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Blood Doctors – Episode 9

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Rebecca pov


I left the office after seeking permission from Mr. Paul.


I ran to my room and laid on my bed.


I really need to know more about myself.


I breathed in and out.


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This is really frustrating.


Nicole pov


My grandpa and I went home early that day.


Immediately we got home, he called for a meeting.


All Granduwella’s we’re gathered at the big sitting room.


Grandfather explained everything to them.


Beginning from the green mark to the cause of it.


“What is Amacius planning this time”.


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Uncle Marcus asked after grandfather was done talking.


“He is so devious”.


Dad said.


“That is why we need to be careful, we need to be alert. Cause we can’t afford to


have a black blood in the city”.


Grandfather said.


We all nodded.



Evil realm


“Are you all set”.


King Amacius asked the witches who are to send Elias to earth.


“Yes your highness”.


They replied.


“Have you found a body”.


He asked.


“Yes your highness, the perfect person”.


The oldest witch said.


“Tell me about him”.


“His name is Jack Black. An american citizen. He is a young man of 24 years. He


loves to explore and his a young medical student. He got missing two weeks ago


and he died in a forest. His family members don’t know if his alive or dead, they


are still looking for him”.


The youngest witch said.


“Perfect, perfect body”.


Amacius said smiling.


He walked to a door and opened it.


He smiled looking at the lying figure in front of him.




He called.


Elias slowly opened his eyes.


“Blood, I need blood”.


He said and close his eyes.


“Don’t worry Elias you will get blood, enough blood soon”.


Amacius said touching his fore head.


“You will be going to earth today, we have find the perfect body for you”.


Amacius said.


He looked at his son whose eyes were closed.


“You are about to embark on a journey of revenge. You are going to revenge on


them Granduwella’s, you are going to make them pay for banishing us. They must


pay bitterly. You are going to ruin them and destroy them, you are going to make


them cry, you are going to make them wish they never exist. You are going to


punish them one by one”.


Amacius said and laughed evilly.


He stood up and left.


“Send him to earth now”.


He told the witches and went back to his room.


The witches all gathered round Elias and began to chant some words.


They did it seven times before they send him to earth.


Elias / Jack pov


I slowly opened my eyes and saw myself in a forest.


I stood up and the words of my father came rushing to me. I need to have my revenge on the Granduwella’s. I looked at myself and observe that I was in a total different body.


I then remember what the witches said before sending me here.


The name of the body is Jack Black.


A medical student.


I need to have my revenge on the Granduwella’s.


I will make them pay.


I brought out my fangs and hiss loudly.


Nicole pov


I laid on my bed quietly.


My siblings have gone for their night patrol.


As usual grandfather did not let me go.


I signed.


I look round the room.


The room is actually big and its looking expensive.




Lucius is one of the rich men in america but still yet his family stays in one house.


He refuse to let any one of them to leave.


He believed that they are more stronger when they are together.

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But not to mention, the house is a big one.


Its painted all white.


Its interior and exterior designs are so magnificent.


The house was made with expensive materials.


It has a lot of rooms.


Its so big that it can contain two hundred people.


Not to mention his cars are also expensive.


He has enough money to feed his next generation up to his fourth generation.


His a big tycoon.


Jack pov


I went out of the forest, I could feel the body weak.


It must have been hungry for days before his death.


This earth looks strange.


Why is there floor painted.


I bent down and touch it.


Its so strong.


I heard a sound making me to look up.


“Wow, what’s that”.


I asked.


It was moving fast but not as fast as me. Someone was inside moving something that looks like a wheel.


The strange thing have two moving object in the front and two at the back.


It was well shaped.


I began to feel weak.


“I need blood”.


I said.


And I think the person in that moving object will serve as my dinner.


I brought out my fang and charge towards him.


He wasn’t expecting the attack, so before the poor man could turn, I dug my fangs into his neck sucking the blood out of him.


I stopped when I was done sucking the body out.


I let go of the body and it fell limped on the floor. The moving object did not stop, instead it began to move towards a building. It then collided with a building. I laughed seeing the scenario.


That object is just to funny.


I felt myself coming alive.


Let the fun begin.


I need to find out where the Granduwella’s are now.


I said and began to walk to an unknown destination.




I heard a female voice called.


I slowly turned to see who called.


Rebecca pov


I went to the kitchen and prepare scramble eggs.


Well we are vampires but we do eat.


I sat on my dinning table and began to eat.


I took my phone and log into the hospital group chat.


I began to screw down for a new update.


A post caught my attention.


“Isn’t it weird, the Granduwella’s don’t have a single record of death”.


A nurse whose name is sophia posted.


“Shut up, they are good at their work that is why”.


Some one replied.


“There is something going on in that family, you guys should believe me”.


She said.


More comment began to show but it wasn’t a good one, they where all hurtful.


Sophia pov


I almost cried seeing the comments.


There is really something weird about the family.


They never get old and they are all cute.


They have never loss a patient and that is really strange.


I must find out about their secret.

























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