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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 26

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Chapter 2 ⃣6 ⃣



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..


Continuation From the Last Episode:



Zoya POV



“Well said Zoya, I will keep that in mind but then again, do you really think I will kill my Harsha? No, if I am looking for who to kill, it will be you. My gun will be pointing at you not Harsha. Like seriously do you think I would kill a man I love just because of you? No way, even if I want to kill Harsha, I will make him see your death first before his.” She said and started laughing at me giving me a little bit of time to digest what she said.


What she said was true, she wouldn’t have sent that assassin to kill Harsha, rather she would have sent him to kill me.

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But if she is not the one, who then would had sent the assassin to kill my love?


“I see you are thinking about what I said, Zoya.” Her amused voice cut through my thoughts. “But be rest assured I am coming for you now. Just watch just back from now henceforth.” She added and ended the call.


What a threat.


By the time Krishna has ended her call, Harsha had successfully removed the bullet from his father’s shoulder and has cleaned the wound and bandaged it up.


“What did she say?” He asked me.



“Nothing,” I replied and pointed at Anant’s bandage arm, “How were you able to remove the bullet, Harsha?” I ask.


Father and son exchange glance before Anant Desai sign out heavily.


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“He was a doctor Zee.” He finally answered.


“Was a doctor you say? Why then did he stop?” I asked, staring at both of them in shock.


I was very shocked.


“Krishna forced me to stop after she threatened my life.” Harsha responded.


“So you stopped because of her mere threats?” I said and continued. “And I would never have known, you wouldn’t have told me if he wasn’t shot, right?” I ask.


“I would have told you but not now. We have just only known ourselves for a few days, you don’t expect me to spill out every of my secrets to you Zee.” He responded.


I nodded my head, he was right. It hasn’t been up to two weeks we met. Though I was hurt to hear it coming from him.


“Okay,” I said, trying not to allow the hurt to be heard in my voice. “Let’s go and lodge in a hotel for more safety. And also to stop Krishna from listening to every one of our conversations.” I told them and Anant Desai was quick to accept my suggestion.


“You are right Zee, not about Krishna eavesdropping on our conversations but for the safety part. We need to be safe until the idiot sent to kill my son is found.” Anant Desai said.


We left the house and lodge in a nearby hotel after Harsha and his father had taken their night pajamas. Harsha gave me one of his clothes to wear which I thanked him for.



We paid for three different rooms which were besides each other, saying our good nights, we entered our separate rooms.


As soon as I stepped inside, my phone rang. Bringing it out from my back pocket to see who was calling me, the caller was Khaleel.


I ended the call and quickly video call him through WhatsApp and he picked my call almost immediately.


His smiling face showed.


“Hi sis, how are you doing?” He signed with his hands.


“I am fine bro, where are you now?” I asked. I was very happy having this private conversation without someone hearing me.


“I am in Bombay right now.” He responded to my question with his hands.


“Oh, when did you arrive?”




“And you’re just calling me now to Inform me.” I said with a smile. Seeing him reminded me of Krish whom I haven’t called since he left Anant Desai’s house last night. “Anyway have you heard from your brother, Krish?” I ask him. Krish hasn’t called me since he left which is unlike him, no matter how serious we fight, he calls me.


“Yes, I am at his house and you, are you still with Anant Desai?” He ask.


“Yes, though someone came and try to kill Harsha tonight, he escaped before I could catch him, he is a lucky bastard.” I replied. “So we are staying in a hotel somewhere near Anant Desai house.” I added.


“Someone came to attack Harsha?” He asked, surprised.


“Yes.” I reply.



“I don’t know how to say this Zee but I overheard Krish telling a person over the phone to kill someone for him tonight. I don’t know if it is the same person.” He told me.


“Are you serious Khaleel? You heard Krish and someone discussing?”


“Yes Zee, I can’t fabricate such a lie against my brother. I heard Krish loud and clear.” He said. “Or don’t you believe me?” He asked.


“Okay, I believe you Khaleel, but Krish can’t hurt the man I love, he knows what it means for him to go behind my back.” I said not believing him.


“I am not saying if the man sent to kill Harsha was from Krish, all I am saying is that Krish told someone to kill another person for him and I had to pretend I didn’t hear anything.” He told me. “Look, I am going to gather evidence and show it to you, just in case we are right or wrong. Just tell Harsha to be careful.” He added.


“I will.” I said smiling widely. “Be safe Khaleel.” I told him. Khaleel has always have my back right from the onset.


“I am always safe sis, good night. I will call you once I have gotten the evidence cus I am very sure since the killer wasn’t able to kill Harsha, he might call or come to inform the one who sent him about his failed mission, I just hope it isn’t Krish.” He signed.


“I hope too, just be careful.”


Khaleel smile and I ended the call and fling my phone on the bed, took off my clothes and went to take my bath, once I was through, I wore the one Harsha has given to me tonight and went to bed to sleep, covering myself with the soft blue duvet, but sleep didn’t came, rather I was thinking about my conversation I had with Khaleel.


What if it was Krish that was behind the attack? No it wouldn’t be him. Krish won’t dream to hurt Harsha even if it hurts him to see me with Harsha.


Krishna had told me she would kill me instead of Harsha and speaking of her.


Her voice sounds so familiar. I have heard it from somewhere, from someone but can’t remember. In fact I know I haven’t met Krishna so why do I find her voice familiar anytime we speak on the phone? Why is her voice familiar?


Have we met before? If we have met before then where?


I pick up my phone from the bed and send a picture of Khaleel to my goon, he was the one who has been doing my jobs secretly, with a message.


Dropping my phone opposite the pillow, I slept off thinking of Krishna’s familiar voice.





Krish Pov



I was waiting impatiently for Sonu to call, my phone was in my hands. I haven’t moved an inch from my living room. My brother was the one who had gone to buy us some food and after eating with me, he did his sign language to me that he was going to bed. I bid him goodnight and he left me.


I couldn’t stop staring at my phone, waiting for Sonu to call. It was past nine and I was getting impatient.


My phone rang and it was Sonu. I hurriedly picked his call.


“Sonu, did you manage to kill Harsha?” I demanded immediately.


“No, Zee saw me and saved his life, though my bullet hit Anant Desai.” He responded.


He knows Zee, who doesn’t know her in the whole of Bombay.


“Shit!!” I cursed. “Did she see your face?”



“No, she didn’t, I ran as fast as I can once I realized I had been seen. Don’t worry, they won’t trace it to you Krish. I am sorry I couldn’t kill your target.” He told me.


“It’s okay, I will look for other means to kill Harsha. Have a nice day Sonu.” I said and ended the call.


I heard a loud gasp behind me and I turned around to see my brother’s shocked face.


“So you are the one who had sent that killer to kill Harsha?” He signed to me.


Breathing slowly. “Yes, Harsha is standing between I and Zee.” I answered truthfully, no need to lie to my brother, he heard my conversation. “Zee loves him and I want to kill him, I won’t stop until he is dead.”


“Why would you want to kill Harsha? You know Zee loves him yet you want to Kill the man she loves after what she has done for the both of us.” He said with his signed language. “Are you sure you are okay Krish? Why do you want to repay her good for bad?” He asked.


“Because I love her so much Khaleel, you won’t understand until you fall in love with someone who doesn’t return your love back.” I told him.


“And you think by killing Harsha you are doing the right thing brother? You will only make Zee hate you.” He said, “I won’t allow this to slide, I am driving to Bangalore tonight to meet Zee and tell her what you did.” He added.


You wouldn’t dare!!


“And you think she would believe you Khaleel?” I asked.


“Yes.” He signed and brought out his phone from his Jean pocket and showed it to me. “I was recording our conversation and now I have the evidence against you. Gosh I wouldn’t believe you would do such a thing to Zee who had helped us all through the years Krish. You really disappoint me.” He said and started walking towards the front door without giving me a glance.



“So you would report your own brother to Zee? We are brothers and brothers covers each other secrets.” I told him and that stops him when he reaches the front door.


Turning around to face me.


“Not a brother who will kill rather than fighting for her with your brains and hands.” He signed.


I will kill you if you dare tell Zee brother.


I thought silently to myself as I became furious.


“So you will tell on your own brother? What if I don’t want to use my brain and hands to fight for her? What if killing is the only option left for me!!?” I yelled out.


“Your yelling won’t stop me from telling Zee the truth brother, it won’t.”


He turns and tries to open the door when I grab him from behind and fling him hard across the floor. He started groaning in pains.


I ran to my kitchen and took out the knife there and ran back to the living room, he was getting up to his feet.


I will have my perfect picture family with Zee once Harsha is down and I won’t allow you to ruin me brother.


With that thought, I thrust the knife I was holding straight to his neck, ignoring the blood that came out, I removed the knife and thrust it on his stomach.


You won’t ruin me brother. Zee is mine alone.






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