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7 Days With My Crush – Episode 9

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episode 9




by Authoress Simrah




Kay’s POV.


it’s almost 9am and Mia isn’t awake, what type of a responsible lady sleeps till 9am? I’m so gonna drag her out of the bed and I’m still planning on a sweet revenge for what she did yesterday .


She seriously needs to be thought a lesson so she will stop being a chatterbox. I freshened up and went to her room to wake her up in the wrong way.


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I saw her sleeping figure on the bed, she’s really a sleeping beauty. I don’t know what’s taking over my sense but I think I’m addicted to her , I can’t deny the fact that I enjoy her troubles. This girl is damn attractive.. I don’t want her but then she’s too close to my heart .. I touched her cute soft face and cupped it a little…


Damn I love this girl! I can’t fight my feelings any more but still, I won’t let her know! She hates me! what if I tell her about my feelings and she ditch me? I don’t want her to leave my side soon.. But I don’t like her yet my feelings are betraying me.


She has a long curly and smooth hair. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer tucking the strand of her hair back..I don’t want to ever leave this position ever! but what if she wakes up.. Jeez! man control yourself this is not what I came for but look what my emotions have turned me!!..




hellllllllllppppp” the next thing I saw was myself lying on the floor with a thud..ouch! that hurts , I groaned and stood up from the floor to see Mia laughing childishly..



what’s wrong with you Mia , why did you shout and pushed me to the floor?” I asked feigning anger but I wasn’t actually angry. This particular lady have made me develop soft spot for ladies of which I don’t want. I think I need to stop this feeling, maybe if I becomes harsh on her , it will disappear..




what! I thought it was some kind of rapist in the room” she said laughing..

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it isn’t funny! get your lazy a*ss off the bed and go prepare me something” I commanded authoritatively..




cook for you? what happened to the maids? ” she said rolling her eyes…




well for the meantime, I gave them a break because I want my wifey to do all the house chores” I replied, that was my intention, I mean to suffer her let her go through pain to take away this new feeling..




what! how did you expect me to clean this whole house and equally be cooking? you are joking aren’t you? ” she asked not believing what I just said..




you are my Maid for this days you are spending here so get used to it” I said sternly…




I can’t believe this ” she shook her head..




be down in 7 or else there will be consequences” I said and walked out…




Mia’s POV.


okay that is too much! I can’t believe this, to be a maid for who? Lucifer? hmm that’s a lot to take in. I’m already regretting my decision! how will he be so heartless and send the maids away just to punish me and to worsen it all I’m veryyyyyyyy lazy.. I face palmed myself and sigh.



He was serious and it’s really scaring me ..To be honest I’m scared of him but I don’t want to show him I’m scared no! I can’t do the work I can’t clean this whole mansion, what did he take me for? huh..


I stood up and entered the bathroom , took a long shower forgetting he only gave me 7minutes .


I went down stairs to at least prepare the break fast..that’s the least I can do..




you are five minutes late and I told you there will be consequences if you defile me ” he said startling me, I didn’t even know he was there…




hey Mr lucifer, I am a puppy you can control around, I’m your wife and this is my house also, don’t forget I’m the one helping you here unless you want me to make it known to the world that we did a contract marriage! I do whatever I pleases not what you want me to do” I snapped and entered the kitchen with a pounding heart, maybe, just maybe this one will tell him that I’m capable..


I began making cookies and within 30minutes I was done . I just pray he brings back the maids


seriously , I wouldn’t bring myself to be a maid here, we will just live in dirt…..


I dropped the food for him and stormed off. I need to cool my head , I took his car keys and left to Jen’s. I’m looking for trouble, he’s gonna kill me if I return…











It’s been two days since I was married to Lucifer and two days since I last saw him …I have been avoiding him all this while, I will stay in my room and watch Netflix with my popcorn beside me..


I need to go get water I’m really thirsty right now. I wore my flip flops and headed down stairs..



I went to the kitchen, get a bottle of water and hurried back into my room, yes ! I mean I packed to the guest room and Kay didn’t stop me either.


I was going, when I bumped into something or rather someone but I didn’t fall, I was held by the waist to stop me from falling, I raised my head to see that it was Kay . I pushed him away and he fell….




is that how to compensate me for saving you?” he asked trying to stand up..




anyways thanks , and next time don’t bump into me ” I said and began walking upstairs but he held my wrist and pinned me to the wall, he was too close which is giving me goosebump, the close proximity is electrifying..




wh..what..a..are..y.you doing” I asked stammering and bitting my lips nervously..




why are you stammering cute dimples, or did you have feelings for me?” he asked smirking and pushed me close to his to his body that my b**bs were colliding with his chest holding me tighter by the waist..This is bad , my legs were getting weak.




n.no..no.. I don’t have.. feelings for you, n..never” My voice betrayed me again…




ow darling but you are still stammering” he said




get off me ” I whisper yelled..




okay then, what of now” he asked as he began rubbing my thigh..




hmm” it was the only thing that came out of my mouth…




tell me to stop and I will believe you don’t have feelings for me” he began making his way to my pants and still I couldn’t stop him




” tell me to stop cute dimples” he said smirking while he pressed one of my b**bs … making a m0an escape me lips…




ka..Kay..Kayden stop” I managed to say after what seems like forever…




now I got my answers” he grinned and left me ..Jeezy! that was close! why couldn’t I stop him ? or do I really have feelings for him? …. I stood there frozen thinking about what just happened.. I just can’t comprehend it..


I will avoid him through out today….


God I can’t wait to get out of here, this temptation is killing….


Thank goodness, tommorow is the concert, Kayden will officially be the CEO of Brooks and Co in


tommorow’s party … My days are numbered………………………….




Unknown POV..


I was pacing about, I can’t let that brat have the properties, I hate him and I must bring him down by all means…




listen, there is always a way out” Jerry my best friend said..




which Godforsaken way, tommorow is the concert and you are telling me there is a way?” I yelled at him..




just don’t do anything stupid, you can get the properties but don’t go destroy the concert


tomorrow, we will know what to do after then okay, calm down man” he said……. I don’t care


anymore, I hate you Kayden Brooks and I must make sure I destroy anything that brings happiness to you! I will kill you slowly !


just wait for me , my return is for you and only you!


I will break you .




7days with my crush

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