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Billionaire Sisters – Episode 45

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Chapter 45



Diane POV


That’s the best sex have ever had in a long time .


“I never knew you had it in you ” I smiled and sat up .


He was seated at the couch in my room na.ked , he picked up one of my cigarette and lit it.


“Yeah sure you never can tell if someone is good or bad ” he said dryly.


Woow that’s the Dylan I know.

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“So which one are you ? Is it the good or bad ” I asked amazed by his character I never knew he had the bad boy charms in him .


“Am the bad one , I was only pretending to love Danielle not much , her cash is all that matters to me but now I have you so technically she doesn’t matter anymore” he puff out vapour.


Aww baby am glad you have finally realized how much I love you , don’t worry about the cash I will do anything for you ” I said and stood up from the Walk towards him


I sat down on his thighs as he spanked my ass in a bad boy way , I gasps as he did that.


“So tell me what are you gonna do to her?” She asked as he pecked me on the lips .


“Well I don’t know yet but am planning on selling her off to my Arabian friend samir ” I said .


” Okay that’s cool ” he shrugged his shoulder .


Is this a dream or what? Dylan is not the perfect gentleman I thought he was.

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Ahh in your face Elle.


I wish you could see your so called boo boo right now , .


“Be right back I need to take a shower” he said and excused himself.


He walked into the bathroom .


Am still unable to believe this .


Or is he tryna play games with me? No this can’t be fake he looks so true with no signs that he was actually lying.


I better call Saul ,he should be able to buy some nice clothings and accessories for Dylan I want him to look so good so next time when we go visiting Elle she’s gonna kill herself.


Saul picked up immediately.



Yes ma’am” he answered immediately he picked up.



I want you to go shopping right now for Dylan and it must be very fancy and expensive ” I said sternly.


Noted Ma’am” he said .



I expect it in 30minutes ” I said coldly and hang up.


I dropped the phone and glance at the bathroom door.


Memories of the hot sex we had kept playing in my head.


Maybe I should join him in the bathroom , .


I giggled happily as I raced to the door like a child and entered the bathroom.


There he stood in shower motionless as the water falls on his body.


He didn’t move he just closed his eyes making him look so damn sexy.


“Hey babe what’s up with you” I said and encircled my arms around his waist.


” Nothing dear just tired ” he muttered.


“Ouch dear the maid would have prepared something for us am sure you gonna like it ” I smiled.


” Okay dear ” he said and pinched my cheeks.


We took our shower together , sometimes smooching and romancing but we didn’t have sex .


We came out shortly in bathrobes .Saul had already brought the clothing .


He left it on the couch.


“Babe your clothings are here ,you don’t need all those cheap clothings anymore ” I smirked playfully.


” Thanks sweetie you the best” he said and kissed my cheek.



I blushed heavily , am so head over heels for this dude , I won’t ever let him go for any reason ..


He’s mine and mine alone ,am ready to kill any obstacle that stands in my way even if it’s my flesh and blood.


“Are you thinking about sweetie?” He asked as he used his middle finger to raise my chin up making me look at him


“Nothing of importance” I said and went to the closet .


I came out shortly clad in a short black gown that stopped on my mid thigh.


Dylan was also dressed up in just shorts


I wonder why he refused to put on shirt.


“Let’s go downstairs baby” he said and took my hand .


I feel so on top of the world right now.




Billionaire sisters



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