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The DNA Test – Episode 10

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The DNA Test (episode 10)


Second-to-last episode


One relieving thing about life is that everything happens for a reason and they are usually aimed for our good. No matter the situation one finds his or herself in, there’s always a tiny bit of God’s will in that situation; whether good or bad. It could be that God wanted to reunite Ace with his two sons and also strengthen his marriage union with Belinda. Things might have fallen out between the couple but one thing we can’t dispute is that the crisis also rekindled their stale and dying love for each other. Not to also forget, the crisis also brought two lovely brothers together and it was evident that they would eventually be in each other’s life once everything was settled between both parents. What a thing of joy indeed!


On seeing the beautiful reaction from Junior and David, their mothers were shocked and confused at the same time; as they kept wondering where and how the little boys met each other to the extent that they even referred to themselves as ‘Friends’. It was a whole lot for everyone to digest at that moment and their innocent reaction melted everyone’s heart including Rita.


“Junior where did you meet your friend? At school?” Belinda curiously inquired, “Yes mummy, I saw him in my school and we played together” the little boy happily said. Ace and Rita were short of words and didn’t know what to say at that moment. They preferred to watch the excited kids play with each other than interrupt them with questions.


While the boys played, Belinda dropped a few tear drops as she watched her biological son clothed with rags and also looking a little malnourished. It broke her heart that she had missed out on David’s childhood but she felt happy that there was a lot of time in the future to make it up to her son and be there in his life.


On the other hand, Rita was going through so much at that moment and couldn’t utter a word. She was lost in thoughts as she watched a little boy that resembled her 90%, playing happily. There were over a thousand thoughts on her mind and great fear gripped her at the thought of Ace taking her child away from her and leaving her with nothing. Rita needed no interpreter to tell her that Ace was loaded with money and also had the power to suppress, subdue and oppress her. The thought of David being taken away from the poor woman was a nightmare she


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wanted to wake up from as soon as possible. All she could do at that point is to keep her fingers crossed and hope for the best outcome from the situation she had unfortunately found herself in.


Shortly after Ace arrived the station with his family, a senior police officer called them into his office so they could discuss the way forward. “Now we have found her, the first thing we need to do is to conduct a DNA Test for everyone; including the two boys. We need to fully ascertain the authenticity of your claims and also vindicate this issue once and for all. If the switch is true as calmed, we will find out after the DNA Test have been conducted. For the mean time, Rita will remain in our custody with David so she doesn’t take a hike again, and also, I feel the right thing to do is to leave her with David for now till everything is fully confirmed after the tests” the officer said.

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At this junction, Ace was OK with what the officer had said and quickly agreed to his verdict but Rita was lost and still hadn’t gotten a befitting explanation of what was going on. “Excuse me, if I may ask, why am I here? What is going on?” she confusingly inquired. It was at point that she was properly schooled on what happened 6 years back. The officer was the one that did the talking this time around and that was how come she was able to give a listening ear to him; unlike she did when Belinda and Ace tried to communicate with her some time ago before she eloped.


Immediately the officer was done talking, Rita broke down in tears as she stared at Junior. “No way! You mean this is my son? No way! Please don’t play with me I beg you people. Until the test is conducted I choose not to believe any of this” she soberly said.


As Rita shed tears, Belinda didn’t know when she joined her in crying. They sobbed in sync and kept wiping the tears from their eyes with their palms. Ace tried to be tough and collected his sons from both women. As he held them tightly, he felt an instant connection with both of them the moment he jointly held them to himself. It took the grace of God for him not to break down in tears as the women were already doing. It was such an emotional day for everyone, including the officer that was watching.



After everything that day, Rita was lodged in a hotel by Ace but was still in the custody of the police. That night at the hotel was one of her coziest nights ever, as she wasn’t used to such level of comfort and sophisticated environment. Despite the fact that she was still worried about the outcome of the DNA Test, she tried to enjoy the comfort of the moment and not bother herself too much with the unknown.


Back in Ace’s matrimonial home, Belinda was now happy and felt relieved because her biological son was one step closer to becoming hers forever. That day, Junior never stopped talking about his friend and it gladden their heart to hear the little excited boy talk about his dear friend who was actually his step-brother. Deep down, Ace was pleased to see such bond between his sons. It gave him the hope that they would get along very well as brothers once the DNA Test was finalised and every thing was confirmed. The happy couple kept their fingers crossed for the scheduled DNA Test.


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The new development would cost Ace a lot of money and expenses, but he was glad as he wired the money to the hospital’s account for the test.


Immediately everything was finalised, Rita and David were sent to the hospital and the materials for the test was extracted from their body. Afterwards, they returned back to their hotel room and everyone kept their fingers crossed for the long anticipated Big Reveal.


Since after that encounter at the police station, Rita hadn’t seen her supposed biological son again but kept dreaming and thinking about him. Deep down in her heart, she was convinced that Junior was her flesh and blood but was too scared to accept that reality. Whenever she looked at David, tears rolled uncontrollably from her eyes because he was her everything for the last 6 years of her life. The bond between Rita and David was too strong that it would take Forever to break them apart. It wasn’t going to be easy for both Belinda and Rita to let go of the kids they had been with for the past 6 years of their lives but the right thing had to be done at the end of the day.


Finally, the Big Reveal day came and the hospital called both parties to be present before reading the results out. An officer went with them for witness sake and to also ensure that everything went smoothly.



That morning, Belinda woke up with cold feet and she wasn’t feeling too strong either. She told Ace about it as they drove down to the hospital and he assured her that they would do a little check up at that hospital after they were done with what brought them there. On hearing that, she felt relieved.


When everyone arrived at the hospital, they made their way to the doctor’s officer with their hearts beating very fast. They were scared as they took their seats to listen to what their ears had been itching to hear for over two weeks now. When everyone took their seats, the doctor smiled and broke the silence.


“First thing first, I apologise on behalf of the health sector for putting you all through a thing as unfortunate as this. No one deserves to get their kids switched at birth due to carelessness by health officials, I apologise for everything. Now, let’s get straight to why we are all here. Rita, your result tested Negative for David but Positive for Junior, which means he is your biological son and not David. Belinda, you tested Positive for David after tested Negative for Junior, which means David is your biological son. Finally, Ace you tested Positive for both boys which means they are both your sons. I pray you all find a place in your hearts to accept this new reality. Another birth certificate will be issued for the kids with the appropriate details. Congratulations to your new found reality, we are glad this was detected early and not when these kids were all grown so it gives you another chance to start all over” The doctor said.


After that shocking revelation, everyone was numb and couldn’t say anything. It was difficult for them to digest the new reality that was in front of them. The silence was intense till Ace broke it; “Rita, I am sorry for everything I put you through, I was naive and selfish then but I know better now. My wife and I don’t wish to take anything away from you and that’s why we have decided to release Junior to you because you are his biological mother. We have also decided to open for you any business of your choice so you can start life all over again. We have also made arrangements for a suitable accommodation for you close to where we live so that Junior and David can grow up together as sibling. Bear in mind that Davis is still your son, just as Junior is still my wife’s son too. We are going to be in Junior’s life like we never left, same with you and David. I hope you accept this new journey with a good heart as we work towards cohabiting together as a family” he gently said.



At that point, there was nothing other than gratitude in Rita’s heart. She thanked the couple for having her at heart to such extent and also accepted everything Ace said with her whole heart. Belinda gave her a warm hug as tears fell off both their eyes.


The little boys were given to their rightful mothers and the hug they received was next to non. Belinda hugged David as though her life depended on it; same with Rita. Both mothers cried their eyes out as they hugged their flesh and blood whom was lost but now found. It was such an emotional and good day at the hospital but things were only about to get better.


After the reunion, Rita left with Junior back to the hotel, while Ace stayed back with his wife for the check-up he promised her due to her ill health. They did a fast check up so they could buy the needed medications and head back home. The test was ran on Belinda and after few hours, the result was out.


When the couple were called to the doctor’s office again, the test was handed over to Belinda and she reluctantly opened the paper, with David sitting on her laps. Ace was stressed out and just wanted everything to be over with so he could go home and rest. If only he knew that his day was just about to get started!

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Immediately Belinda opened the paper, her attention was drawn to a particular section and her eyes opened widely as she looked to be sure her eyes saw correctly.


Before Belinda could utter a word, the Doctor helped her to drop the bomb; “Congratulations Mrs, You are 4 weeks pregnant!”.

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