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The Story Master – My Own Karma – Episode 9

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Episode 9.
“Mommy! Let’s go meet him, daddy is looking for us, Marvel said bringing back Veronica.
“No we are not meeting him, now keep your mouth shut! Veronica shouted.
“But he’s my daddy! Marvel shouted and began to cry.
“Princess please inform my mom about this, Veronica said trying to keep Marvel shut.
“I’ll be back, Princess said and left the room before Veronica could say anything…
Princess met with Matthew while she was on call, “yes he’s here, bring the police along, Princess said staring boldly at Matthew.
“Tell the police to bring the D.P.O along, she is my wife and I have every right to see her! Mathew shouted.
“You can hear that right? Please be fast, Princess said and dropped the call.
“I am not afraid of you or the police and you know that. Now where’s my wife? Matthew asked.
“Your wife? You have no wife Matthew after maltreating her and almost killed her with the baby. Did you think twice when you pushed her down? Did you care of she had fell on the hard tiles? Did you care or have pity on her when she was in pains and your kids were crying on her? Did you bring her here in the first place? Now are you sure you are still her husband when her properties are no more in your house? If you don’t leave this place Matthew I will run mad with you in a way you will leave here in pieces. Get out! Get out now! Somebody help me, he’s harassing me! Princess said falling on Matthew making it look like he was fighting her.
“Can you please leave here now sir, you’re making a scene here and its not convenient for a place like this, some attendants said showing Matthew the door.
“You know I’ll be back, Matthew said to Princess in anger.
“Get out! And the next time you show your face here you will regret it. She’s not your wife! Princess screamed and the men took Matthew out.
Stepping outside he met with Veronica mother who just arrived, “welcome ma, he said but received a slap as a reply from her.
“What are you doing here? She sternly asked.
“She is still my wife, we are still legally married!Matthew shouted.
“So you were aware of that yet you cheated and treated her wrongly putting her life at risk. I swear to God if you don’t stay clear from my daughter I’ll kill you myself! Get out of here! She shouted pushing him out.
“Please leave sir your presence is not welcomed here, people around said.
“Can I please talk to her please? Matthew pleaded.
“Get out! You will see none of their faces till you die! Princess shouted and the men escorted him to the car to leave the premises.
“If that man comes here again and you let him drive his miserable self in, I’ll leave with my daughter, Theresa told the men and left for Veronica room.
She got in and saw Veronica crying with her daughters, “what’s going on here? Theresa asked.
“My children has been crying to see their father and I can’t help it, looks like my decision is affecting them and i shouldn’t have dragged them into this, Veronica said.
“Are you sick in the head or something? They were dragged into all of this when he abandoned them and cared for his brat rather. Joy was sick and admitted but he never visited till she returned, and yet he called them prostitutes which father will say that to his own children? If you want to go back to him you are free but I won’t let you take my precious grandchildren to that bastard! Theresa shouted.
“Grand ma I thought the pastor always preach that we should forgive and forget, I remember you’ve always been telling me that too, right? Joy asked in tears that Veronica looked at her.
“You want to go back there to him? You are ready to forgive your father? Theresa asked.
“But he’s my father, we can’t do anything about it, Joy replied.
“Veronica what do you think? Princess asked.
“You still want him to be your husband? Theresa asked.
“Where ever my children want to be there I will be, Veronica replied.
“Gosh I chat believe it! Princess exclaimed.
“OK so you will make him your husband again after what has happened? Theresa asked.
“I am not going back there as his wife, I am only doing this for my children. We will be only housemates please understand mom, Veronica said.
“Fine, its your marriage not mine and I think i have no right to come in between it anyway, I only want your safety and that of my grand children. He said he wants to make things right and I don’t know if that is true, But if he goes on with his madness don’t think twice of leaving him, Theresa said.
“I will, thank you. Best friend thank you, Veronica said but Princess only nodded and held Marvel.
“You’ll see him soon okay, are you happy now? She asked and Marvel nodded.
“That’s good, Princess said and a knock was heard on the door.
Princess opened up and the doctor walked in, “I’m sorry for what happened earlier, the doctor said after replying their greetings.
“Its okay, how is my baby? Veronica asked.
“Actually that’s why I’m here, he will be brought out tomorrow. The boy is such a wonderful boy, The doctor said and Veronica happily screamed..
“Can we see him please? Theresa asked and the doctor smiled……………
Matthew got home like a drained fowl, he couldn’t think straight anymore that he didn’t even notice the driver was already home waiting for him to leave the car.
“Sir are you not going out? The driver asked him bringing him back from his thoughts.
He slowly left the car, went in and drowned himself with alcohols…………………
Debbie mother arrived, called up Prisca and she left to pick her.
Entering the room she announced her presence with a scream seeing the bandage on her daughter head, “who the hell did this to you? Who did this? What happened? She asked touching her.
“Mommy I’m fine it was just an accident, Debbie replied.
“Accident at home? Or Did a car drove in and beat you up at home? Debbie you want to lie to be ba? She shouted.
“Ah mommy why are you sounding like this? I was robbed since they couldn’t get anything from me they decided to beat me, Debbie said and her mom looked at her.
“So they only attacked you in the whole compound? I hope you didn’t snatch another woman husband Debbie because I’ve been hearing news that you are now a big girl on campus and you don’t even call home anymore to ask for money. Deborah Deborah! How many times did i call you? You are lucky they didn’t remove your eyes stupid girl, Debbie mother said angrily leaving Debbie shocked…………………

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