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Unwavering Faith – Episode 2

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(episode 2)




There’s nothing as heartbreaking as hearing a person you love tell you to your face that they don’t have feelings for you anymore, talk more of your own husband who promised to love you through thick and thin. It’s quite sad that people don’t see the need to work their relationships out when there’s an issue or to be patient with their partner through trying times; they rather just take the easy way out by quitting the relationship and moving onto the next available person.



It was quite unfortunate that Raymond gave up on his love for his dear wife and even went as far as having a child with his mistress, simply because God hadn’t answered Susan’s cry for a child yet. The most confusing thing in the whole situation was that Vetina got pregnant in just few months of meeting and being in an extra marital affair with Raymond, which brings Raymond’s family and himself into the conclusion that something was definitely wrong with Susan; thereby resulting to her inability to conceive and bear a child.




Finally, the cat was let out of the bag and Susan was now aware of the little secret Raymond and his parents had been hiding from her. She was still finding it extremely difficult to digest the shock of her husband’s extra marital affair with another woman which led to the birth of a child and there he was, confessing to her that he didn’t love her anymore.



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At that moment, Susan was utterly devastated and could hardly breath. “What do you mean by our marriage was over a long time ago? Who ended it?” she curiously asked with tears dripping from her eyes, “When last did I touch you?” Raymond enquired looking right into her eyes, “I don’t know, I guess it’s been 6 months” Susan replied sobbing. While she sobbed, Raymond took his phone from her hand and cleaned the tears from her eyes; “I’m glad you were able to remember when last I had any intimate thing to do with you. I tried to be strong and weather the storms of this marriage but I figured out that I just couldn’t continue anymore. It’s been 5 years we have been married but no child yet, what do you expect me to do? Sit around till old age catches up with me and then we finally adopt a child that isn’t mine? I waited with you for a miracle but non was forth coming and as human as I am, I became tired and couldn’t continue holding unto a marriage that had already hit the rocks. I’m not saying I want a divorce yet and I don’t even know it I want a divorce at all. I’m willing to still be tagged as your husband just so I don’t bring shame to you and your family. And yes! I’m a proud father of a bouncing baby boy and I’m planning on doing the marital rites of the mother to my son so he can fully be mine. All these while, I thought that maybe I was the reason for your infertility but was proven wrong by the mother of my new born. I’m sorry if you are hurt but it is what it is” He coldly said.



While Raymond spoke, Susan died and resurrected multiply times. Everything still felt like a bad dream and was hard for her to digest. For some strange reasons, Susan felt insure about her right to get mad at her husband for what he had done. For crying out loud, he cheated on her and deserved a taste of her wrath but for some weird reasons, she felt she didn’t have the right to react; maybe because he got something he had always wanted from another woman in a short time of knowing her, while they had been trying as a couple for good five (5) years to get same thing.




At that moment, Susan felt less of a woman and that insecurity made her weaker. After being mute for a while, she finally summoned the strength to speak. “I trusted you with all my heart and this is how you pay me back, by making me subject to mockery and disgrace? What happened to that unwavering faith we had concerning the birth of our own child? Why did your faith waver at the slightest crisis that hit our marriage? Even the doctors have attested that there’s nothing wrong with my reproductive organs and that our child will come in due time, don’t you think if there was anything shady I did in the past that might have damaged my womb, the doctors wouldn’t have known? Now I look like the bad person in this marriage simply because someone else was able to conceive for you in a short period of time. Don’t you know that as our faces are different, so are our destinies and timing? Why have you decided to give up on the Love we had and shared? I don’t deserve this Raymond, I don’t” She said with tears falling uncontrollably from her eyes.




Unfortunately for Susan, it was too late to cry because Raymond really cared less and wasn’t that in love with her as she thought. All that was going on in his mind at that moment was for the next day to reach so he could zoom out to his peaceful haven; which was Venita’s house that contained his son. What a hunting experience indeed for any lady to have to go through the trauma Susan had to go through that day. Before she knew it, he got up and walked out on her. He headed for the living room and laid on one of the couch to sleep.




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When Raymond left, Susan burst into tears and followed him to the living room. “Where are you going to? So you just want to leave me like that huh?” she said, “I



didn’t say I was quitting the marriage unless you want me to?” he asked and she cried even more. “Why did you cheat on me? Am I now less of a human because I don’t have a child yet, why will you do what you did without even considering my feelings and how devastated I would be? Who made you God over my womb that warranted you to rule me out and declare me childless just because your mistress got pregnant for you in a short while. One thing I am sure is that this isn’t the man that promised to always be by my side. After all I did for you and how we suffered together to build this wealth and name we now have today, how could you do this to me” She said sobbing.




As the atmosphere got heated, Raymond saw that Susan wasn’t ready to calm down anytime soon so he quickly grabbed his car key and zoomed out of the house without telling her where he was going to. Immediately he drove off, Susan raised her hands and placed them on her head as she burst into tears. She cried bitterly as someone whose loved one just passed away. The shock was just too much for her to bear as everything was happening too fast and impossible for her to grasp at a time. Her whole world seemed to be coming to an instant end and it was quite unfortunate that everyone was against her, with no one for her to pour out her pain to.




While Susan was crying her eyes out, Raymond was on his way to Venita’s house. When he arrived, the gateman opened the gate for him to enter inside. At that time, everyone was fast asleep so he joined them and laid gently on the bed. Venita noticed his presence and was more than happy to see him, as she thought he would be away that night.




“Baby, you are here, I thought we weren’t going to see you again till tomorrow” Venita gently asked, ‘Nothing, I just couldn’t stay another minute in that house with my wife, she is trouble and now knows about you and my son because she saw the text you sent to me. Why did you text me at such hour knowing that I would be home and that Susan will probably be around?” Raymond angrily replied.



At that moment, Venita was aware that Raymond was angry with her so she began to seek for ways to calm him down. “Baby I’m sorry, I just missed you and also wanted to show you the pictures of our baby. Besides, I’m happy your wife now knows about us so we can come out of hiding. I mean, if you are no longer interested in the marriage, why not file for a divorce so you can now focus on our own family. Close every chapter of her and let her go so you wouldn’t be as worked up like this again. Now come here my baby and give mama a kiss” She said.




If there was one thing Venita was extremely good at, it was her power to use words. She was so good with words and could capture the heart of anyone she used that technique on. Raymond was a baby in her palms and she had him any day any time. He sheepishly moved closer to her and laid on her chest till they slept off. The sad thing was that Venita had succeeded in planting the ‘Divorce option’ seed in his mind that night.




The next day, Susan alerted her parents on the latest development concerning Raymond and his extra marital affairs. With immediate effect, her mum contacted Raymond’s parents to report what their daughter told them, only for his parents to acknowledged Venita and her baby as their son’s new wife and grand child.




Just imagine for one second how Susan’s parents felt knowing that Raymond’s family were already aware of Venita and had even started referring to her as their in-law. When Susan got to hear about this, she cried her eyes out the more, knowing that his parents weren’t siding her and didn’t care how she felt as regards the matter. The one thing that shattered Susan’s heart was the fact that Raymond’s parents had already accepted the lady and child as family.




The whole world seemed to be coming to an instant end and Susan couldn’t take it any longer. She started contemplating of committing suicide but felt it was a coward thing to do. She called Raymond continuously that day but he wasn’t picking up. She held herself from totally losing it and waited for him to return



home. Days passed and there was still no trace of Raymond. Susan had slimed down due to the crying and excess thinking she had been doing.




Unfortunately, Raymond returned one evening to get some of his clothes. When Susan saw him, she pounced on him and started crying and telling him to kill her. Initially, he ignored her and went straight to his wardrobe to get few of his clothes but she didn’t leave him either. “You must kill me today; after all I have suffered for you. You must kill me because I’m already as good as dead” she said as she cried.




Things began to blow out of proportion and Raymond mistakenly pushed her so he could pass through the living room. Unfortunately, he pushed her so hard that she hit her waist on the sharp edge of one of the couches.




Before Raymond knew it, Susan completely blacked out!






Unwavering Faith

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