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Billionaire's Bride – Episode 8

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Wanda’s Pov continues
wh…what did you say? ” I stuttered choking on my food
” hey, I just said sorry
Don’t feel too special, I just had to say sorry as a gentleman it’s not cool to barge into a woman’s room without knocking
So I’m sorry about it ” he said and carried his food upstairs to his room
He isn’t that cruel after all, if he could apologize then he is just putting on that rude attitude for nothing.
Was he feeling nervous around me? Why did he carry his food upstairs? I don’t care though
This food is damn sweet and I can’t afford not to finish it
uhmm Hillary? ” I yelled a little so she could hear me
can I have more? ”
what? ” she asked looking not so sure of what I was saying
I mean more of this ” I pointed to my plate and she muttered a ” oh ” and went to the kitchen
She brought it and I set back to work and resume my eating.
how would you maintain that shape if you eat this much? ” he came down and I glared at him
now what? This is none of your concern alright? I own my body ” I rolled my eyes
like I care ” he said and went to the kitchen. How come I have an idiot for a husband? Gosh
He came out of the kitchen with his phone on his ear, he is on call
okay dad, we will get ready. Are you satisfied now? ” he looked at me and I faced my food
He should stop looking at me with those sexy eyes, I don’t want to fall for him
This is an arranged marriage and I have to find a way to annul it
bye dad, I will pack my clothes now ” he said and hung up
that was dad and he wants us to spend our honeymoon in Spain, he has booked our flight for 2pm today. Go and get ready ” he said and went away
Spain? Honeymoon? With Finn? I stopped eating and went to my room and packed some of my good clothes in a bag
I wore a short royal blue gown which stopped halfway on my thigh
I let my hair down and went downstairs to wait for Finn then I saw him there already dressed, also wearing a royal blue long sleeve shirt and a blue jean
He stared at me for few minutes then he gulped down hard, he turned to few of his maids
we will be back after two weeks, keep the house tidy ” he said and walked slowly out of the house and I followed him behind quietly
We both got into the car and the driver took off , Finn got a hold of his phone and started scrutinizing it
My phone is down, the battery has been drained, I forgot to charge it. I just looked at the houses and trees
He glanced at me and I quickly turned my head to the other side, I kept feeling like his eyes are on me
” will you stop staring? ” I asked calmly and he twitched
me? Stare at you? I would rather stare at my poop ” he said and turned to his phone
what? ” I shouted and hit his neck, he just insulted me.
Did I really hit him now? Oh no, I looked up and I saw him with a death glare, I’m as good as dead when we reach our destination.
Now that Wanda has gotten married, my life is as good as ruined. How am I supposed to pay this man off?
I already planned to marry Wanda, I will be able to get few of her father’s riches and get the hell out of her life..
……she is my only hope of paying my 21 million dollars debt off….
I can’t afford to lose a great fortune to Finn, I just need to strike a plan and the only person who can help me is davina.
I think I have to meet with her

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