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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 8

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Episode 8


David almost pissed in his pant as he pulled the break to avoid hitting the lady. The car stopped inches away from her but the shock made her collapsed. He thought he had committed a murder when he saw her lying unconsciously on the ground until he checked her pulse and discovered she was still breathing. He hauled her into his car and drove to the nearest hospital.



David prayed in his heart that this young lady he had hit, regain her consciousness. Although the doctor had assured him that everything was alright, his mind still couldn’t rest. He was so happy when he saw the lady’s eyes blinked opened.


Lara slowly opened her and found herself on an hospital bed. She tried to sit up but her body was weak.


“Lay still madam, everything is alright. ” David said.


She looked at man beside her and got an hint of recognition.


“What’s happened? Where am I? ” she asked curiously.

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“Am sorry, you were involved in an accident. ” He replied.


Lara suddenly remembered what she had done. She studied the man beside her and concluded that he was a police man . She wanted to ask if the Senator was still alive and to say how sorry she was to have done what she did but instead she kept quiet.


David looked at her with pity, an innocent lady who he had injured because he was busy thinking of his personal issue instead on concentrating on the road. His phone rang out and he ignored it. That had been the fifth time his mother had called that morning.


Omolara stole a glance at the man she thought was a cop, he had beard and this disqualifies him from being a cop.


“If he isn’t a cop, who else would he be? ” Lara thought .


David caught the lady staring at him.


“Am sorry about the disturbing call. ” He said switching off his phone.


“I think your face looks familiar, have we met before? ” She asked trying to determine the man’s identity.

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“Let’s leave that for now, the pressing matter is that you get better ” he said.


The doctor came in and met the two talking.


“Welcome doctor. ” he greeted.


“Whoa! She is awake, thank God. How are you feeling now Miss? ” The doctor asked.


“Am just slightly tired and few parts of my body aches. ” She replied.


The doctor checked her up and recorded the result on a card he was carrying. “Mr David, as I have already told you this lady is perfectly fine. Except for the bruises,she had no other injury.


“Thank you so much sir. So when is she going to be discharged?” David asked.


“She should be discharged in the next six hours .” The doctor replied.


“Okay sir, I would like to go home now. I will come back to check up on her.


Good bye madam. ” he said before leaving.


“Doctor please who is that man that just left? ” Omolara asked.


“He is one who brought you here. I thought you two knew each other. He was so


concerned about you that he spent the whole night here waiting for you to wake up.


He is such a nice man. ” The doctor said.




David came home expecting an outburst from his parents but he was disappointed.


He met them both studying the bible together.


“Good morning dad, mom. ” He greeted.


“David sit down. ” His father said and he obeyed.


“We called you severally and you didn’t pick up. You got us worried. ” His mother said.


“Am sorry my phone was on silent. ” He lied.


Pastor Charles drew closer to his son and pat him on the back.


“Son am sorry I tried to saddle you with a responsibility you aren’t ready for. David I believe one day when you ready you will make me proud.” he said. TO BE CONTINUED

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