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Haywire – Episode 24

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Episode 24




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“I am asking is this what you wanted to be going through after divorce?” Sister


Bwalya repeated her Question.


“How can I wish for that?”


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“Life isn’t smooth after divorce. At your age, you were supposed to nature and pray for yours husband so that he can change. Divorce is never a good option”. “Even if he went on cheating on me I should have kept him?”


“If it was really getting to worse, you should have gone on separation but not divorce. Separation would have given him time to reflect on what really mattered to him. He would have come to his senses. Do you now see why we were all against divorce?”


“Sister Bwalya those girls are psychopaths who don’t even know what’s going on. I am not even together with Josne. We broke up” “What?!”


“Yes we broke up”


“You mean all those romances we saw went ablaze? Am so sorry. Anyway, just gather some respect for yourself and don’t get involved with men who still want to play. And as a matter of fact, give yourself time. Be alone for now. Try to recollect yourself first.”


“Okay, thank you. I have to go”


Sister Bwalya got out of the car and she drove off really ashamed of what those ladies had done to her. As she was out of the gate amd about join the main road, she found the two ladies stopping her and making a sign of asking for a lift. It was obvious that they didn’t know that the vehicle belonged to Fostinah. She just rolled down the mirror a bit as she drove slowly towards them. When she was besides them, she spit saliva on them and drove away quickly.


When Fostinah got home, the gateman came to her with an envelope in his hands.


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“Madam, there is this letter”


“Where is it from?”


“I don’t know but some men are the ones who brought it.”





She went inside still trying to figure out what was the content of that later. She went to her bedroom and sat on the couch as she slowly opened the letter.


The letter was from the owners of the house. They were reminding her to make payment of the rent of which if she didn’t make payment by Friday of the same week, she was to vacate it.


“Where will i get the K10,000 to pay for rent? Josne is no more” she thought to herself.


Knowing very well that her savings were for her to live at her own level, she decided that she would leave the house before Friday.






As she was not going for work since they had gone on strike to lobby for better conditions, she had time to search for a house. Fortunately, she found one which suited her perfectly. She then shifted into the house.




The relationship between Prudence and Peter kept on going strong. The kids seriously adored her just like she genuinely did as well.


Over the weekend, after a lot of persistence from Peter and the kids, Prudence visited Peter.


The family had a great time together as they did all that they could to pass time. Prudence did what a mother could do for the kids on that day. It was so amazing that she managed to win the hearts of all the three children. It was so remarkable. We can all agree that after remarrying, there is always that child who develops some resentment on the step parent. This maybe due to failure to accept that the step parent is a replacement of their divorced or lost parent. But this was not the case to Prudence.


In the evening, they all sat I their couches watching some television show. There kids were all over her except for the eldest daughter who showed some maturity by sitting on a different couch with her but was still in love with her.


“So, you will now stay with us forever?” Asked the second born daughter.


“I don’t know. Your dad won’t allow me to stay here forever.” She answered.


“What?!” Exclaimed Peter.


“Dad! Is it true?” The daughter asked.


“Ah no, okay she will stay with us forever soon.”


“Yes Dad” the son jubilated.


“But there is one thing your dad has not done which makes me not to come and stay here forever” Prudence said.


“Dad, why can’t you do it?” Asked the child.


Peter knew that Prudence meant proposing marriage to her.


“Okay wait for me”, Peter said standing and going to his bedroom.


When he came back, he gave his phone to her eldest daughter and told her to video shoot whatever was going to happen.


Peter then went near Prudence and bent his right leg whilst looking deep into her eyes.


“Prudence, you have come into my life when there ws darkness in every corner. You brought light not only to me but also to our kids. It will be so foolish of me not to say what I want say how. Will you marry me?” He said showing her the ring in the ring box.

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The kids looked at Prudence and at their dad.


“If you say no, we will beat you.” Shouted the eldest daughter who was capturing the video.


“It will so foolish of me to say no. Yes I will marry you.” She answered.


Peter slid the ring on her finger mad they stood up embracing as the kids smiled at them.


“So whats this now?” Asked the second daughter.


“This means you can now call her mummy” Peter said.






“Ooh!” The girl jumped on hugging her.


“Can I also call you mummy?” The son asked her.


“Of course sweetheart” Prudence.


“Yes mummy mummy mummy” the boy shouted very excited.


It was a wonderful night. Peter even brought the cake which he had bought specifically for that occasion. They enjoyed themselves until they went ot retire to bed.


“Dad, today I want to sleep with mummy in her room” the son said.


“Oh okay” he said.


Peter went to sleep in his room while Prudence and the son went into her own separate room. The daughters also slept in their room.


Tamarah went crazy when Prudence sent her a photo of the ring confirming the engagement.


“Am so happy for you fool” she said.


“Thank you girlfriend”





Fostinah was in home doing some chores when she received a call from work that she should go there. She quickly prepared herself and went there as she was told that it was an emergency.


When she got to the medical office she met a fellow nurse crying walking away from the offices. As she was wondering what she was crying, another male nurse popped up so angry.


“This is not fair at all. This is foolish” he shouted.


Fostinah got worried as to what was happening. She got to the office to hear for


herself what was there.


“Hello doctor”


“Hello Fostinah.”


“You called for me”


“Yes, you have take a seat.”


“Okay, thank you”


“Yes, I have sad news for you. The president said that the strike by nurses was illegal and hence has fired all the nurses who were on strike. And here is the letter of your dismissal” the District health officer said handing her the letter. “What!?”


“Yes, that’s it”


Fostinah felt like the whole world had crumbled and squeezed the jelly out of her eyes. She stood up without any emotions walking out of the office. She then drove home silently.


She sat in the living room and opened the letter, read it more than ten times but couldn’t believe it. Tears were all over her face

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