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Dragon Girl – Episode 18

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EPISODE 1 ⃣8 ⃣






Judith tried her best to remain silent since the approaching monster looks like Medusa with snakes hissing as if they smell something.Another Gorgon follows not long after Medusa pa*ssed.


Judith’s POV


Don’t tell me that’s a Gorgon!!


In Fillory!!


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Nimueh present the head to the guards and the king ask them to start making preparations for the wedding.When they heard scream and shrill outside.


King:What’s that? didn’t you kill the Gorgon?


Nimueh:I did and this is the proof


Prince Arien:Another night of terror


King:well go ahead to check things out


Nimueh:I lost many friends before I could kill one now you want me to go face another?

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Prince Fredrick:I told you we can’t trust her


Prince Arien:Who we need now is Judith not Nimueh


King:who is Judith?


Nimueh:That dragon girl!


King:what?no never I won’t release her.


Prince Arien:(angrily) I’m out of here.


He exit the royal hall and removed his red robe.he went on one knee and bent his back,he let out a cool deep cry as he changed to his dragon form.although he’s still weak to be fighting but he has no choice.


What he saw is not only Gorgons but different kind of wild animals running for their lives as well but still killing any living soul in their way.The people came out of their hiding place as Medusa released her snakes to search every nook and crannies.She let out a loud piercing scream the more she smell her sister’s blood.


Arthusar(prince Arien)keep fighting off the monsters but the Gorgons didn’t show up still.


Dorothy and the rest ran to the underground cave where Judith was chained down.prince Fredrick carried Katherine’s statue in a cart and pushed it to a safe place.





Judith was sad and angry to see her friends in danger and for the fact that she couldn’t protect them. She move closer to the seal and trued to touch it but it burned her and threw her to the Rocky wall of the cave.She get more weaker.Dorothy has almost cried herself to death with the situation she met her best friend in.


Dennis:how can they seal her up as if chaining her down is not enough.






Arthusar landed on the royal fountain in the palace and a writing appeared to him.its from Dragonilla


“The saviors are coming very soon hang on”


Medusa saw Arthusar and the snake on her head elongated,she use it in slapping Arthusar off the fountain.He fell and changed to his human form with snake venom in his body.He opened his eyes and saw the Gorgon smiling wickedly at him…he was about to start freezing up when a girl jumped down from heaven with full force the ground where she step on crack into ruins and she stood up maintaining her gait.


Girl:Hmmmmm nice hairstyle


Arthusar:(pa*ssing out)


Medusa screech at the girl and the girl stare her eyes full of lasers to her head.Two snakes burnt to ashes and Medusa retreated painfully.


The girl helped prince Arien to the training ground


Girl:When you know you’re weak you shouldn’t fight.A warrior live to fight another day


Arien:Who are you?…you look more like Genie


Girl:I’m Anita…Genie is my mother…our parents couldn’t come because they got held up with something in the spirit world.


Arien:where are the rest?


Antonio:Anyone talking about me?


Arien:Tyler?(one of the Satyre)


Antonio:no his son…Antonio.


Derek:Can you get up?


Arien:I think so.


Alice:Where is the dragon girl?mother told me that’s who you need










Judith who was burning with anger suddenly stop breathing.Dorothy was scared but couldn’t get to her.


Suddenly her whole body start emitting fire…a very fierce one.Her dark side took over.







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