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Forbidden Passion – Episode 49

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Chapter 4 ⃣9 ⃣


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Continuation From the Last Episode:


“Then how do I sustain the injury without getting it healed, remember I am a werewolf and we do heal quickly.” Tyler said hoping what plan Beauty has will work.


“Not when magic is involved Tyler.” Beauty said with a lopsided smile.


“I don’t get you Beauty, what magic are you talking about?” Tyler asked.


“I told you I now have powers and I can make anything possible, I will cut your two arms and will make them not heal so that everyone’s presence will witness and agree to let me take your place.” Beauty explained.

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“Are you sure it will work?” Tyler asked.


“It will work my dear. Trust me.” Beauty replied.


“What about my blood, won’t I be bleeding if the wound refuses to go away?” Tyler has to ask the question which has been bugging him.


“It won’t, I will make sure you don’t bleed while your wounds are still opened.” Beauty answered him. “No one will suspect a thing.” She added.


“But what are we going to tell them of how I came about the wounds on my arms?” He asked.


“We are going to tell them we were attacked in your room the previous night obviously to stop you from winning the throne and I wasn’t with you at that time because I was in the bathroom.” Beauty reply.


“You think they would believe that?” Tyler ask.


“Yes, they will and I will have to take your place in fighting River since we are both ladies.” Beauty responds.

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“They won’t believe it if it is a sword wound Beauty.” Tyler said after a while of thinking it through.


“And if I may ask, why do you say so?” Beauty demanded.


“Because I’m a wolf and the best fighter in the whole Wolfe Crimson Kingdom, so I am thinking a bit more of claws wounds. We could tell them a bird man attacked me. What do you think?” Tyler suggested.


Nodding her head to his suggestion, “You’re right Tyler, I didn’t see it that way. To make it look more real, I am going to summon a bird man who will engage you in a fight and he shall defeat you and fly out of the window making a loud noise to attract everyone in the palace before he will disappear when you throw him a sword I will also make.” Beauty adds her own plan.


“Perfect.” Tyler beamed in a smile. “I just hope it works.”


“You don’t have faith in me Tyler if you do, you won’t be saying those words every time.” Beauty said in a sad tone.


“I am sorry my love, I won’t say that again.”


“You better not, you are lucky I truly love you if not……” Beauty left her words


incomplete as Tyler understood the words. “Just count yourself lucky that I want you to be the Millennium King and not anyone else.” She added. “I will be coming home now but will come back at night to do the magic.” She told him.


“I will be expecting you my love.”


Beauty kissed him on his lips and was gone.


Tyler breathed out deeply. Apart from hoping Beauty plan works he can help but ponder about her incomplete words. The question that has started to bug him right now is; if Beauty didn’t love him, what will she do to him?




Demon Kingdom:


“My love, Beauty has a plan and she is in her kingdom.” Lora stated, she has stayed the night in his arms and right now, she just had her bath and was dressing up.


“Then I must go and pay her a visit.” King Darken said, he was fully dressed. “And you will be coming with me.” He told Lora.


“I know that my love. I can’t wait to see her and for her to see me also.” Lora said as she walked to where he stood. “Let’s go now if you want, my love.”


King Darken draws Lora closer to him with one of his arms around her waist. He transformed into his demon smoke with Lora and the smoke flew out of the already open window.




Witch Kingdom:


Mari and Luke entered the witch palace holding hands as they were greeted by the servants and guards in respect. They walked majestically to the throne room and were given a seat to sit.


Mari then orders Latifah handmaid to summon the Queen for her immediately.


She hurriedly left and returned soon without Latifah. “My Queen said she will be coming to see you my Lady.” She told them.


“Very well then, we shall wait for her to show, you can leave us now.” Mari said and the girl bowed in respect before leaving the throne room.


As soon as the handmaid was out, Queen Latifah appeared. Her twisted face was getting worse and worse including her hand.


“My sister, you summoned me.” Queen Latifah said slowly as she went to sit on the throne. Once she was seated, she faced Mari.



“Yes I did.” Mari said.


“Why are you here? I mean you could have communicated with me through the magic mirror and not stressing yourself and that of your mate to come over here.” Queen Latifah told her. “Honestly speaking I was surprised when my handmaid told me of your presence.” She added.


“I have gotten the spell that will reverse what I did to you.” Mari disclosed why they were there in the first place.


“Really?” Queen Latifah asked in happiness which didn’t fail to show up in her face.


“Yes, but I am afraid, it can only reverse the one in your hand then I will try to look for a spell to reverse the one on your face.” Mari told her.


The happy face on Latifah was gone. “Why my hand, why not my face?”


“I don’t know, I was awake all through the night trying to make a reverse spell but this is the only one that I was able to come across.” Mari answered, getting up from her sit and went to meet her sister. “At least be happy that there is a reverse spell for one of your deformities so you will give me more time for me to find a reverse spell on the one in your face.” She added one of her hands on Latifah’s twisted arm.


“Alright.” Queen Latifah said breathing out deeply.


“Good.” Mari said and closed her eyes before she started saying her spell. Smoke was seen leaving her twisted arm and disperse into thin air.


After a while, Mari opened her eyes and removed her hand and stared at her sister’s arm. The spell has been reversed and her hand was whole again.


Queen Latifah smiled widely and pulled Mari into a hug.



“Thank you, thank you.” She said multiple times as she hugged the living daylight out of Mari. She could feel her hand again. Someone should always remind her never to mess with Mari again.


Mari returns her hug briefly before they release their hold on each other. She went back to meet her mate who was on his feet immediately.


“Let’s go home love.” Mari said and holding their hands together, they walked out of the throne room majestically.


“Thank you for everything Mari.” Queen Latifah whispered and disappeared back to her chamber.




Millennium Kingdom:


Jeffrey’s clearing of his throat separated River and Royal from their passionate kissing.


“I have informed the messengers and they have gone to inform the rest of the kingdom my Queen.” Jeffrey reported.


“Okay, leave us alone.” River ordered.


Jeffrey turned and walked and left the throne room.


“I think it’s time we tell my uncle we know about him so that he won’t send any more attacks to us.” River began. “And also we should tell him about you being the Wolf god, we should surprise him.” She added.


“Like I said before, anything you say is fine by me. I for one want us to tell Isaac we know who is behind the attack.” Royal told her.


“Jeffrey!!” River shouted and Jeffrey entered.


“Yes my Queen.”



“Go and call me Isaac, tell him to come to the throne immediately with you that it is very urgent.” River ordered and Jeffrey left to carry out his orders.


Five minutes later, Jeffrey returned with Isaac hot on his heels.


“You can leave us now Jeffery.” River said and Jeffrey left them.


“Why was I being called urgently?” Isaac asked.


“Please have a seat first.” River said, pointing at one of the empty chairs that Tyler and Beauty had occupied.


Isaac went to sit down and face them. “I am seated so why was I being called?” He asked them.


“Let me first of all start with this; I know who had attacked us last time.” River said shocking Isaac.


“Y-you do?”


“Yes uncle, and you and I know who did it.” River responded and Isaac suddenly found his throat dry. “I know it was you who had sent those two beasts to attack us yesterday.”


“I-i-” Isaac stammered.


“There is no need to lie uncle.” River told him softly.


“Yes I did it.” Isaac finally confesses.


“Why?” She asked.


“Because, I wanted the throne for myself.” Isaac opens up.


“You could have just asked instead of going through my back to attack us Uncle. But for what you did, you won’t smell or dream to sit on that throne.” River told



him. “And not only that, about what we discussed last night about the wolf god. I want to tell you that my mate, here.” She said pointing at Royal. “Is the wolf god.”


Isaac was beyond shock now. He stared at Royal and then at River then finally on Royal.


He burst out laughing, surprising River and Royal.


“Why are you laughing Uncle?”


“Is m laughing because neither of you will get to sit on that throne.”


“And why is that?”


“Because you are the Millennium wolf King daughter and he is the wolf god.”


“So? What has that got to do with me not sitting on my father’s throne?”


“There is a law the gods and your father had placed.”


“Which is?”


“You as the daughter of the Millennium wolf King can’t marry the wolf god, it is forbidden and now that I have known, every King and Queen, in fact everyone in the whole supernatural will hear of this and you will see the outcome.” Isaac said smiling as if he had won a jackpot. “Thank you for informing River.” He told them and left them.


River and Royal were shocked.


Royal past has come hunting him.






Forbidden Passion (You’re Mine)



Unveiling the Wolf god (Part 11) Finale

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