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Episode 8




I served lunch and returned to the kitchen to put some finishing touches to my food. Mrs Kalu called me so I went back to the dinning to answer her.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Mrs k: Why are you not here?.


I looked down immediately to avoid cold stares from mum and Chine



Me: sorry mum. I’ll eat later.


Mrs k: I won’t take that. You should come and join us. You did the cooking right?

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Me: Yes.


Mrs k: Its delicious. Come and sit.


Me: I still have something on fire. I’ll eat later.


Kamsi: Look, everyone is here. Don’t be a spoiler.


Chine: She’s still busy okay. Besides, you don’t expect her to leave what she’s doing in the kitchen.


Kamsi: If she leaves it, you’ll finish it.


Chine: Imagine. In my house?.


I quickly walked away but there word exchanged increased. I knew I was in hot soup. Mum would finish me for whatever is happening there. I started scooping the rice into another cooler, praying silently that today should just start all over. I carried the cooler to a corner and started packing up the utensils I used when I heard Kamsi’s voice approaching.

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Kamsi: Spoilt brat. You should be thankful I don’t live here if not, you’ll cry everyday of your life till you change. Shameless flirt.


Her words stung into my heart and I thought about how Chine will feel. If only I could be that tough. But Chuku’s words came coming to my head, “never you fight them”. Kamsi came into the kitchen and sat down.


Kamsi: Is that what you see in this house.


Me: Kamsi calm down. You’re…..


Kamsi: That girl is so mean and arrogant. I’ll start visiting frequently to teach her some manners.


Me: But you know things are not done that way. Things will change with time. We don’t have to fight cause of the things that happen in our lives. Chine is who she is and its better for her to be like that than to carry a fake personality. Trust me Kamsi, she’ll change.


Kamsi: You and this preaching.



I laughed. But my laughter was cut short when I heard footsteps approaching. I turned to look at the door and I saw Mrs Kalu.


Mrs k: Kammy what was that for? Do you know you’re a guest in this house?


Kamsi: Mummy I’m sorry.


Mrs k: Don’t apologise to me. Go to your aunt. You shouldn’t have spoken at the first place let alone exchanging words with that girl. That’s not how I raised you.


Kamsi: I’m sorry mum. Let me go to mummy Joy now.


Kamsi stepped out of the kitchen and I turned to continue with doing the dishes.


Mrs k: Amanda


I turned to her immediately.


Me: Yes aunt.


Mrs k: Ain’t you done?


Me; I’m done. Just need to wash this things immediately.


Mrs k: Then hurry up with that so you can go shower and we’ll all sit down and talk. That is, after you must have eaten.


Me: Okay mum.


She gave me a smile and walked out as I started wishing that she was my mum.


Kamsi didn’t return till I finished the dishes and sat down to eat.


She kept me company while I ate. When I was done, she asked to follow me upstairs to my room but when I told her that I no longer stay upstairs but at the BQ, she wanted to make an issue out of it. I had to beg her to calm down at least till we get to the BQ.


We walked into the sitting room on our way out. Mum, Gospel and Mrs Kalu were engrossed in a conversation. When we made to walk past them, Gospel stopped us.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Gospel: So where are you two going?


I bent my head immediately. I was so not used to looking up whenever a topic that concerns my mummy was raised up in her presence.



Kamsi: We’re going to her room. She needs to shower and change into another clothe so she can join us


Mrs k: Beautiful. But how come you both are headed out?


Kamsi: Mummy cause that’s the direction to where she now stays. The boys quarter.


Everywhere went still. I couldn’t look at there faces to know there facial reaction but I knew they were staring at mummy and she in turn was conjuring ways to punish me in her mind. More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App


Mrs k: Joyce, how come? What happened?


I knew she wasn’t going to answer that so I just walked out before she would direct the question to me. I got to the BQ and cried bitterly. Don’t know if its because of the punishment I was yet to receive or because everything reminded me of how inferior I was. I felt a hand hold my shoulders. It was masculine and yet very tender. It sent shivers down my spine and I jerked. I turned and it was Gospel. Behind him was Kamsi. He hugged me and I cried the more, holding him so tight, the way I would hold Chuku if he were here. Even in my tears, I could still perceive his perfume. It was so lovely and it filled my nostrils. I looked at Kamsi and she was crying too. I had to release myself from Gospel and led them inside the room where I told them everything excluding how Chuku died. Gospel looked so angry and Kamsi wouldn’t stop crying.


Kamsi. This is wickedness.


Me: Its okay. Stop crying. At least, I’m glad that I’ve got where to lay my head, feeding and also going to school.


Gospel: Its not enough. Its not. You need more, you deserve more. I bet if Ken finds out what this people do to you, he won’t be with that girl. She……


Me: No please. Don’t talk like that. I’m okay. its just for a while and things will be fine. I’m very sure of that.


Gospel came close to me and hugged me. We wrapped our arms around each other and I felt safe.


Gospel: Don’t worry. Just give me sometime and all this things will end.



Gospel was between 24-25. A graduate of John Hopkins university. He was now the one managing his late father’s mass of wealth. He was just the perfect guy. He was handsome, intelligent and a humanitarian. I was lost in thoughts, thinking of what he meant by giving him sometime that I didn’t notice when Kamsi left the room. Gospel pulled away from me and cupped my chin.


Gospel: You’re a beautiful girl, do you know that?


I bent my head. I knew I was good looking but beautiful? I doubt that. With the oversized tops and jeans I always wear? With a body that had never seen any body cream or makeup? Tears welled up at the corners of my eyes.


Gospel: I suggested this visit because I wanted to see you. Kamsi knows how much I feel about you. I’ve lived with it for years, before I travelled out to school. I love you so very much Amanda and I promise to take you away from here.


I looked up at him and let the tears fall. What was he saying? How can he love me? Nobody loves me. Everyone who had always loved me ended up dying. My mum, daddy Alex and Chuku and no, I was not willing to have Gospel on the list. He’s too good to end up dying for my sake, for loving me.


Gospel: Amanda.


Me: Gospel please don’t say it anymore.


Gospel: Why? Are you also afraid to tell me you feel the same way about me? I saw it in your eyes back at the main house. Don’t deny it. Please don’t.


I stood up immediately. How do I tell him that I may be cursed? How? He stood up and came to me. He held my hands and looked into my eyes. Gospel: Let me love you. Don’t push me away please.


He released one of my hand and pulled me into himself. Our faces were very close and his lips were slowly coming down to mine. I looked steadily at his eyes, loving this guy whose presence made me feel safe. His lips came crushing into mine and the journey into my first kiss began. He used his tongue to open my mouth and I repeated whatever it was he was doing to me and I loved it. I loved every bit of it……….then I heard a gasp coming from the door and I pulled away from Gospel

and looked at the door.



Mummy Joy. With the meanest look ever. Gospel saw the fright on my face and turned to the door. He didn’t look shaken.


Gospel: I’ll be in the main house. Take your bath and come join us.





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