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Blood Doctors – Episode 20

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Nicole pov


I opened the door and began to walk to her but the light suddenly went off but came back on after five seconds, and she wasn’t there.


The white haired have left.


I can’t lose her.


I ran out of the room and began to look for her.


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I search the house but did not find her.


“Gosh have lose her again”.


I said.


“I need to tell grandpa about thus”.


I said and left.


Richard pov


I knock at grandpa’s office door.


“Come in”.


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He said.


I opened the door and walked in.


“Good day grandfather”.


I greeted bowing.


“My grandson who hardly visits me”.


He said smiling.


“Sorry I haven’t been visiting you”.


I said.


*he smiled.


“So what do you want”.


He asked.


I breathed in and out.


I looked at him.


Am really scared and nervous.


“Grandpa I want to be independent. I want to rent an apartment”.


I said.


I looked at his face which was expressionless.


I pray he say yes.


“That will never happen”.

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He said.


I quickly knelt down.


“Grandpa please am begging you, allow me to leave the house”.


“Is there something wrong with the house? ”


“No but…. “.


“you are not allowed to rent a house. We shall all leave here till whenever it will end”.


He said and left.


Gosh this is so frustrating.


Lucius pov


Richard really want to add up to my problems.


Why will he ever think of leaving the mansion.


Its dangerous to leave alone.


Or does he have someone?.


He better don’t if not he will destroy himself.


I have other things to worry about, like the eclipse.



Orchard pov


I went to father office but he wasn’t there, so I want to the library and there he was.


Actually he have a library which is a secret.


It is all filled with vampire books.




I called going to him.


He looked at me.


I sat down close to him.


“I will be going to the black bloods this night”.


I said.


He looked at me.


“Do you have to go”.


“Yes dad, I have to go for the sake of my son”.


I said.


“Then you don’t have to go”.


Someone said behind up. We all turned to the person.




Grandpa called.


“Dad there is another vampire, a powerful one, my mate”.


He said.


Dad and grandpa got up.


“What? “.


we both ask.


“Yes. She has a white coloured hair. Green and red eyes and the first time we met,


I felt how strong she was”.


He said.


“Are u sure son? “.


I asked.


“Yes dad. And the most amazing part is that I saw her in the hospital today dressed as a doctor. But I did not get the chance to see her face”. He said.




“Then we have to search for her immediately”.


Father said.


He looked at me.


“Orchard let your brother know. We will have to find out who she is”.


He said.


I bowed and left.


Sophia pov


The senior nurse gave me a lot of work to do today.


And I really need to use the internet for that.


I log into the internet and search for the disease am working on.


A lot of result was shown.


I clicked on one.


I was about to log out when I was done but stopped when I saw a post.


I clicked on it.


It was from an anonymous account.


The picture of Lucius was shown.


It was an old picture.


Like it was hundred years old.


The picture quality is so low.


But Lucius look exactly the same.


He did not change at all.


or it was edited.


But wait a minute.


There is a calendar at the background.


I zoomed the picture.


And what the




And this year is 2017.


A hundred years ago.


Something is not right here.


Lucius pov


The news of michael arrest came to me.


Am so mad at him.


How dare he.


The media have already taken up the news.


People are now questioning us.


He just succeeded in destroying our reputation.


I angrily went to the police station and a bail was granted.


Why are there so many problems this days.


Michael pov


I watched as grandpa went inside the house angrily.


Have just cause a huge damage to our reputation.


And I know grandpa won’t forgive me cause he cares about the reputation so much.


“My son”.


Mom called coming to ne.


She hugged me.


“What did they do to you”.


She asked.


I smiled at her.


“I need to talk to grandpa now, I will talk to you later”.


I said.


“Grandpa? He is so mad at you. Talk to him when he cooks down”.


She said.


And she got a point.


Aaron pov.




I haven’t tell my dad about the contract yet.


I can’t afford to miss it.


Its just three days left before it will be terminated.


I just need to talk to dad so that he can sign on the document.


Gosh this is so frustrating.


Vanessa pov


Thank God my michael was granted a bail.


Am so happy his back.


I need to make some food for him.


I know he will be hungry.


I went to the kitchen smiling but it did not last cause Freda was there.


She looked at me and smirked.


“You always want father love but now i think your son have destroy your effort by


disgracing the family”.


She said.


I looked at her angrily.


“Its just a matter of time. Father will forgive him”.



“Really? It will take a lot of time”.


She said and left.


Such a fool.

















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