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Blood Doctors – Episode 10

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The next day work.


Rebecca pov


I walked majestically in to the hospital.


Today is a bright new day, I just hope today will be a good and bright day.


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I just wish never to see that good for nothing jerk.


“Intern rebecca”.


Miso called running to me.


“What does this girl want again”.


I thought.


She ran and met me.


“You are really a fast walker”.


She said trying to catch her breath.


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“Really? Cause I don’t think so”.


I said opening my office door.




She called.


I walked to my chair and sat down.


Mi so came and hit her hand on my desk.


“Why re you like this”.


“Like how”.


I asked.

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“Am trying to be a friend but you keep ignoring me”.


She asked.


“Please excuse me am kinda busy”.


“What do you mean? Am trying to be nice here”.


She said.


“Then keep your been nice to yourself and stop bothering me”.


I said.


“Wow I thought you really where frustrated that day you insulted me but I never knew you where a pathetic disrespectful lady”. Someone said from the door.


We all look to see who it was.




A male intern said.


We all got up and bowed.


“Good morning sir”.


“Good morning sir”.


We all greeted.


He walked yo me.


“You are really a disrespectful bitch”.


He said an that really hurt me.


“Do you always disrespect your parent too. Is this how they trained you. They


really pamper you”.


He said.


And I felt a pain I’m my heart.


I don’t get hurt, I only get angry, this is the first time in years am getting hurt.


I looked at him.


“You have no right to mention my parent name”.


I said.


The whole intern gasped.


Dr. Nicole looked t me in shock.


“You have no right to talk about them. You can insult me, punish me, but don’t you


mention them”.


I said.


“And what if I do”.


He asked.


“Then I will have no choice then to forget you been my boss and beat the hell out


of you”.


I said.


He look at me shocked.


“You are really disrespectful”.


He said.


“And what is your business in that”


I asked.


This guy need to know the way his talking to me, am old enough to be his great grandma. I don’t know why I am not getting old, if not I wouldn’t have been receiving such insult.


“Intern Rebecca, you really have one guts right”.


He asked.


“Yes I do and so what”.




He said angrily holding my hand.


“Am not your mare so why will you be holding my hands Luke that”.


I asked.


“Not my mate, what are you 32?seriously stop kidding me, you are just 19”.


He said.


“19?and am a doctor? That is really a big achievement”.


I said sarcastically.


He angrily stirred at me.


“What is going on here? “.


Someone asked making the both of us to turn.


The remaining intern bowed down.


Although I don’t know who they where cause they we’re three, I bow down too.


“Nicole what’s happening here”.


The one that look like the oldest asked.


“Richard, aren’t you suppose to be doing some stuffs”.


Dr. Nicole asked.


“She dare disrespect you huh? ”


A female ask.


“Ivy, you are back”.


He said.


“We need to take her to the chairman, how dare she disrespect his grand son”.


The third doctor said.




Not the chairman.


Nicole pov


“Grandfather? “.


I asked.


“Yes she need to be taught a lesson”.


Ivy said.


“calm down, she is just a minor problem I can handle”.


I said smiling looking at rebecca face which was filled with anger.


“Guys let’s go have some drink, its been long we hang out”.


I said.


They all smiled at me and left.


“Rebecca, learn some manners”.


I said and left.


The nine Granduwella grandchildren where all gathered at a bar.


They where talking and laughing happily.


“Guys make sure you don’t drink much, if not you know what will happen”.


Gwen said.


“Don’t worry”.


Michael said.


I suddenly saw a vision.


“Guys black bloods are here”.


said. “Really? “. Reena asked.


“Yes I can sense them”. I did.


“How many are they”. Richard asked.


“They are twelve. Six are in here right now, while six are out side”. I said.


“Do you have an idea of what they are doing here”. Gwen asked.


“Nope”. I replied.


“Ok. Ashton, Reena, kelvin, and michael take care of the ones outside. Gwen, ivy, Aaron and I will take care of the ones in here. Nicole you take care of our cover, don’t let us be caught or discover. And make sure everyone lives here safely “. Richard said.




I said and got up.


“Do a clean job Nicole”.


Ivy said smiling.


I turned and left.


Now I have a perfect idea.


I took my phone and dialed Richard number.


He picked immediately.


“Richard, immediately every one leave, make sure you leave to your assigned positions”.


Nicole said and disconnected the call.


He saw a piece of paper in his front.


He carried it with him and went to the bathroom.


He kept the paper in a trashcan and brought out a lighter.


“Thank God I came with it”.


I said and light the paper.


I came out of the bathroom and hit the fire alarm button.


People began to panic running away.


I look down the stair and sighted a three black blood vampires going toward a door.


I called Richard.


“Three are going towards the door at your left”.


I said.


I turned and saw two more.


“Two are standing by the emergency exit door”.


I look again.


“And the last one is going towards the door at your right”.


I said and disconnected the call.


The people there all ran out.


“Time for action”.


I said going to the circuit.


I disconnected the lights both outside and inside making everywhere dark.


In the next five minutes, I connected it.


I came downstairs to meet my siblings, and they all had blood in there mouth.


“Wow that was quick”.


I said.


Richard smiled.


“You really did a great job”.


He said.


I smiled.


“Let get going before the police come here”.


Gwen said.


Ashton threw a bag of blood at me.


“That is yours”.






We all left the bar.


Jack pov


I look round the weird building.


Actually am in the house of the real Jack.


A family member saw me and brought me here. The family look happy to see me. He has two junior sister, his parent and aunt. Its really weird. I don’t have time for this, only want my revenge on the Granduwella’s. “Elias, Elias”.


A voice called and it was as if the voice was inside me.


Its seems like someone is trying to communicate through minds.




I replied through my mind.


“This is the royal witch”.


The voice said.




I said.


“Elias as quick as you can find a lot of bloods cause you will surely need them.


Change of plan, you are not to kill the Granduwella’s immediately, you are to make


them suffer first before you kill them. If you try to kill them now without knowing


their weak points, they will end up killing you. I just find out that they are in san


Francisco, an that they own a big hospital, the Granduwella’s hospital. You will


have to work there as a doctor to know their weak points. We sent twelve vampires


there but they end up killing them in just five minutes, they have grown stronger


then before. Kill those people who knew the real Jack, cause we don’t want an


obstacle. Tomorrow under the full moon I will to give you knowledge, human




She said.







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