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Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 13

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Episode 13


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Jeremy’s pov


After eating at the restaurant,i drove straight to the hospital. i was ushered into the doctors office and immediately i settled down, the doctor gave me the test result which i held with trembling hands.


“What if the child wasn’t mine” i thought,”what if all this was a mere waste of effort” i thought again before summoning courage to open the document.


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My eyes almost fell off, it was positive.


“Thank you so much doctor” i said shaking the doctors hand excitedly.


I went towards the reception hall..


“I’m a father” i yelled happily.


“I finally have a child of my own” i yelled again not minding the piercing i was recieving from other people in the hospital.


I didn’t even care all i cared about was that i had a child.


I drove straight to nadines house and luck was on my side because she was driving into the compound when i came.



I came down from my car and rushed into the compound before she locked her gate.

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“What do you want” nadine asked with a frown.


“I wanna talk to you about zoe” i replied staring at zoe who was beside nadine.


“Honey could you please go in” nadine said to zoe and i watched as she scurried into the house.


“Why do you keep stalking me, stay away from me” nadine said again with a stern face about going into the house but i drew her back.


“Why didn’t you tell me you had a child for me” i asked and i watched as nadine’s face drooped in shock before she replaced it with a stern look.


“What do you mean by that,you dont have any child” nadine replied with a frown.


“Don’t try playing dumb with me nadine i have proof” i replied giving her the dna test result.


She took it and stared at it in shock before shredding it into pieces.


“There’s no proof anymore, you should go back to your beloved wife cos zoe is not your daughter” nadine yelled.


“It’s right for a father to keep custody of his child and i wont let you deny me of that right”


“You idiot how dare you talk to me that way” nadine yelled and slapped me.


“We’ll meet in court and i promise to take custody of my daughter” i said.


I didn’t want to sound that way, i know i hurt her in the past and i’m sorry for that.


I know to her i’m a monster and if i could turn back the hand of time to make everything right i’d do it.



Nadine stared at me with tears glistening in her eyes and then stormed into the house.

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Nadine’s pov


I walked into the house in anger and was shocked to see zoe behind the door.


“Mummy is it true that that man is my daddy” zoe asked.


“Zoe i’ve warned you several time about eavedropping but you don’t always listen” i half yelled pissed.


“I wanted to make sure he didn’t hurt you, he made you cry the last time remember” zoe said in that sweet tone of hers making my heart melt.


“He’s not your daddy okay,he just keep stalking me” i replied.


“You should go to your room okay” i said again while she nodded before running off to her room.


Immediately zoe left i sat on the floor crying, jeremy keeps opening the episode of my life which i want to forget.


I wont let him have my daughter, he left me when i needed him the most, he made my family abadon me and for that, i wont let him come anywere near my little angel.



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