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A Week With Her Boss – Episode 6

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mr lamant undress me slowly, admiring me with those big eyes.


“so innocent” he mutters as he accidentally brushes one finger on my ni**le making it harden.


feigning boldness,I toss my hair back out of my face and pretend I’m not horribly mortified by what he’s doing.



“you can also take off your clothes too” I make a small smile, the one I’ve seen women around him do when they try to flirt with him.


eyeing he smirks but stay silent. heat blushes my face and neck.


“no Cara” he placed both his hand on my lips.

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” we are here to work and not to……” he trails off.


“if we are going to work then why am I dressed like this” I wanted to ask, instead I held my tongue.


“button yourself” his voice stern.


one minute he is undressing me and the other he asks me to button up. what is he up to?!


flirting with me then stop half way after getting me turned on.


he moved back away from me. his eyes are dark and dancing as he smiles.


“there that’s better. you look perfect.” he smirks.


i’m now dressed in one of his dirty choice of clothe.

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I wanted to walk away…..


I wished to walk away….. but I couldn’t because I need this job.


“why is he making me this do this” I wanted to ask but the words couldn’t come out.


“I have some errands for you to do Cara”




he wants me to go or out like this??


“I made a list for you and obtained a prepaid debit card for any of the expenses” he


hands me the paper.




picking up his dry cleaning…..


buy a coffee…


it’s going to be horrible being dressed like this and walking around but at least I can avoid people I might know.


it’s embarrassing but it can’t be worse than seeing my dad being thrown out of the hospital because I’m unable to pay his bills.


Richie is watching me, trying to read my expression, but i won’t let him scare me off. i take a deep breath. I can do this.


“”do you still take your coffee black mr lamant? light or dark roast?”


he smiles “black and light”


hearing that I made my way for the door. I can feel his eyes trailing after me. “look ask you want mr lamant but you won’t have me” I muttered before I finally went out.




I can feel the customers glare at my back as I place my to go order. thanks fully the cashier doesn’t notice my dress or she just pretend not to. I will tip her extra for not saying anything. she deserve it for making feel like it’s just another day.


my leg’s hurt from standing in heels and not trying to dak while waiting for the coffee. every little movement of my legs makes my ass stretch the skirt more. i’m sure the guys at my back are starring but I can’t complain. its part of Richie’s plan. I know it.


getting out of the coffee shop, I sighed in relief. it’s just remain picking his clothes. “thanks for your service miss” the attendant handed me Richie’s clothe. I checked to be sure it’s his.


I was on my way back when I heard my phone ring. I checked the caller. is miss Sarah a nurse at The hospital. Render More Supports To Us By Sharing Out Our Stories To Friends And Medias


(TEAM TOPSTER STORIES) why is she calling?

had something happen to dad??


panicking, i picked it.


“hello” my voice was void.


“thank goodness Cara. I’ve tried Mark’s number to no avail…”


“is dad alright?” I interrupts. she can just cut to the chase and stop narrating how


she tried Mark’s line.


“hopefully he is for now”


“what… did he have another attack again” my blood had begin to rise.


“um….I can’t answer that” she hesitated.


“talk to me MISS SARAH” I shouted.


“i’m sorry but it’s much worse than an attack. the doctor needs to see you now” she


says then ended the call.


dad…dad…oh no!


tears filled my eyes.


looking down And seeing the bags on my hands made me realize i’m still on an errand for mr lamant.


fu.ck him! my did needs me right now.


without thinking twice, I turn the car in the the direction of the hospital.





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