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Danger Of Blood Covenant – Episode 4

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After Zacky finished telling me the story of how The Black Lioness Ladies killed chumek, i became more afraid because i know that my life is in danger.


The next day, i called joy to tell her what happened to me and how i escaped death, i told her everything that happened and she was


very happy with me but something is bordering her, the father is seriously disturbing her to marry a man whom she dont even have


feelings for, she told me that she dont know what to do and if she tell her parents that she had a covenant with me, they might eat her up alive.


I still encouraged her to keep the faith and never to give up, i have spent one year in school and its remaining 3years for me to graduate from the university.


After one month of my encounter with the Black Lioness girls cult, i thought everything was over, i never knew that kate still have


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evil plans against me, had it been i did not do this covenant with Joy, i should have gone to meet her face to face and give her


what she wanted, since she needed 5ex, i will give it to her to any level, but the covenant i had with Joy is holding me bound.


I knew the reason why she wanted me, its either the devil sent her to


destroy my life or its because am a handsome guy.


One Saturday Morning when i was going to buy something, i met kate on my way going, when i saw her, she looked at me with


a very dangerous eyes and she was shaking her head, i immediately asked her to wait, i walked up to her and began to ask her for


forgiveness the second time, she repeated and said….”Forgiveness is a sin


and mercy is an abomination”


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she said this and left.


Kate is a very beautiful girl that every man will like to have, i like her also but i cannot do that which she is requesting because, i had a covenant with Joy.


After two days, i fell into her trap the second time, it happens that i was coming back from afternoon lectures, i was looking so weak


and tired so i decided to stop and rest, i sat under a tree and was receiving a cool breeze, after some minutes, a beautiful girl


came from no where and joined me under the tree, she brought a book and asked to help her solve her mathematics assignment, i was very


good in maths, we started solving the maths together, at a point the girl asked me my name and i told her, she told me her own and we continued with the assignment, i started developing feelings for her, both each time i remembered Joy, my mind will beat asif someone


is hitting my chest, after one hour, i was able to help her solve the maths assignment, she was very happy and she hugged me, she told


me that she have another maths assignment but the book where she wrote the question is in her lodge, she requested that i should…Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


accompany her to her lodge to go and get the book, i said nothing but she pleaded with me and out of pity i followed her to her house,


when we got there, she brought out the book and i started solving it, and finally i finished solving it, she was very happy with me,


she now asked me what she should offer me, i told her never to worry about that, she said no and insisted to offer me a drink, i said no,


she now said since i dont want to take anything that she will offer herself to me, i was speechless, she drew closer to me and started


telling me how handsome i am, she held my shoulder and before i could say Jesus is Lord she have already undressed her clothes, as a human being i am, i was feeling it and the girl was so beautiful than you can ever imagine. So she drew closer to kiss me, i removed my mouth, pushed her out and i


opened the door, immediately i opened the door and ran outside,


behold i saw Kate and some group of girls outside and before they could stop, i took off and i ran for my life.


I later discovered that the lady whom i helped to solve her maths assignment wanted to get me in the mood and when gotten in the mood, maybe when i start having 5ex with her, the other girls outside will just open the door and come inside and do asif they caught me red-handed having 5ex with a lady, only God knows what will happen.


This was how i escaped another trap from kate just because i was trying to be good to someone, sometimes its good not to help someone..


After i escaped the second trap from kate and her group, i started hiding myself,


i wanted to join a cult so that i could actually fight back, but zacky my friend


asked me not to do so, later i reported the case to the school authority, they investigated the matter and Kate was arrested with some of the ladies, this was


how i became free and i continued with my studies.


I spent four years in school and i graduated, after my graduation, i furthered my


education and i completed my masters, so finally i spent 6years in school. I got an employment in one of the biggest company in my state and its now time for


me to go and get married.


I lost my phone when i was in the university and i lost all my contacts including Joy’s


own, i cannot locate joy and i dont know her village, i went to the place where they were


living before in the city but nobody in that compound could actually give me Joy’s


contact number.


I became worried but with the help of God, i finally got her address and i


went straight to


her village.


Joy is now 28 years old and am 30years old, we were in the same class in secondary school,


she rejected more than 7 men that came to marry her, and at last am here


for her.


When i got to her place, i saw her, although she was already getting old in my eyes but


because of the covenant we had, i still love her, she was a courageous woman, she did not


give up, she waited for me and i cannot disappoint her.


so i met her parents and told them that i want to marry Joy, they were very


happy and we all


agreed with one mind.




The next day, me and joy struck into a serious discussion, i told her the story of kate and


her group, i told her how they wanted to rape me and how they set me up but God delivered me


from their hands. she was very happy with me.


She told me her own story of how her parents was disturbing her to go and marry, she told them


that she is waiting for someone whom God have chosen for her to marry, she told me how men


were disturbing her and how she managed to escape them all.




After the discussion, we planned on how to go for blood test the next day. It was around 8am in the morning, Joy came to my house and we went to a nearby clinic for blood a


test, we spent 4 hours and finally the result was out. when i checked the result, behold My genotype


was [AS] and when Joy checked her own it was [AS] also, the doctor advised us not to marry, they said


that we cannot marry because our genotype does not match, had it been am AA, then i can marry AS.


This was the biggest problem i have encountered in my life, Joy burst out in tears, she was crying like


a baby, i took her home, when we got home, i told her that there is nothing we can do about this,


the only option is for us to break the covenant, she got angry with me and she said that she cannot


break the covenant, after waiting for over six years, rejected all the men that


came to marry me and now


you are telling me to this story, you must marry me weather Good or bad.


[Joy said]



This was the first Danger…




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