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The Neighbourhood Saga – Episode 12

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( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )




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“Don’t worry, nobody will ever find out about us Darling.” She replied then called my phone.


I watched it ring twice then picked the third call and pretended to be sleepy.


“Hello Haman, I am at the gate, would you please open the gate for me?” She said after I took the call.

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“Well, I thought you went for another sleepover so I went to visit a friend, I will not be back until tomorrow.” I lied then hanged up the call.


I observed her reaction, she looked worried and scared. She slowly placed her hands on the head and walked towards the guy who by now was standing near the Audi.


“He is not home!” I heard her say.


“What do we do now? I can’t take you to my place and you know it!” The guy replied.


“How about we go and get a room together at the hotel and spend the night there?” Joy suggested as she slowly lifted her dress further up to show him her thighs.


“Come on Darling, that is risky.” The guy replied.


Joy placed her hands on his shoulders and started kissing his lips. She then took his right arm and placed it on her left boob.


“Do you want more of this or not?” She asked him.

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The guy did not respond, instead he opened for her the car’s door and then they drove away. I took my phone and dialed Chrisham’s number; at first she did not pick up.


“Hello Ham, why are you calling me at this time of the night?” She asked.


“Is your hubby home?” I asked.


“No, he left for a business trip this morning and later called me to tell me that he will not be home for one week because they have an Executives summit, why did you ask?” She replied.


“I need us to talk, it is urgent.” I said.


“What is going on Haman?” She asked.


“I think it is best if you see and hear for yourself.” I replied.


“Okay, open the gate for me I am coming.” She said and hanged up the phone.


Ten minutes later, Chrisham was at the gate. I opened for Her the gate using the remote control and she walked in, her courage was amazing. Very few ladies could have the courage to walk all alone that late. She walked to the door and met me waiting for her at the doorstep. She was wearing her night dress; a white translucent dress.


“What is that so urgent Ham that you can not wait for tomorrow?” She asked curiously.


“Come in please.” I said as I stepped aside to let her in.


Chrisham walked past me into the house. I then followed her from behind after I had locked the door.

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“Can I get you something to drink?” I asked.


“No, I am good Haman.” She replied.


I walked to my bedroom and took my laptop then came with it to the dining room.


“Here, have a look at this.” I said as I gave her the laptop.


“What is in here Ham?” She asked.


“You have the answer in your hands my dear.” I said then sat beside her.


At the desktop, there were two video clips recorded by the CCTV cameras; both


from my house and from the gate. She first opened the footage from the cameras


inside my house. In the footage, everything Joy did when I was away was shown.


She brought in a man, they had a few drinks together and later left together. That was the very same day she did not come back till the following day.


“You woke me up in the middle of the night and called me here to show me clips of Joy meeting with Martin in your house?” Chrisham asked sounding a little bit upset.


“Open the next clip dear.” I replied politely.


She stared at me for a while then opened the other footage recorded from the gate. It was the recording at the gate, the footage of that night. Chrisham seemed less bothered until the clip got to where the guy got out of the car.


“Who is that guy? I think I do recognize that jacket” She said looking a bit concerned.


“You will see his face just be patient and conclude the footage.” I replied.


When Chrisham saw his face, she got up and held her head. She stared at the Laptop in disbelieve then grabbed her phone.


“Is that not Joy?! What the hell is wrong with Joy??!!!” She asked angrily.



“Calm down dear, I just needed you to know who Joy truly is. I never knew she would go this far.” I said as I held her by the waist.


“What the hell is she doing with Joe? Is she cheating on you with Martin not enough for her?” She asked harshly.


“Martin was just but a middle man my dear, she never made love to him according to their conversation in this audio.” I said as I played an audio I had recorded Joy and Martin talk.


“I need to know where they have gone!” Chrisham said bitterly.


“I have no idea too my dear. All I know is that they went to a hotel. It seems your cousin is not to be trusted.” I replied.


“He is my cousin in law; birds of a feather flock together.” She said.


I stood up, limped to the kitchen and made some coffee. I served Chrisham some and it helped her calm down.


“Ham, can I spend the night here please if you don’t mind?” She asked….





Continues in the next Episode.


©Author George Haman

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