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Painful Revenge – Season 2 Episode 13

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We were both lost in our own worlds,the journey back home seemed like forever but finally we got home and went straight to our bedroom we didnt want a third



party to intrude us.Tonie was restless i was somehow composed since i knew what the report would read.”Am tensed i cant open this,’Tonie told me handing me the Envelop i feighed tension and finally opened the report i went through it and gave it to Tonie.”I dont understand a thing,”deep inside i was trying to predict Tonie’s reaction.He took the report and read the conclusion loudly “is excluded as the biological father,” this phrase means the possible father most likely IS NOT the biological father of the child, he burried his face in his hands for some minutes before turning to talk to me.”I didnt understand a thing,who is the biological father of Angel?”i asked him faking confusion.He took my hand in his “Angel is not my biological daughter,”i could see him balancing tears in his eyes.”Am sorry Tonie i honestly thought she was your daughter.”i told him rubbing his hand.He stood up and took Angel in his arms he was still composed.”I still love her to me she is my biological daughter nothing can beat the love i have for her i love her more than i love her mother,”he tried to fake a smile and i noticed he was crying.I went close to him and took her from him “dont worry we are still young and we will have another child soon,”i didnt know what else to tell him.”Please dont let anyone else know this let it stay between us Sharon,”he told me almost begging me.”No one will know, this will be our secret,”i told him almost promising him.”I need to have a liltle break from this ,”he kissed me lightly and left.I knew better than to ask him where he was going i only told him to take care,i understood there are moments in life when the only remedy to your problems is being alone in a quiet place and maybe thats what Tonie needed.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


I went down stairs and made myself busy by the time Tonie was coming back i had prepared supper,Viv had gone home for the weekend.He came home a jovial man i was cleaning the utensils,”what have you prepared for supper the aroma is so inviting,”he asked me holding me by my waist from the back and gave me a light kiss.”Your favourite,you must be hungry,”i told him turning to face him.”That can wait,Look at you you are so beautifull,”he told me admiring my body slidding his hands from my waist to my hips.He was arousing the desires in me,i just smilled and said thankyou.”I saw desires in his eyes as he leaned foward to kiss me,i kissed him back passionately,we stood there kissing for a very long time doing nothing else apart from kissing.Then he took me in his arms and carried me like a baby to the table room and laid me on the sofa. “I love you sharon,”he told me as he started undressing me caresing every part of me i responded to this and that night we made love for the second time on our sofa.We went up stairs and Angel was still sleeping.”look at her she is so innocent,”tonie told me as he tried to wake her



up.”please dont wake her up she will start crying,let her sleep,”i told him as i pulled him softly away from Angel.I thought tonie would hate Angel after discovering she wasnt her biological child but i was wrong he loved her more.Our liltle family was ever happy we did everything together,Tonie and Angel were really inseparable but ofcourse they said blood is thicker than water.

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It was now six months since i started living with Tonie he was really a good husband.My gal was big and i decided to go back to work,i was hired by a very big firm in kenya as a public relation officer,Viv joined campus and we had to employ a house help.The relationship between Tonie and I grew stronger each day that i even forgot about Dave and how he broke my heart.We had postponned the formal meeting between our parents.My workmates were very friendly though the manager never liked me.I was in my office one day working on a project when my secretary told me am needed in the CEO’s office.I had done my job and everything right i just didnt understand why the CEO would call me,this was rare.I saved my documents and walked out to the CEO’s office.I heard him talking to another person from the door,i knocked the door lightly and he told me to get in.I straightend my skirt opened the door,walked in and stood next to the visitor not looking at him,i guess he didnt look at me too,it is when the boss did the introduction that we turned to face each other.”Sharon,”…”Dave,”.I never thought i was gonna meet him again i had done everything possible for him to never trace me again and here we were,i hated coincidences.I couldnt walk out,i didnt want to get fired.He stood up trying to hold my shoulders and i pushed him.”Dont touch me please,”i told him harshly.”Do you two know each other?”my boss asked getting uncomfortable with the scene.”Yes he is my ex boyfriend,”i told my boss with a lot of confidence stressing the words Ex,i wanted it to stick in his head.”Uncle this is the woman i have always told you about,”he told his uncle looking at me.”Why did you do this to me Sharon why didnt you give me a chance to explain myself?he asked me coming closer to me.”I will slap you if you come close to me,dont you dare to lay your hands on me.”i gave him a stern warning.He dared me and came closer i lifted my right hand to slap him but he held it and pulled me closer to thim,my heart started beating reaally hard i felt week for once,we just stood there staring at each other until my boss interupted us.”Son i guess i will give the two of you space to talk,i know you really need to talk to her,”my Boss told Dave as he stood up to go.”Dont go sir,we dont have anything to talk about,”i told him as i loosened myself from Dave.”Sharon just listen to him he



has a lot to tell you,”he said and left.I went to follow him but unfortunately he locked the door from outside,i felt trapped.


“Sharon just listen to me lemmi explain what happened,”he said coming close to me.”Explain what? I dont have time to waste with you.”i told him boldly”Sharon i still love you,”he said looking direct into my eyes.”Do you know what love is?What is love to you?Is love playing with someone’s heart and breaking it as if it can be glued together.Am sorry Dave you broke my heart and someone else mended it am happily married now,”i told him sarcastically.Fortunately my boss came in.I took the opportunity to get out as he answered questions from his uncle ,i hurriedly took my handbag and left.He came running after me but by the time he was getting out of building i was already in the car he went directly to his car and followed me,i drove fast without looking back.I couldnt go home i didnt want him to come following me to my house,i decided to drive to Tonie’s office.Dave was a fast driver, by the time i was parking my car he was driving inside past the gate.I went directly to Tonie’s office Dave was still following me,Tonie’s secretary tried to stop me but i ignored her and went storming inside Tonie’s office.”WTF”i didnt believe what my eyes saw.I was too busy running away from the devil to know that i was running towards hell.









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