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Blood Doctors – Episode 3

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Nicole POV


I closed my eyes even though I know I won’t sleep. My mind unconsciously drifted to an unknown place. (Vision)



A lady was hiding behind a tree, watching how my siblings we’re fighting the black bloods.


She was wearing a red long gown.

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She then wore a red nose mask.


Her eyes where red like that of a vampire.


She put on a hoodie, but part of her hair where out, her hair colour was white.


She slowly turned and her eyes became red and green in colour.


When she saw me, she ran away with vampire speed.


(Vision ends)


Ran with super speed.


She is definitely a vampire.

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But a different breed, cause have never seen a vampire with a green and red eyes.


Who is she? .


I could not even see her face.


And she’s is not a black blood.


Who could she be? .


No I will have to sneak to New Orleans.


I will try to find out who she is.


Rebecca POV




9 : 30 pm


I stood up from my bed and removed my cloth, showing my na.ked body.


I cat walked to my wardrobe.


I pushed a cloth aside and pressed a button which was hidden at the back of the cloth.


The wardrobe suddenly rotate.


It rotated and stopped at a point, revealing a red long gown.


I smiled.


That is the cloth I use whenever I hunt.


I took it out and went to my mirror.


I then wore it.


I removed the wig on my head.


Well the truth is when I was 135years old, my hair suddenly change to white colour, and it became so long.


It was really weird that people became scared thinking I was a witch.


I clearly remembered that day.





a day after my birthday, a day I turned 135,but was looking like I just turned 18.


I was really happy, cause am gonna attend a medical school.


And the main reason of attending the school is to find out about myself. The main reason I want to be a doctor is to, know why am not aging and what made me grew aggressive to kill a man, reaping him apart with my bear hands that was when I was 128,looking like a sixteen years old.


I was with my friends drinking some wine. We where laughing and talking, and it was really fun.


Mistakenly, the waiter poured some red wine on my black short hair.


I used a towel to clean it up, but suddenly the hair became white and long.


My friends gasped and stiffed away from me.


“Eledia, your hair”.


One of my friends said.


I brought the hair forward and was shocked to see the colour.


“She’s a witch”.


Eliza my best friend said making the others to murmur.


“She’s a witch”.


“She’s a witch”.


“Kill her”.


“Call a priest”.


“I knew it all along that she is a witch”.


“Have always suspected her”.


My friends and the people at the restaurant where muttering.


I could not take it anymore, so I ran out of the restaurant.


I kept running in without looking back.


I stopped at an empty space in the forest to catch my breath.


But I began to feel some changes in me.


It was as if my forehead was twisting.


My bones where breaking.


My blood was been sucked out.


My nails suddenly began to grow long.


My eyes became red and green.


Gravity was no longer having an effect on me.


My feets were lifted up.


I was floating in the air.


A tornado began to form beneath my feet.


Causing a huge wind.


My hair was been blew by the wind, making it more longer.


I could feel something trying to force it way out of me.


But another thing stopped it with a huge force, making me to fall on the floor groaning.


It was as if two dangerous animals where fighting in me.


I then began to see dead people round me.


I tried standing up, but could not.


I was too weak to do anything.


“A vampire”.


A voice said.


My head was on fire.


I muttered all my strength and knelt down.


I shouted.


And fell down again, this time going into the world of consciousness.




I slowly opened my eyes and it was morning already.


I stood up.


“What happened to me? “.


I asked.


I then remembered all what happened to me.


“What is happening to me. And a vampire, what’s that?. What’s a vampire? “.


I asked.


I could not cry, cause have never cried, dad said that even when I was born I did not cry, no matter what they did to make me cry. “Am I a Vampire? “.


I asked even though I don’t know what a vampire is.


I went back to my lonely small farmhouse.


Something keeps telling me to go through mom bag.


I stood up and went to her bag.


I began to search her bag, even though I don’t know what I was looking for.


A book fell down.


“What’s this”.


I asked carrying it.


“It looks like a diary”.


I said and dusted the dirt from the book.


I opened it.


And the first thing I saw was.




I opened the second page.


“The most powerful creatures. I always have a dream about them and it seems like am one of them. They are blood sucking vampires, they drink the blood of humans for survival”.


That was what was written in the book.


The other part where burnt.


“Why will mom have this book and why will she write something like this. am I truly a vampire. Will I start craving for human blood? “. I asked.


“Lord please may it not be so if not am doomed forever”.


I said.


From that day, I began to crave for human blood.


But I have no intention of hurting anyone.


So I locked all the doors in the house and also all the windows and threw the key to an unknown place in the house.


“Its better to die of starvation than to kill people cause I need their blood”.


I said and went unconscious for years.


Flashback ends.


I smiled looking at the mirror.


Am a vampire and its my fate.


Well the only thing I don’t do is to turn into a bat.


I put on the gown, red hoodie and put on my red nose masks.


I won’t afford to allow people to see my face while hunting.


Beneath the mask I could feel my fangs growing long.


My eyes turned to red and green.

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I came out of my room and took off with a very fast speed.


Even a plane can’t be compared to how fast I am.


Where it will take thirty minutes for a plane to reach at it highest speed.


It will only take me two minutes.


New Orleans here I come.


Nicole POV



Its night already and all my siblings are prepared for their assignments, they where all dressed like ninjas.


“Its so bad you aren’t going with us”.


Aaron said when he saw me.


“Yeah, grandpa’s favorite wouldn’t want to be hurt”.


Michael said and the both of them laugh.


“Michael, Aaron”.


Richard called.


“You guys should mind the way you talk, its for a reason. He will soon start


hunting like us”.


Gwen said.


“Well guys, I came to wish you luck”.


I said and left.


They all looked at me with pity eyes, but what they don’t know is that am sneaking out.


I smiled and went to take my black hoodie jacket and a black nose mask.


I wore it.


By the time I could finish, they where all gone. And that’s good for me.


I sneaked out of house and disappeared.


Well that’s one of my amazing powers, unlike my siblings, I can disappear and also turn into a bat.


Rebecca POV


I sat on a tree, targeting the jaguar on the floor.


Its wasn’t aware of the danger above it.


I was about to jump but someone beat me to it.


The person with great speed killed the jaguar sucking the life out of it.


“Another vampire? “.


I asked.


Am not the only vampire?.


I watched as he threw the lifeless jaguar aside.


“That wasn’t enough”.


He said licking his lips.


“Well we just have to manage it for now cause his lordship told us to bring more


people and not to suck their blood”.


A lady said out of no where.


“Can’t we just have some human blood even if is just one”.


“John we have to obey the king order”.


The lady said.


Wow so there is a vampire king?.


I was about to come down to meet them but I stopped when I saw the guy sniffing.


“The red bloods are here, I can smell their presence”.


John said.


The red bloods?.


Who are they?.











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