walk away after we parted and walk towards the physical lab.


I walk inside and close the door behind me.


“Good morning, Mister Alexandro.” I greeted as his back was turned to me with a man beside him who look oddly familiar.


They both turned to face me and I froze.


“Chris? I mumbled.


He smiled lightly at me and my eyes darted to our physical teacher.


“Excuse me Chris, I’ll be back shortly.” He said and walk out.


I came earlier than normal, non of the students are here yet.


“What are you doing here? I asked as I walk closer to him.


“Your teacher and I know each other from college, he is from Miami as well.” He said and sneak his hand around my waist.


“You look hot today.” He whispered to my ear and I giggled.


His hand trace up to my back then back to my a**.


He squeezed it hard which caused me to groan.


I hold on his shoulder and shivered as his hand trace up my thigh.


“What…. are you ….doing to me Chris? I stuttered.


He ignored me as his hand keep going up to my thigh.


By now my pant is f**king wet.


His hand brushed against my heat and I shivered.


His hand were walking magic on me without Jim even touching me properly.


“F**k you’re so wet for me baby girl.” He said and chuckled.


“Then do something about it.” I whispered and bite on his earlobe.


He removed his hand and grab my hand leading me out of the lab.


“Where are you taking me? I asked.




We got to his car and he opened the door for me.


I get in and he also get in before driving off.


Few minutes later we were in the hospital.


What are we doing here?


He practically dragged me inside the elevator when I refused to follow him.


He refused to attend to me, my body was calling for him but he chooses to drag me here instead.


We got to his office and he opened the door.


He closed the door behind him and pin me against the wall.


“What do I do to you Arielle.” He said more like a statement and not a question.


His lip came down to mine and I kissed him back hungrily.


I missed his minty taste lip on mine


I missed touching him like this.


I missed feeling his hot body on mine.


“F**k me Chris.” I moaned as he plugged his finger inside my hot channel.


How did he do that?


He was so fast, I didnt even know when he moved me thong or when his hand moved up my thigh.




“No? Why? I asked frustratedly.


“Because you’ve been a bad girl Arielle, and bad girls get punished.” He said as he kissed on me neck.


“F**k daddy please.” I begged.


That was the only thing I said and he pushed me on his desk.


“Looks like my little girl wanna play.” He said with a cocky smirk on.








(Worlds apart)










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